Government Summit

The agenda of this Summit was designed with the premise of Digital Transformation in Local and Federal governments, Cibersecurity and Cloud Models for governments.

Digital Transformation in Government


Digital Transformation refers to the changes that occur when digital technologies are applied to all aspects of our society. In Governments, digital transformation is the process of whole scale change that affects governmental functions, from customer service to technology, to communications and marketing. At its most simple, digital transformation is the concept of going paperless and aims to help make communication between citizens and the government easier, more appealing and more efficient. This process of change can be especially challenging for governments as governmental systems are often rigid and bogged down by policy, procedure and tradition. Join us at the Government Summit at Cisco Live! and be part of the amazing transition into this new digital world in government and share insights with you peers and other leaders about visionary technologies to enable governments to become closer to the citizens and operate safer by becoming digital.


There’s never been a better time to transform our countries!



Details of the agenda and our speakers will be available later.


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Government Summit Agenda

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