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Tim Szigeti

Tim Szigeti

Senior Technical Leader, Cisco

Cisco Live/Networkers Speaker Since: 2001

Tim Szigeti, CCIE#9794, is a Senior Technical Leader in the Strategic Architecture and Strategy Unit at Cisco Systems. His role is to design network architectures for the next wave of medianet applications, including TelePresence, IP video surveillance, digital media systems and desktop video. He has also specialized in Quality of Service technologies for over a decade, during which he has authored many technical papers, as well as the Cisco Press Books: End-to-End QoS Network Design and Cisco TelePresence Fundamentals.

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Cisco Live Speaker Recaps:

Session ID Description Score Year

WAN and Branch QoS Design

4.73 2010

Campus QoS Design

4.7 and 4.6 2010

Advanced Campus QoS Design

4.73 2010

Cisco TelePresence Network Infrastructure Design for Enterprise

4.64 2010