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Benoit Claise

Benoit Claise

Distinguished Engineer, Cisco

Cisco Live/Networkers Speaker Since: 2002

Benoit Claise, CCIE No. 2686, is a Cisco Distinguished Engineer working as an architect for embedded management and device instrumentation. His area of expertise includes accounting, performance, and fault management. That means IOS features such as: NetFlow, NBAR, IP SLA, Embedded Event Manager, etc… These days, Claise also focuses on the power and energy management. He joined Cisco Systems in 1996 as a customer support engineer in the Technical Assistance Center network management team, became an escalation engineer, before joining the engineering team.

You may follow his IETF participation. He is available for 1:1 appointments at Cisco Live 2011 through the Meet the Engineer program.

Benoit is a contributor to the NetFlow standardization at the IETF, in the IPFIX, PSAMP, IPPM Working Groups. He is the author of the ciscopress book “Network Management: Accounting and Performance Strategies” the ciscopress book “Network Management: Accounting and Performance Strategies.”

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