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New data center and cloud strategies are critical to your IT transformation. The Cisco Data Center solutions portfolio offers an integrated, policy-based platform for computing, networking, security, and storage. Learn how to digitize your organization to be more efficient, speedy, and disruptive while simplifying IT.

Software-Defined Networking

Imagine if you could deliver stronger security, more rapid time to service, reduced operational overhead, and faster IT innovation. Cisco Software-Defined Networking (SDN) delivers policy-based automation to accelerate IT and align with business objectives. SDN enhances the benefits of data center virtualization, increasing revenue opportunities as well as resource flexibility and utilization


Choice and Flexibility to Build Your Digital Business.

Connecting private, hybrid, and public clouds, Cisco and our partners are accelerating the journey to the Intercloud, a globally connected network of clouds, to promote faster innovation and increased revenue growth. Using Cisco Intercloud technologies, services, and partners, the Intercloud delivers choice with compliance and control to empower customers and transform their business.

Demonstration Description
Policy-Based SDN for OpenStack
Simplified Data Center Operations with APIC Learn about two of the newest user interfaces of the Cisco APIC that enable simplified configuration, management, and troubleshooting of Cisco ACI: the Cisco APIC NX-OS-style CLI for traditional network like management and the basic GUI for easy drag-and-drop configuration.
Cloud Solutions for Better Business Outcomes Find out where your cloud use ranks with 3500 customers in 17 countries; receive your personalized cloud adoption summary (enabled by IDC).
Open Platform for DC Network Services
Discover Your Hidden Cloud Uncover “shadow IT” to better align the cloud to your business needs and improve management control. Use the Cisco Domain Ten framework along with cloud consumption services to gain visibility into cloud usage and help decrease your costs and risk.
Network Management of Data Center Fabric Learn how management tools such as VTS as overlay and CMN/DCNM and overlay or underlay are used to automate the deployment of fabric in data centers. Powerful capabilities such as LISP handoff, VM tracker, and software VTEP are highlighted. The demonstration covers Cisco Nexus 9000, 7000, 5600, VTS, and CMN/DCNM products.
Cloud Orchestration with Cisco ACI Learn how Cisco ACI, when combined with CliQr’s Cloud Center Platform, paves the way for a transformative solution. This transparent combination delivers the promise of true end-to-end application-defined lifecycle management of workloads in a secure and optimized ACI-powered physical, virtual, or cloud environment.
Agility Through a Unified View of Business Data
Deploy Hypbrid Ready Private Cloud This demonstration introduces Cisco’s private cloud solution, featuring a self-service portal for customers to consume and track services on demand, embedded tools for designing and developing application stacks for provisioning into private or hybrid environments, secure workload migration in hybrid clouds, and consistent delivery of infrastructure using fenced containers.
Build Secure and Flexible Hybrid Clouds Cisco Intercloud Fabric is a highly secure, open, and flexible solution that provides freedom in placing workloads. When network security, quality of service, and access control policies in public clouds that match those in your data center are applied, capacity can be added and changed transparently between internal and external clouds.
Scalable Traffic Distribution and Redirection Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) bridges the performance gap between multiterabit switches and gigabit servers and appliances. It distributes multiterabit traffic for Layer 3–4 services, deploys servers and appliances from any vendor without network or topology changes, and creates appliance or server clusters. Deploy multiple devices for scalable distribution of network traffic.
Deliver a Public Cloud Experience Deploy and operate production-ready private clouds for global organizations with an OpenStack-as-a-service model from our Metacloud acquisition.
Multi-hypervisor Data Center Operation Integrated policy across vSphere, Azure Pack, and Linux containers.
Grow and Consolidate Your SAN Demonstration of the capabilities of Cisco multiprotocol storage area network and the latest features and functions.
Scalable Traffic Monitoring and Visibility
Cisco Nexus Fabric Manager Learn about new capabilities on the Cisco Nexus switch that can make it serve as a powerful 1/10/40/100G tap/SPAN aggregation device for traffic monitoring.
Agile Application Delivery with Cisco UCS
Automation and Programmability with OpenNXOS This demonstration show the new programmable functionality introduced on the Cisco Nexus 9000/3000 and the integration with Puppet/Ansibl.
Connect with Cisco Optics
Policy-Based Automation for SAP Declarative delivery and governance of SAP BW and SAP HANA.
Secure and Scale Out Applications Cisco ACI and third-party L4–L7 service chaining integration.
Cisco Big Data Solution This demonstration brings together real-time and batched analytics in a simplified big data deployment with Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture version 2 (CPAv2) for big data running MapR M7.
The demonstration shows a single Hadoop framework, MapR M7, which includes Apache Storm feeding twitter feeds to provide both real-time analytics on the fly as well as storing the data into the distributed file system to run longer batched analytics on it to provide valuable insights, all this being powered by Cisco UCS CPA with C240 M4 servers.
The demonstration also describes features of UCSD Express for Big Data, a one-click solution to deploy, manage, and monitor Hadoop on UC.
Scale Your Applications This demonstration highlights the shared storage features enabled by System Link as well as the programmability of the Cisco UCS API. To do this, we will dynamically reprovision servers within the chassis to accommodate the load. We will have a fully loaded chassis running eight web servers, which are being load balanced. The other eight servers will be running Windows. We will then generate load and monitor that from the Cisco UCS Performance Manager. When the load threshold on multiple servers exceeds a predefined level, a script changes the service profile on four of the eight Windows servers and adds them to the clustered workload. It has the ability to have the servers go back to Windows devices.
Manage Cisco UCS Servers at Scale This demonstration shows how Cisco UCS Central manages multiple Cisco UCS instances (Cisco UCS domains) across globally distributed data centers, allowing IT departments to enjoy the benefits of simplified, unified management of compute, network, and storage access resources.

This demonstration showcases the interoperability of Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) Manager with Cisco UCS PowerTool (PowerShell Library for UCSM) and Cisco UCS IMC Supervisor, Cisco UCS Performance Manager, Microsoft Systems Center, and VMware integrations for Cisco UCS Manager.
Management, Automation and Orchestration The demonstration shows customers how to manage, orchestrate, and deploy applications on a private cloud infrastructure composed of Cisco UCS, ACI, multivendor storage (NetApp, EMC, IBM), Cisco UCS Director, and CECS.

Also, the demonstration shows how Cisco UCS Director provisions and manages locally attached disks in a vSphere vSAN cluster to create a hyperconverged infrastructure solution.
Microsegmentation Using Cisco Nexus 1000V This demonstration shows how Cisco Virtual Application Cloud Segmentation Services incorporate security and visibility for virtualized data centers. It reduces deployment times from weeks to less than an hour and delivers traffic isolation to multitier applications through automation. See how it’s done in a live demonstration.
Scaling Multi-Tenancy with VXLAN This demo shows the powerful capabilities of a VXLAN-based data center fabric and the BGP-EVPN control plane on Cisco Nexus 9000, 7000, and 5600 products.

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