IT Management Program

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IT Management Program

The IT Management program at Cisco Live, taking place Tuesday, January 27 – Thursday, January 29, is designed to cultivate the unique mix of business savvy and technological expertise you need to help your organisation innovate and thrive and will feature updated content sessions for 2015, peer interaction and multiple opportunities to get your strategic questions answered.

Please join us for three days of exclusive IT Management sessions. IT is leading business transformation and is instrumental in delivering value to organisations. The IT Management Program will allow you to learn from both Cisco’s own IT department and external experts how you can unify business and technology architectures while providing value, growth, and productivity. We will focus on personal, technology and business leadership. You will leave with a better understanding on how to be a more effective leader, how to prepare for the next wave of technological advances and how to be an effective partner in your organisation.

Register early to reserve your seat as we have limited space.

Who Should Attend

Cisco Live’s IT Management program is designed to help people with a foot in both the IT and business worlds. It offers a unique mix of business and technical sessions in an interactive forum that can help you find answers to the biggest questions facing today’s IT leaders. The program is suited for:

  • IT Managers
  • IT Directors
  • Vice Presidents of IT
  • Project managers
  • IT architects
  • Middle to senior level IT leaders


The IT Management program format encourages more discussion, more interaction, and more collaboration. It draws on the expertise of a community of IT managers and directors, technical architects, and Cisco and partner experts to explore the “business of IT” and unifying business and technology architectures while providing value, growth, and productivity. It also helps attendees build their professional networks by facilitating connections among industry peers who share interests and responsibilities.

Tuesday January 27




09:30 Cisco Live Opening Keynote
11:15 Welcome & Kick-Off for IT Management Program Tony Harrison, Director, IS, Cisco;

Ramon Tancinco, Director, IS, Cisco

11:30 The Future State of IT
Hear how Cisco IT is taking advantage and addressing challenges in the IT market transitions
Tony Harrison, Director, IS, Cisco
12:15 The Business Value of the Internet of Everything
What is the Internet of Everything and the amazing IT opportunities it creates?
Joseph Bradley, VP, Cisco Consulting Services
13:00 IT Management Luncheon
14:15 Deploying Internet of Everything Proof Points in IT John Manville, SVP, Global Infrastructure Services, Cisco

Francisco Espana, Manager, IT, Cisco
15:00 Security & Cloud
Learn best practices about cloud security and how the industry is managing cloud security in their environments.
Steve Martino, VP, Security, IT, Cisco
16:00 Industry Perspective
Hear from a Leading Edge Cisco Customer Executive on how they relate to the future of IT
Ulrich Baldauf, Chief IT Strategist, Port of Hamburg
17:00 Innovation
As the industry begins enabling the Internet of Everything, the way we work and do business will change at lightning speed. How do you use innovation to drive creativity? How can you optimize technology to free up other resources?
Carlos Dominguez, SVP, Office of the Chairman, Cisco
18:00 Closing Tony Harrison, Director, IS, Cisco;

Ramon Tancinco, Director, IS, Cisco

18:30 World of Solutions Reception

Wednesday January 28




09:00 Welcome Tony Harrison, Director, IS, Cisco;

Ramon Tancinco, Director, IS, Cisco

09:15 Next Generation Cloud
Hear from Cisco Leadership to learn more about how Cisco is delivering Secure Cloud solutions in the Enterprise.

Nick Earle, SVP, Cloud & Managed Services, Cisco;

Rob Boetticher, Director, Architectures, Cisco

10:00 Solving Infrastructure Challenges with Application Centric Infrastructure
Hear how Cisco IT is migrating to application-centric infrastructure that radically simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates application life cycles to deliver a network that can support the most demanding and flexible data center environments.
Frank D’Agostino, Director, Technical Marketing, Cisco;

John Manville, SVP, Global Infrastructure Services, Cisco

11:15 IT Services Transformation: The Cisco Experience
Cisco IT successfully executed a three year plan to transform to a Services Organization.  This transformation required changes in IT mindset, operations, and organization structure and was a critical step in our evolution to being “architecturally led. ”We will share the key components of our successful transformation and how the services transformation directly aligned with the overall objectives of IT and how we helped drove the strategic alignment of the vision across IT. We will share details about the six key enablers leveraged during this successful implementation: Change Management, Taxonomy, Roles, Catalog, Governance, and Costing.
Marisa Chancellor, Senior Director, IT, Cisco
12:00 Bridging the Business to IT Architecture Gap
How does Cisco IT tie Technology to Business Results? The focus of this presentation is on the importance of linking Cisco’s Business, Operations, Systems and Technology strategies together across the enterprise.
Gustav Toppenberg, Architect, IT, Cisco
12:45 IT Management Luncheon with Executives
14:00 Breakout: Initial Steps in Defining IT Services
During this session, you will hear key lessons learned during the evolution of the Cisco IT Services Catalog over the past five years.  Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to build the catalog for their own organization.
Paul Dench, Architect, IT, Cisco
Breakout: Beyond BYOD
Now you have user and company owned mobile devices on your network, how do you leverage them to deliver value to your users and agility to the business?  As device boundaries collapse and changes in working practice accelerates, access to key business services and data securely from anywhere on mobile, wearable and fixed devices is critical to your business remaining competitive. How can you manage this and maintain security whilst also handling converged devices.  Is cloud the answer or just another security threat? Hear from Cisco’s internal IT team how they addresses these challenges to deliver services to Cisco’s employees worldwide.
Donald Gunn, Manager, IT, Cisco;
15:15 Breakout: How to Build an Enterprise“App Store”
IT organizations want to make it easy for employees to access the IT services they need from any device, but how does an IT organization deliver an “App Store” experience for its internal users? Hear how Cisco IT was able to improve user experience, ensure governance and reduce IT costs by delivering over 300 IT services and 80 mobile apps in less than a year.
Adel Du Toit, Manager, IT, Cisco
Breakout: Continuous Delivery
The old way of doing things won’t work anymore. IT needs to free up resources to stay relevant to vital lines of business and to invest in innovation. IT must deliver value faster, be more agile, and be less complex. IT needs a simple, smart, and highly secure model.
Greg Moon, Manager, IT, Cisco;

Oren Seliger, Program Manager, IT, Cisco

16:30 Breakout: Architecture Roundtable
Enterprise Architecture is a focus for virtually every IT organization.  However, the ability to deliver value through architecture continues to be a challenge for most.
Paul Dench, Architect, IT, Cisco;

Gustav Toppenberg, Manager, IT, Cisco

Breakout: Getting Value out of Big Data
Learn how IT is delivering value through big data through actual value cases and best practices.
Christoph Nienhaus, Program Manager, IT, Cisco
17:30 Closing Tony Harrison, Director, IS, Cisco;

Ramon Tancinco, Director, IS, Cisco

Thursday January 29




09:00 Welcome Tony Harrison, Director, IS, Cisco;

Ramon Tancinco, Director, IS, Cisco

09:15 Cisco Leadership Chat
Hear directly from top Cisco Executives about the future strategy of collaboration.
Rowan Trollope, SVP and General Manager, Collaboration Technology Group, Cisco
10:00 Leading in a Dynamic Environment Panel
Join industry IT leaders as they share insights into how they making a direct business impact through their technology leadership and business influence.

Guillermo Diaz, SVP, IT, Cisco moderator plus customers
11:15 Autonomic Networking
Intelligent devices can automatically form a network, and make themselves available to a controller over a secure, “indestructible” control plane. Hear directly from the lead Cisco AN architect how Autonomic Networking allows for simpler, yet secure network management.
Michael Behringer, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco
12:15 IT Management Luncheon – Table Topics/Technology
13:15 Change Management
Change Management played an important role in Cisco IT’s transformation to Service Oriented organization. This session investigates the human aspects of the organizational transformation; looking into the inner workings of the IT Change Team, the IT cohorts and the quarterly CIO checkpoints. Find out the steps that the IT leadership took to change the mindset of every single individual in the Cisco IT organization to accelerate the transformation.
Bram van Spaendonk, Manager, IT, Cisco
14:15 Jobs of the Future
How should IT leaders prepare to adopt these new industry trends while retaining the best talent to handle technology shifts?
Jeanne Dunn, VP, Learning@Cisco
15:15 Building Your Leadership Brand
This session will focus on the impact change can have on your career from a personal, technology and business perspective.

Kevin Murray, Chairman, The Good Relations Group
16:15 Closing & Key Takeaways Tony Harrison, Director, IS, Cisco;

Ramon Tancinco, Director, IS, Cisco

16:45 Cisco Live Guest Keynote
18:30 Customer Appreciation Event

Your host: Tony Harrison

bio speaker

Senior IT Director
Regional IT Leader EMEAR

Tony Harrison is the Regional IT Leader for EMEAR IT, where he is responsible for Business Relationship Management developing the relationship with executives and business stakeholders in the region.  He also serves as the IT Leader for the region representing all IT functions.

Tony joined Cisco in 2013 as part of the NDS acquisition where he was CIO and Vice President, Customer Operations. He has over 36 years experience in the hi-tech industry with leadership roles in IT, Customer Support, Systems Integration, Business Development and Broadcast Network Operations.

Within NDS as CIO Tony had responsibility for all aspects of IT from strategy to execution, applying the ‘One IT’ mantra with common systems across the company providing a consistent user experience across NDS  worldwide offices with IT solutions and innovations to meet the business need.

Prior to NDS, Tony held positions within the Independent Broadcast Authority and Marconi Space and Defence Systems.

Tony is married with two teenage daughters and enjoys travel, car renovation and photography.

Benefits of Attending

Information: it’s the essential commodity in helping you build and sustain a competitive advantage. The IT Management program at Cisco Live delivers the kind of information you need in a variety of ways. At Cisco Live, you can:

  • Attend exclusive IT Management sessions presented by Cisco and industry executives.
  • Access to Cisco Live Keynotes
  • Learn how Cisco prioritises its own IT objectives.
  • Understand how to use cutting-edge technology to support your business objectives.
  • Hear about Cisco’s strategic vision for the next 12 to 18 months.
  • Join a year-round community of IT leaders through Cisco Live online events.
  • Network with peers from around the world who share your interests.
  • Speak directly with key executives at Cisco.
  • Develop personal leadership skills to take back to your organisation.

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