DevNet Zone

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Developers: Get hands-on with Cisco and open source SDKs and APIs including APIC EM, Collab, UCS, Data in Motion plus CMX and others.

Check out the DevNet Zone page on the DevNet site
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DevNet Zone

Cisco Live 2014 in the DevNet ZoneDevNet is Cisco’s new developer program – lowering barriers to entry for developers by providing APIs, SDKs, ready-to-use code samples, a developer sandbox,technical support, and community interaction. At the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live 2015, Milan, you’ll get hands-on experience with Cisco tools and code. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to create network-aware applications, or automate network management functions that deliver on Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) approach to SDN. More importantly, you’ll be part of Cisco DevNet, a vibrant developer community of businesses and individuals who collaborate with Cisco to develop innovative solutions. Whether you’re a professional developer or a network engineer looking at code for the first time, the DevNet Zone is the perfect place to get your questions answered and move your projects forward. Check out the DevNet Zone page on the DevNet site. Cisco Live 2014 in the DevNet Zone

Sessions and Activities

There’s an assortment of interactive activities and tutorials taking place in the DevNet Zone. This interactive space allows you to dive straight in and play with the SDKs, along with the help of Cisco experts. The DevNet Zone will be open Monday through Friday. Activities include:
  • Learning Labs: Short, sharp, self-paced sprints lasting about 10 minutes each.
  • Ask the Experts: Grab a coffee with a Cisco technology expert to get guidance, ask for help, or for a run-through of an API reference.
  • Partner Pods: Visit with some of our partners about their specific technologies and initiatives.
  • Interactive technical and business workshops and tutorials Cisco Live 2014 in the DevNet Zoneby Cisco Business Units, the DevNet team, and our partners.  See who has developed what, how and when.
Learn how DevNet can help you integrate collaboration and improve business processes, how to incorporate APIs into your applications to make them more innovative and valuable, and how Cisco APIs can help you capture benefits of the Internet of Things.

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