• Technology Tracks and Learning Paths

    Our educational sessions are organised into technology tracks and learning paths to make it easy to find the topics that interest you most.


    To find the sessions that are most important to you we organise our technical education program into technology tracks and learning paths. You can pick and choose from sessions in multiple tracks or use the recommended learning paths to focus on the specific areas that matter most to you.


    You can choose to attend sessions from the following technology tracks.



    Delegates can give their careers a power boost with official Cisco Certifications that show the world they rank among the most highly skilled network professionals. Prepare for a range of Cisco Certification exams including the associate-level CCNA and CCDA, the professional-level CCNP and CCDP, the expert-level CCIE and CCDE. Certification (written) testing is also available in the Cisco Live Certification Testing Centre.




    Collaboration, one to one or one too many, encompasses and unifies all forms of communication from voice, video, IM, presence and content sharing inside and outside the organisation. Cisco collaboration technology can enable and integrate these communications methods into one unified architecture which can span cloud and on premises deployments. The Cisco Live collaboration focused stream will include detailed sessions on understanding, designing and deploying collaboration solutions, on-prem, cloud and a hybrid of both.


    With the explosion of mobile and cloud collaboration there will be an emphasis on external connectivity both private and public, federation and remote access. Exploring options available to provide communications connectivity from any device or client, Cisco and 3rd party in a unified collaboration meeting room (CMR) experience. We will also highlight transforming the workplace through collaboration technology.


    Sessions will be available to provide guidance on desktop and mobile unified communications, conferencing and multi-party collaboration and onmi-channel customer care interactions both within your organisation but also federated with your customers and partners. There will be a particular focus on all aspects of designing, deploying, managing and troubleshooting collaboration for voice and video communications either delivered On-Premises or as a hosted solution.


    Data Centre

    Data Center

    As traditional IT departments are under pressure to provide more agility and better outcomes to the business, a new model for operations has emerged Fast IT. This requires a new way of thinking about Data Centre infrastructure. To be ready for the next set of application demands and the expectations of its uses, the unification of networking, computing, management, security, and storage is a must, all while focusing on the application and what the application requires of the infrastructure.


    Sessions in this track will draw on Cisco’s experience helping clients implement and operate agile cloud environments and developing the innovations to address key business requirements. Attendees will see how a consistent, integrated design approach to Data Centre architecture – one that fully capitalises on the latest technologies from Cisco and a partner ecosystem – can deliver Fast IT with new levels of agility and lower capital and operational expenditures.




    Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritised way. The DT breakout track is new this year and being trailed to determine value in the Cisco Live agenda. Session submissions should include a top down view of how digital transformation is being achieved using Cisco architectures and solutions related specifically to, if possible, how individual case studies achieved business value through adoption. Submissions are open for services, consulting, architectures, business units and other sectors which have been involved in and are currently involved in digital transformation.


    Enterprise Networks

    Enterprise Networks

    Enterprise Networks form the foundation on which modern day business transactions and communications systems are built. It is important to get this foundation right with routing, switching and mobility infrastructure integrating seamlessly and working together in unison. Without this it will be challenging to deliver a high performing, highly available, feature rich network.


    At Cisco Live 2017 the Enterprise Networks track will focus on the latest evolution of hardware and software. There will be sessions on designing, deployment and operation of Routers, Switches and Wi-Fi Infrastructure within Enterprise, Branch and Campus networks. Topics covered include Network Virtualisation, Converged Access, High Availability, Network Programmability (SDN), QoS, Security, IPv6, Radio Frequency Design, Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) and the latest updates on our Cloud based Meraki range.


    Internet of Things


    The Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating the digital world. Building and scaling IoT businesses has become an imperative for companies everywhere. IoT learning path provides complete information about Cisco’s IoT portfolio from connectivity, security, management and application enablement, to deploy IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud across multiple industries.




    Sessions in the mobility track will deepen your understanding of how to design and develop a secure and scalable unified mobility platform that allows customers to deliver applications that transform business operations. You will learn how to design, implement, and manage a unified wireless network with services unique to your organisation, including converged access mobility design, secure mobility, guest access, designing a wireless network for BYOD, and more.


    Network Transformation

    Network Transformation

    Software Defined Networking (SDN) continues to be a key trend transforming the way your applications consume network services. Cisco has been working with customers, software developers, and the open source community to take the potential of SDN and convert it into tangible, pragmatic solutions that solve real-world problems. Find out what is available today and learn how to deliver results and create new solutions for tomorrow’s next wave of applications.




    To cover the entire attack continuum before, during, and after an attack, today’s organisations must address a broad range of attack vectors with security solutions that operate everywhere a threat can manifest itself. This includes the network, mobile devices, virtually, and in the cloud or data centre.


    Cisco’s strategy to help organisations address these known and emerging security challenges is based on three strategic imperatives:


    • Visibility-driven: The more we can see, the more we can correlate information and apply intelligence to understand context, make better decisions, and take action-either manually or automatically.
    • Threat-focused: We must focus on detecting, understanding, and stopping threats through continuous analysis, and real-time security intelligence that is delivered from the cloud and shared across all security solutions to improve efficacy.
    • Platform-based: Security is now more than a network issue. It requires an integrated system of agile and open platforms that cover the network devices, and the cloud.


    Intelligent cybersecurity for the real world is what will help to enable a secure Internet of Things, and form the foundation for an Internet of Everything world where security, just like computing, will be powerful and pervasive, and seamless to end users. Join us to hear how Cisco delivers Intelligent Cybersecurity for the real world with a threat-centric security model addressing their entire attack continuum.


    Service Provider

    Service Provider

    Organisations are consistently challenged to do more with less and ensure that infrastructure supply is flexible enough to closely align with dynamic user demand. Emerging service provider technologies including SDN/NFV allow to move to this agile variable cost model also providing an opportunity to convert spare capacity cost centres into profit therefore achieving optimal effectiveness in delivering network services. The Service Provider program covers a diverse range of topics including SDN/NFV Architectures, Securing NFV environment, Service Automation and an introduction to Cisco Virtual Managed Services (VMS). To complement the new models there are also traditional core sessions on Cisco’s Evolved Programmable Networks and Segment Routing. This year we are also introducing a forward looking session on Self Learning Networks (SLN) Security Advanced Threats.


    To summarise the Cisco Live 2017 Service Provider program features a top engineering talent presenting reviews of architectures and emerging technologies designed to address current industry transitions with some real life use cases and examples.


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