Featured Cisco Live Speakers

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One of the main reasons to participate in Cisco Live events is to get the latest information and insight from Cisco speakers.

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Cisco Live Speakers

There’s no better way to learn about Cisco technologies than by hearing from the people who work on the production and solutions that you use.

Cisco Live speakers aren’t just leaders within Cisco. They’re leaders in their field. Many are respected authors, hold patents, and are members of key governance bodies who help define standards for the entire industry.

Cisco Live speakers come from virtually every department and specialization within Cisco, including:

  • Cisco Development
  • Cisco Services
  • Information Technology
  • Sales

They also boast some very impressive titles:

  • Cisco Fellows
  • Distinguished Engineers
  • Technical Leaders
  • Solutions Architects
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Technical Marketing Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Support Engineers from Technical Services (TAC) and Advanced Services
Education at Cisco Live is a two-way street. We learn just as much from you as you learn from us. Your experience and insight help us determine our priorities and product strategy.
Start learning from our experts now. A full list of Cisco Live Speakers and bios is available at Cisco Live 365.

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Distinguished Speaker Program

The Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker is designed to recognize the top speakers as determined by our attendee audience. At each event the top 10% of speakers based on attendee scores are recognized as a Distinguished Speaker. The average score for these speakers is around a 4.85 per session. A full list of our Distinguished Speakers and bios is available at Cisco Live 365.

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Distinguished Speaker Hall of Fame

The DS Hall of Fame recognizes those speakers who have earned the Distinguished Speaker status at 5 separate events globally. This recognition stays with the speaker for life and recognizes a multi-year commitment to excellence at Cisco’s customer education conference. Shelly CadoraShelly Cadora – Engineer, Technical Marketing Shannon McFarlandShannon McFarland – Principal Engineer, Engineering Carlos PereiraCarlos Pereira – Distinguished Systems Engineer, Sales Rolando SalinasRolando Salinas – Engineer, Technical Marketing Troy ShermanTroy Sherman – Technical Leader, Engineering Aaron WolanAaron Woland – Engineer, Technical Marketing

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