Technology Tracks

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The technical education program is organized by Technology Tracks to help you hone in on the sessions that are most relevant to you. You can pick and choose from sessions in multiple tracks or focus on the specific areas that matter most to you. You can choose to attend sessions from the following technology tracks: 


The implications of the cloud, both inside a company and offered as an outside service is quite extensive. Yet how to determine which type of cloud to use for your company (public vs private) and then how to go about planning, building, and then migrating is of great importance. The sessions in this track will focus on some of the business and technology drivers and implications for each type of cloud, providing details on how to design, troubleshoot and migrate to that chosen cloud architecture.


Experience and learn how to manage and deploy advanced communications and collaboration solutions in your organization. From personal video meeting rooms to enterprise messaging – Cisco provides solutions for every room, desk and pocket. See how the solution comes together to address your business goals from transforming your workplace to taking your call center to the next level.

You will also see how unified communications can streamline specific business operations and maximize the return on investment – including options that don’t require significant infrastructure expenditures.

Data Center

The Data Center track offers a broad range of technical and strategic topics to help customers understand how to plan, design, deploy, and maintain their next-generation data center. You will gain a strong understanding of the Cisco technologies, architectures, and applications involved, plus learn troubleshooting techniques and implementation considerations for Application aware infrastructure, server virtualization, high-performance computing, and storage area networking. The Data Center track also offers insight into current data center trends and present solutions for common challenges such as limited floor space, power, and cooling.


The Mobility track is designed to deepen your understanding of how to design and develop a secure and scalable unified mobility platform that allows customers to deliver applications that transform business operations and provide business benefit. Technical sessions cover the broad spectrum of technology areas that make up a mobility platform, including, unified communications, wireless, network systems, network management, and security. You will learn how to design, implement, and manage a unified wireless network with services unique to your organization, including, Converged Access Mobility Design, Secure Mobility, Guest Access, Designing a Wireless Network for BYOD and more.

Network Infrastructure and Systems

The Network Infrastructure and Systems track addresses technical topics focused on product features, protocols, architectures, troubleshooting, and deployment details for Cisco LAN switching, enterprise routing, IP Multicast, IP MPLS, Cisco IOS Software technologies, network management tools and common applications. Sessions will cover architecture and design principles specific to campus, branch, data center or wide-area networks. This track also offers insight into current networking trends and challenges such as Intelligent WAN (IWAN), Unified Access, virtualization, automation, high-availability networking, business continuity and disaster recovery.


Today’s dynamic threat landscape demands a security strategy that focuses on more than just prevention. Highly sophisticated and targeted attacks are designed to penetrate your specific network and systems and typically remain undiscovered for months. Cisco security solutions provide threat-focused protections that span the entire attack continuum -- before, during, and after an attack. We provide unmatched visibility and intelligence with comprehensive dynamic controls and advanced threat protection that are engineered to reduce your security incident exposure, response time and operational complexity. The Security Track will allow you to learn about the Cisco security strategy and solutions. Both technical seminars and breakouts are designed by field engineers to provide a unique experience to the attendees that maps to the problems they address every day. This track can be followed by Security, Network, Data Center and Systems specialists who need to learn the most advanced security subjects in their domains of expertise. Additionally, the security booth will allow you to experience solution demos that address the attack continuum.

Service Provider

The Service Provider tracks include new technical and business sessions focused on a wide range of topics. Our sessions will dig deep into the latest technologies including IP NGN, SP WIFI, mobile packet core, LTE and 100GE. As the service provider industry is evolving and adapts disruptive technologies like SDN and NFV, we will put special focus to them! Sessions will delve into the ASR Series and Nexus session to understand new advances and complex troubleshooting. Key engineers from data center, mobility, video, cloud and other Service Provider areas will be presenting technical sessions designed to help you gain the knowledge you need to remain competitive and to bring support to the latest services demanded by consumer.

Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) continues to be a key trend transforming the way your applications consume network services. Cisco has been working with our customers, with software developers and with the open source community to take the potential of SDN and convert that into tangible, pragmatic solutions that solve real-world problems.

The Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) provide a growing portfolio enabling clear and tangible benefits to applications across Data Center, Service Provider, WAN, Campus and IoE.

Combine the power of Programmability, Virtualization and application-centricity and tap into the potential of SDN. Find out what is real today and learn how you to deliver results and innovate new solutions for the next wave of applications.

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