First time to Cisco Live?

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First time to Cisco Live?

We realise that an event the breadth and depth of Cisco Live can be an overwhelming experience on your first visit, and we want to do everything to ensure you plan your time, and spend your week, maximising your investment.

The Cisco Live team is on hand to answer your questions whenever they come to mind. Follow us on twitter @ciscoliveeurope #CLEUR, to see what others are asking, and put your own questions to us.

In the meantime we asked the people who know the event best – our previous attendees – and invited them to share their top tips for ensuring you have the best possible experience at Cisco Live; and in London we followed a First Time attendee for the duration of the event. Watch the video above to experience a day in the life of a Cisco Live attendee:

Cisco Live attendees’ top tips:

  • Take time to prepare a good schedule and book sessions early to get the widest selection. If you’ve registered, you can build your agenda through our Schedule Builder tool.
  • Be on time for sessions as some are very popular. Ensure you arrive in plenty of time for your sessions. Even if you have pre-enrolled to a session, it does not guarantee you a seat, so aim to arrive 10 minutes prior.
  • If living far from the site, scout your transportation the day before or make sure to have adequate time the first day. Consider buying your transport ticket for the week
  • Although hard not to feel like a kid in a candy shop, try not to overbook yourself with sessions. Leave some time to digest information between sessions and allow for networking with peers…(it is humans I am talking about), it’s very important to socialize and share experiences
  • Read the title AND the abstract of the Sessions. So you can be sure that the topics you want are really in there!
  • Try to book one lab, labs are always great to learn a lot! Also book an exam, it’s 75% less expensive during Cisco Live. Take time to visit the World of Solutions and meet people. And last but not least, book a “meet the engineer”, it’s a fantastic opportunity to discuss concrete topics with a Cisco engineer face to face. Enjoy!

    You can book a Meet the Engineer meeting through our scheduler tool. Book early as these sessions are extremely popular.

Review our Education Opportunities page to view brief video overviews of what each education option offers.

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