• Technical Education

    Cisco Live delivers education and inspiration to technology innovators worldwide. It’s where the best and brightest minds come to learn.

    What You Will Learn

    Cisco Live Las Vegas is the premier destination for the education and inspiration you need to thrive in the world of digital business. From business and technical sessions, to hands-on labs and in-depth technical seminars, to 1:1 opportunities to connect with experts, you’ll have numerous opportunities to get the knowledge, insight, skills and connections that will fuel your personal and professional growth.

    Technology Tracks and Learning Paths


    Sessions are organized into technology tracks to make it easy to find the topics that interest you most. Explore one track in depth or cover multiple tracks when building your agenda.


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    Session Types and Difficulty Levels

    Breakout Sessions


    Breakout sessions at Cisco Live focus on the latest technologies, architecture strategies, applications and troubleshooting tactics. Sessions range from introductory to advanced skill levels and cover new, as well as feature/functionality updates to existing products and solutions.


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    Case Studies


    Delivered by Cisco customers, partners, and Cisco IT staff, case study sessions examine best practices, performance metrics, and recommendations for deploying, managing, and extending Cisco solutions to achieve specific IT and business goals.


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    Product and Strategy Overviews


    Led by Cisco marketing teams, our PSO sessions provide updates on key product and solution families and examine the business strategy that drives today’s critical technology and business decisions.


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    Panel discussions give you the opportunity to hear a wide range of views on important topics from people inside and outside Cisco – including partners, customers, and industry experts. Panels focus on big-picture, transformative concepts and ideas.


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    Inside Cisco IT


    In Cisco on Cisco sessions, you’ll hear directly from Cisco’s own IT managers and get practical insight and a unique perspective from the teams charged with deploying Cisco products and solutions in a global enterprise infrastructure.


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    Labs & Seminars




    Installing and troubleshooting network technologies, performing “what-if” scenarios, and practicing risky network operations in a simulated environment are the best ways to get critical hands-on experience. Cisco Live 2016 features several four- and eight-hour instructor-led labs. The labs serve as preparation for specific Cisco Certifications exams and are priced in addition to your conference fee.


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    Technical Seminars


    Our comprehensive four-hour and eight-hour seminars address a wide variety of technology areas, design principles, and best practices. Offered on Sunday and Thursday, these technical seminars complement their corresponding technology breakout sessions.


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    Meet the Expert


    The Meet the Expert program provides you the opportunity to connect with Cisco executives and engineers for informal one-on-one discussions on the topics that matter most to you.


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    Lunch & Learn

    During lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, join a Cisco expert and your peers in casual conversations focusing on the hot topics addressed in breakout sessions. Lunch & Learn discussions offer a fresh perspective on the issues that everyone is talking about at Cisco Live.


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    Technical Solutions Clinics


    Come visit us at the Technical Solutions Clinic for an opportunity to interact with the best and brightest engineers from our Global TAC organization. You will receive their perspective on the best strategy to address your concerns and discover possible solutions which you may not have considered. Our engineers are ready to tackle your most pressing challenges. No appointment required.

    Walk-in Self-Paced Labs

    Walk-in Self-Paced (WISP) Labs provide the opportunity to get hands-on experience on a variety of Cisco products and solutions. Each 30-60 minute pre-designed scenario allows you to explore configurations, evaluate and test some of the latest products – all at your own pace. All WISP labs are offered on a first come, first served basis. No scheduling is required.

    Training and Certification

    Cisco certifications can play an important role in advancing your career. Cisco Live provides multiple opportunities to take prep-classes, talk 1:1 with experts on questions you might have, and take almost any certification exam you need.


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