Cisco TelePresence

Cisco TelePresence delivers high quality video recordings of Cisco Live sessions.

Cisco TelePresence

Why We Use TelePresence at Cisco Live

Travel costs and busy schedules prevent some people from attending Cisco Live events in person. For those who attend in person, the large offering of sessions means you may not get to everything. By using the Cisco TelePresence suite, we can record high quality video of breakout sessions and deliver them on-demand – extending your conference experience all year round.

How it Works

The TelePresence suite of technologies combines to form a dynamic session recording system that can scale to any size event. Each session room is outfitted with a Cisco TelePresence Codec C90 unit, which has its own remotely controllable HD camera. Each unit is then connected to the speaker’s laptop to capture the PowerPoint or software demos, as well as the audio from the speaker’s microphone. Finally, the C90 connects to the enterprise-grade onsite Cisco network. In the capture headquarters, capture technicians monitor each of the rooms and can adjust camera positions if needed. The system runs on “auto-pilot” most of the time, as the automated session scheduling system starts and stops each recording. The TelePresence Content Server is the “DVR” (digital video recorder) of the system which handles the recording and finalizing of all the sessions. As soon as the session completes, a conversion process begins immediately, which delivers an unedited MP4 file. A technician will then edit the MP4 file, and upload it the distribution server. With this automated technology in place, a single technician can manage up to 12 rooms simultaneously. Learn more about what Cisco TelePresence and Collaboration technologies can bring to your events and business »

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