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Cisco Live offers you a host of options that allow you to connect with friends and colleagues before, during and after the conference, globally.

It only makes sense that one of the best events for networking offers you a comprehensive line up of social networking tools.

Whether you want to connect face-to-face with friends and colleagues onsite or you want to be a part of the online Cisco community, Cisco Live offers you a host of options you can take advantage of before, during and after the conference. Start your Cisco Live experience now, and join our communities.

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Keep up with the latest information on the industry’s premier event for networking, IT, and communications professionals.

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Join the Cisco Live LinkedIn groups around the globe. Participate in discussions and ask questions of Cisco experts, partners and your peers.

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Want more from Facebook than finding out where your college roommate went on vacation? Connect with Cisco Live communities on Facebook and you’ll have instant access to the latest conference information – and you’ll be connected with thousands of others throughout the worldwide Cisco community.

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Every picture tells a story – and you can share your Cisco Live stories from conferences past by uploading your photos to the each flickr account.

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Ready for your close-up? Share what’s on your mind and submit your best Cisco Live story. It’s your chance to tell the world about your Cisco Live experiences.

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Capturing and sharing the world’s moments.

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Cisco Live has been one of the best conferences that I have, and will continue to, attend for IT. The technical information provided by sessions is first class. Cisco knows how to take care of attendees with an excellent conference overall.

– Cisco Live Attendee