Cisco Service Provider will demonstrate how real-world solutions address customer care-abouts—reduced OpEx, enhanced agility, and new revenue streams—all through the Cisco Evolved Programmable Network and the Cisco Evolved Services Platform. See how innovations based on SDN, NfV, and automation across mobile, video, cloud and networking environments can increase profitability.

Service Provider Selected Presentations

Service Provider Innovation Talk
Technology Innovations for Service Providers
Speaker: David Ward, CTO and Chief Architect, Cisco
Tuesday, February 16 at 16:45 – 17:45

Service Provider Solution Overview Session
Independent Validation of Cisco NFV Infrastructure
Speaker: Carsten Rossenhövel, Managing Director, EANTC
Tuesday, February 16 at 13:15 – 14:15

Software Innovations for Cloud Scale Networking
Speaker: Frederic Trate, Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco
Wednesday, February 17 at 13:15 – 14:15

Demonstration Featured Solutions Description
Rapidly Deliver Hybrid Cloud Services Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform Demonstrates ability for service providers to automatically provision and scale enterprise customer hybrid cloud workloads, as well as a variety of value-added service use cases including database-as-a-service, DRaaS, backup as a service, DaaS, Sharepoint-as a service, Managed Edge Cloud, etc.
Enhance Service Agility with Mobility Solutions Evolved Packet Data Gateway with Voice over Wi-Fi Now mobile operators can protect their customers with secure voice-over-Wi-Fi service by incorporating the Cisco Evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) into their mobile networks. Running on the Cisco ASR 5000 Series Aggregation Series Routers, the Cisco ePDG provides secure access to the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network from untrusted IP access networks.
Virtualized Residential Services Cisco Virtual Broadband Node Explore how Virtual Broadband Node (vBN)—a scalable virtual residential broadband service—offers individual device management with cloud-based QoS that is accessible by home network environment. This demonstration highlights three primary applications enabled in the cloud:
  • Cloud storage
  • Service-selection portal with self-service interface
  • Parental-control settings,/
Secure Service Provider

DDoS Mitigation: Cisco ASR 9000 + Arbor TMS

SP Firewall + AMP: Cisco Firepower 9300

New trends, such as video, mobility, Internet of Everything, Internet of Things, and cloud not only deliver increased business agility at lower cost but also introduce new security risks. Learn how EPN provides the foundation for secure, scalable, agile, and cost-efficient services delivery. The new Cisco high-performance multiservice security platform offers industry-leading security, scale, flexibility, threat integration, and correlation across Cisco and third-party security services. This demo showcases DDoS mitigation and Cisco Firepower 9300-based security applications.
Enhance Agility with Infinite Video Accelerating Your OTT Video Services Introducing Cisco Infinite video. Learn about multiscreen user experience technology and an open and agile software solution that delivers video to IP devices and records them in the home using existing network assets. Learn about a wide range of services delivered over the top to multiple devices. See how we can launch this capability to scale and how customer insight can inform your business decisions.
Virtual Managed Services Cloud VPN for Business Provide hands-on experience with Cloud VPN. Show user- centric approach to ordering services and how virtualized service instance is created and deployed.
New Revenues and Experiences with Business Analytics Connected Analytics for Service Providers Connected Analytics for Service Providers shows how executives—responsible for network and service planning and management, customer care, and marketing—gain visibility into service quality and performance, improve customer experience, create enriched customer profiles and segments, and get more value from data through the monetization of intelligence with partners and affiliates. The tool shows analytics on integrated network, subscriber device, and application data for a complete view of the customer experience.
Universal Wi-Fi Cisco Universal Wi-Fi 6.0 provides attested architecture for business and service innovations. Main feature of Wi-Fi 6.0 supports VoWi-Fi for trusted, untrusted and hybrid access models. Wi-Fi 6.0 offers a variety of tunneling models supporting both residential and metro Wi-Fi access networks. Virtual infrastructure opens new vertical markets such as hospitality and retail. These features enhance the complete Universal Wi-Fi solution, offering a portfolio of intelligent 802.11ac access points.
Business Transformation Tools

Monetization and Optimization Index

Visual Networking Index

Learn how MOI can help you quantify how Cisco service provider architecture, products, and solutions help your business increase revenue, reduce operating expenses, and enhance agility. This calculation is possible through our customizable Cisco Monetization and Optimization Index. Cisco MOI is quickly emerging as an essential industry resource and standard for understanding how service providers can position themselves for continued success
Software Innovations for Cloud Scale Networking

Actionable Insight with Telemetry

Open Innovation with Application Hosting

Learn how Cisco IOS XR platform can be augmented with third-party application hosting to deliver greater value to customers and to foster innovation. Learn how model-driven telemetry increases visibility into networks and helps service providers take near real-time action.
Network Solutions for the Software
Defined Operator
Cloud Scale Infrastructure Learn how NCS 5500 Series is designed to efficiently scale between data centers and service provider WAN and aggregation networks Cloud scale infrastructure demonstration also includes a programmable, dense, low-power solution for metro aggregation and ISSU capabilities.
Cloud Scale with Optical Transport NCS 4000: Network Transport Modernization Using Circuit Emulation Learn how circuit emulation can be used to migrate away from an old, obsolete SONET/SDH and DCS infrastructure to a future-proof, scalable, and converged MPLS based packet infrastructure while maintaining carrier class and transport with 50 ms path protection, rich OAM, and ease of use.
NCS 1000: Data Center Interconnect with Industry Leading Scale: 1Tb/RU Learn about the data center intra/interconnect bandwidth requirements, as well as a new challenge in central offices’ demand to enable the future scale at sustainable cost.
Customer Centered Service Management VNF Lifecycle Management with Elastic Services Controller Learn how to rapidly deploy services while optimizing your network resources through advanced orchestration and automated lifecycle management of VNFs. This demo shows the virtualized broadband next-generation (vBNG) use case to showcase capabilities, such as real-time, elastic services scaling, monitoring, and advertising. The Cisco Elastic Services Controller demo shows easy ways to model, deploy, manage, monitor, and autoscale virtualized network services. This demo showcases advanced virtual network function management (VNFM) capabilities.
Evolved Services Platform Virtualization and Orchestration Strategy Learn how the Evolved Services Platform delivers service provider business transformation. Understand the platform’s business value by seeing how business intents are automatically translated into operational execution at web speed. See for yourself how NfV orchestration and automation engine work together to create and provision services in real time to deliver desired business outcomes.
Faster Creation of Differentiated Network Services Network Services Orchestrator Enabled by Tail-f Show how MANO NFV orchestrates complete lifecycle of fulfillment and assurance spanning NFV and physical infrastructure (including Elastic Services Controller). This solution implements NETCONF protocol and YANG data modeling language to simplify network programmability and automation.
Simplify Carrier Ethernet Management Cisco EPN Manager Demo of a simplified, converged, and open multilayer management solution providing end-to-end lifecycle management for carrier-grade Ethernet, optical, and service provider Wi-Fi networks of all sizes. The demo shows how Cisco EPN Manager promotes business agility and operational efficiencies through automated device operations, fast service, and circuit provisioning for Carrier Ethernet and optical networks, as well as proactive assurance across multiple architectures and technologies.
Simplify and Automate Operations Carrier Grade NFV Infrastructure Learn about Cisco carrier class network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure platform, which demonstrates the performance, scale, high availability, and simplified manageability of the solution.
Deliver Performance with Network Simplification Cisco IOS-XRv Virtual Router Learn how the next phase in the evolution of router virtualization increases agility and accelerates time to market. Find out how data plane virtualized provider edge extends Carrier Ethernet and IP services virtualization to the distributed cloud. Cisco IOS XR virtual router uses the same infrastructure as Cisco IOS XR. Find out how it can elastically scale services up and down and how it can be optimized for maximum performance.
Deliver Agility with Network Optimization WAN Automation Engine NSO+WAE: Optimize Transport and Connectivity Service Orchestration is a demo that shows how NSO and WAE integrated where WAE optimization capabilities are exposed for service development in NSO. See what’s possible with enhanced visibility and control of the physical and virtual network infrastructure. Learn how an SDN-based WAN automation engine can abstract and simplify your WAN environment.
Deliver Agility with Network Control Application-Engineered Routing Showcase the innovation designed to deliver significantly greater network programmability and efficiency. Demonstrate how it alleviates application networking complexity and provides high scalability by enabling edge routers to steer packets to the most optimal network paths, intelligently responding to application requirements and network conditions.

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