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The World of Solutions is more than the exhibition and interactive learning area of Cisco Live – it is the true heartbeat of the conference.

What is Cisco Live?

Cisco Live is Cisco’s premier education and training destination for IT professionals worldwide. Our in-person events attract thousands of technical innovators and purchasing decision makers.

What is the World of Solutions?

The World of Solutions is more than the exhibition and interactive learning area of Cisco Live – it is the true heartbeat of the conference. Home to various attendee activities and high-traffic attractions, the World of Solutions consistently is a top reason why Cisco customers attend Cisco Live. As exhibitors, Cisco partners have the opportunity to showcase their products and meet with thousands of technology innovators and loyal Cisco customers.

Why Exhibit at Cisco Live?

Cisco Live is our single largest educational and training event of the year, attracting over 7,000 IT and communications professionals. This is an exclusive group of industry leaders who are eager to learn about new technologies from Cisco and trusted Cisco partners.

Audience Profile

Cisco Live is an important opportunity for customers to get the latest information on Cisco products and services. It is the must-attend conference for all key audience segments. At a glance, results for surveyed customers show:

  • Cisco Live is the must-attend event for Cisco customers: Record in-person participation with 7,000 total attendees of which more than 5,000 were customers and partners.
  • 53,564 ustream and online views and 1,296 virtual registrations with 30% delegate account registrations.
  • Over 100 exhibitors and Cisco technology demonstrations. Amongt attendees, 74 percent intend to take direct action with Cisco partners as a result of attending.
  • 52 percent of attendees are now interested in a product or service they were not aware of prior to Cisco Live. 95 percent are likely to recommend Cisco Live.
  • Cisco customers value their experience at Cisco Live: 91% claimed Cisco Live Milan 2014 was very/extremely valuable.
  • 20 percent of attendees’ time was spent in the World of Solutions.
  • 96 percent of customers surveyed indicated they were likely to purchase products as a result of attending. 82 percent believed that Cisco is a thought leader in Mobility, Cloud and Video.
  • 45 percent are first-time attendees and rated the event at 4.51 out of 5.
  • Almost 49,000 leads (a 32 percent increase from the previous year) were collected in the World of Solutions during the 2014 conference.

Source: Cisco Live 2014 Milan Registration and Survey Data

Eligible Partner Programs

Cisco welcomes the following partner program participants to become exhibitors and sponsors of Cisco Live 2015 in Milan:


For more information and to discuss exhibiting in the World of Solutions at Cisco Live, please contact:

Korby Hayre
Exhibition Sales Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8879 2218

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