Cisco Demonstrations


If you have a question about a Cisco solution, want to find out more about a specific technology, view the latest Cisco innovations in action or discover new advancements you weren’t even aware of, the Cisco Stand is the place to visit.

Deep dive into our latest products and solutions at our Technology Domains located throughout the Cisco Stand. Each stop features multiple live demonstrations and allows you to white board your technical challenges with key experts.


Quicklinks to demos under each area:


Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Meeting Room with Companion Mode - Webex Room 70 Dual with Webex Board 70

Large meeting room experience that will show how to help complement your in-room meeting experience, such as facial recognition and Companion mode. Companion mode includes one Webex Room Series device and one Webex Board, with video/audio/presentation on the Webex video device, and whiteboarding and annotation on the Webex Board.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Next Gen Immersive Experience - Webex Panorama

Experience the Next Generation high end video room. Immersive meets multipurpose with panoramic video.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Modern Workspace Experience - Webex Desk Pro

Cisco Webex Desk Pro offers the most powerful collaboration experience for your desk. With a USB-C connection, the Webex Desk Pro is an all-in-one docking station and primary monitor. Collaborate, co-create and annotate on an interactive, touch re-direct, 4k display.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Collaboration and Huddle Space - Webex Room Kit Mini / Webex Share

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini combines a super wide 120-degree field of view fixed lens 4K camera, a beamforming microphone array, high quality voice optimized speakers, and Cisco’s advanced video codec technology in a compact form factor. Its powerful AI-ready chipset empowers Cognitive Collaboration features such as Best Overview, Noise Suppression, Webex Assistant, and Face Recognition. In addition, it can connect to laptop-based video conferencing software via USB-C to become an external camera, microphone, and speaker.

Cisco Webex Share is a palm-sized gadget that leverages Cisco’s Proximity Wireless Sharing technology and the Webex backend for wireless high frame content sharing and audio. It plugs into the back of any TV via HDMI to deliver a collaboration ready device with the same management portal and the familiar user experience of other cloud registered Cisco Webex devices. It can be scheduled as a room resource in any calendaring application and would then show its calendar on the connected display. Even more, the Webex Share can be used to join a live Webex Meeting and have it callback to the participant’s IP phones / Webex Teams / mobile phone. In this way, users can share content both locally and remotely while having the media conversation, audio or video, going on at the same time.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Co-Creation Space - Webex Board 85

To ignite your collaboration solution come see how a Webex Board 85 inch can be used for proximity pairing, audio/video calls, whiteboarding, sticky notes, infinite canvas, annotation (in call), digital signage, opening a Webex Team space file on the board, touch redirect, and 3rd party integrations.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Intelligent Calling Experience - Cisco Phones and Headsets

Come see the latest with Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series, Cisco Headset 500 and 700 Series, Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832, and Webex Teams and a common unified experience.  Device on-boarding via activation code is demonstrated.  A unified experience with Cisco Jabber in team messaging mode and Webex Teams with UCM Calling are presented.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Collaborate in the Cloud - Webex Calling

Webex Calling is a great solution for customers looking to have managed telephony solutions which can be used to extend services to remote locations. Webex Calling has industry leading telephony solutions for mobile and remote workers.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Cognitive Meeting Experience - Webex Meetings

Meetings & Cognitive Collab together make the experience intelligent & allow for productive meeting. The latest Webex desktop app provides an enhanced and even more intuitive way to join/start meetings. Cisco Webex intelligent meeting experience with the latest features and functions highlighting voice recognition, people insights, facial recognition, transcribed recordings, pairing, sharing and automatically connecting to a meeting with video, Webex Board white-boarding, OBTP.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Cloud-ready When You Are - CUCM & CMS

This demo area covers Cisco’s on-premises Collaboration solutions with a focus on common unified experiences, interop, and transitions across on-premises and cloud. Products shown: Cisco Meeting Server, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Webex Teams. Security and on boarding. Board with UCM Registration feature set. Webex Edge.


Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Cisco Contact Centre - Contact Center Express, Contact Center Enterprise

Cisco Contact Center solutions empower companies to move from delivering isolated customer experiences to delivering cohesive customer journeys. These solutions provide a full-featured, end-to-end contact center solutions with flexible deployment options, whether cloud, on premise, or hybrid. Cloud based services are available across the entire portfolio to further enhance functionality.



Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Cognitive Contact Centre with AI - Webex Contact Centre

Webex CC is a native cloud predictive-based routing solution that enriches customer/agent experience.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Power of the Platform - Webex APIs Integrations and Bots

Learn about Webex APIs and experience Webex Integrations using powerful APIs & SDKs for seamless access to our Open Platform: AI BOTs, Integrations, guest applications for your customers and much more.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Management and Security - Webex Control Hub

Our latest updates on analytics, reporting and administrator audit trail capabilities continue to bring Intelligent Management at your fingertips. See real-time statistics, the latest in connected device analytics & extended interoperability as our platform continues to integrate with additional Enterprise Content Management solutions. See the latest in eDiscovery and Policy management controls.

Architecture: Collaboration
Demo: Building Bridges - Webex Interoperability

Cisco and Microsoft are creating better user experiences through working together to provide seamless collaboration. You can utilise Microsoft Office tools to book Cisco meetings, integrating Webex into Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, using Sharepoint to store Webex Teams documents, or uniting disparate environments with Cloud Video Interop.


Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Simplify Network Fabric Operation - Cisco Network Assurance Engine

Cisco Network Assurance Engine, built on Cisco's patented network verification technology, is the most comprehensive intent assurance suite that mathematically verifies an entire network for correctness. It gives operators the confidence that their network is always operating consistently with their intent, even as it changes dynamically. With Cisco Network Assurance, engineer operators can predict the impact of changes, verify network wide behaviour and assure network security policy and compliance.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Secure Data Centre - Cisco Tetration Security

Witness how Cisco Tetration application segmentation allows network administrators to implement a secure, zero-trust model using an auto generated application-whitelist policy. By normalising policy based on the priority and hierarchy, policy enforcement is enabled for each application. Software sensors carry out segmentation using native operating system capabilities on Linux and Windows server environments with native firewalls. Policy moves with the workload, allowing increased application mobility. This approach delivers a stateful and consistent segmentation across multicloud data centres at scale minimising lateral movement in case of security incidents.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Simplified Container Applications - Cisco ACI and Kubernetes

Learn how to increase automation and security for cloud native applications. By integrating with Kubernetes, Cisco ACI simplifies the user experience in deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications while still offering the controls, visibility, security, and isolation required.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Meet Your Data Centre Co-Pilot - Cisco Intersight

Simplify and automate the management of Cisco UCS, HyperFlex, converged infrastructure, networking, and third party storage and systems. Cisco Intersight provides cloud-based systems management of Cisco UCS and HyperFlex. See how to onboard, deploy and manage every compute resource in the data center and at remote sites from a single unified management interface, Cisco Intersight.



Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Nexus Management and Visability - Cisco Data Center Network Manager

See how Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) is the network management platform for all NX-OS-enabled deployments, spanning new fabric architectures, IP Fabric for Media, and storage networking deployments for the Cisco Nexus-powered data centre.


Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Cloud Workload Protection - Cisco Tetration

See how Tetration enables holistic workload protection for multicloud data centres by using:

  • Whitelist-based segmentation, that allows implementation of a zero-trust model.
  • Behavior baselining, analysis, and identification of deviations for processes and communication.
  • Detection of common vulnerabilities and exposures associated with the software packages installed on the servers.
  • Act proactively by quarantining server(s) when vulnerabilities are detected and blocking communication when policy violations are detected.
  • Understand the data centre security posture and where to focus in order to improve the overall data centre security.


Architecture: Data Center
Demo: Cisco HyperFlex for Data Centre and Edge - Cisco HyperFlex

The Cisco HyperFlex Platform for multicloud is resetting expectations of hyperconverged infrastructure with the power and flexibility to handle any app, in any cloud, at any scale. Learn about the latest features of this solution, which are able to run the most demanding mission critical workloads, on-site or across multiple clouds.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Multicloud Networking - ACI Anywhere, AWS and Azure

Providing Cisco ACI Anywhere is key to the success of a cloud based policy driven infrastructure. See how ACI can be delivered into AWS and Azure to extend a consistent operational experience and segmentation policy throughout your on premise and Multi-cloud environments.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Campus to Cloud Policy Enforcement - ACI and SDA Working Together

The two pivotal technologies in Cisco's SDN portfolio are without doubt SDA and ACI. These two power houses of capability and simplification can now be matched together for their respective strengths - SDA for user centric requirements and ACI for application centric requirements. Come and see how to make these two technologies work better together giving your organisation a truly secure, dynamic, automated infrastructure from the campus to the cloud.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Application Performance Assurance - Cisco Intersight and CWOM

When applications aren’t delighting customers, the business is losing. Connecting the dots across complex application and infrastructure landscapes requires visibility, insight and action.  Learn how the powerful combination of Intersight and Cisco Workload Opitmization Manager (CWOM) bridges the gap between applications and infrastructure, delivering full-stack visibility and assuring continuous performance of your applications.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Modern Application Operations - AppDynamics

See how AppDynamics Application Performance Management (APM) provides business transaction-centric management of complex and distributed applications. Extremely easy to configure and deploy, APM automatically discovers business transactions, consumes little production overhead, monitors every line of code, and dynamically baselines performance to proactively identify and resolve application performance issues before they impact customers and the business.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Manage and Optimise Your Cloud - Cisco CloudCenter Suite

This demo shows how Cisco CloudCenter is used to more securely deploy and manage applications in multiple data centre, private cloud, and public cloud environments. This software solution helps modernise and automate your data centre or add public cloud application deployment to your service offering.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Cisco Workload - Optimisation Manager

Drive the continuous health of your data centre environment whether on-premise or in the cloud. Understand how integrating technologies can reduce downtime of business critical applications while simplifying overall infrastructure management. Learn how this real-time decision engine provides automated actions that adjust infrastructure resources at every layer of the stack to ensure the performance of your applications.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Kubernetes driven Hybrid Cloud - Cisco Container Platform

This demo area covers Cisco’s on-premises Collaboration solutions with a focus on common unified experiences, interop, and transitions across on-premises and cloud. Products shown: Cisco Meeting Server, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Webex Teams. Security and on boarding. Board with UCM Registration feature set. Webex Edge.

Architecture: Data Centre
Demo: Modern Application - AIOps - AppDynamics

Together with Cisco, AppDynamics provides our vision for AIOps: the Central Nervous System for IT. The Central Nervous System is a platform that delivers deep, cross-domain visibility and insights with the ability to automate actions, reduce the amount of time-consuming IT tasks, and enable teams to drive innovation.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Cisco Mobility Experience - Cisco Digital Network Architecture

This demo will show you how to use existing wireless infrastructure and Cisco DNA Spaces to understand the behavior and location of people and things. Get a closer look into location analytics, behavioral insights, asset tracking and proximity-based engagement capabilities. Cisco DNA Spaces can be turned on 48 hours - we'll show you how.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Application Experience - Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco next generation controller-less Wi-Fi Catalyst 9100 Series Access Points can power your wireless network.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Cloud Managed Security - Meraki Security

Businesses can combine cloud technology with a fast, secure, and full-featured network. Even though you’ll be adding new and powerful capabilities, you can simplify your operations by eliminating the need for multiple complex devices and management tools.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Secure Web Gateway - Cisco Umbrella

A secure internet gateway provides better visibility and control for internet traffic. It significantly reduces the number of security tools and appliances in your environment and improves performance by enabling secure, direct-to-internet access. Providing all of this from one cloud console simplifies cloud security and reduces the strain on your limited security resources.


Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Multi-Domain Integration - Campus, WAN and Data Centre

Cisco ACI and SD-Access allows the marrying of Cisco ACI’s application-based microsegmentation in the data centre with Cisco SD-Access’ user-group-based segmentation across the campus and branch. Cisco ACI and SD-WAN integration extends operational domain and consistent policy to the branch and public cloud.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Cisco Digital Network Architecture - Try Cisco DNA Center

Test-drive DNA Center first hand. You will be able to walk through the Web UI to design, provision and apply basic policy to a network. We will have subject matter experts on hand to walk you through advance options and deep dives as it relates to DNA Center.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Policy Based Automation - Cisco Stealthwatch

Seea demostration of the lastest Cisco network security capabilities that avoid, stop, or mitigate threads faster than ever before. See how Cisco DNA Center integrates with ISE as well as works with Stealthwatch to ind threads in encrypted traffic using Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA)

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Cisco Digital Network Architecture - Network Assurance and Analytics

This demo covers the new functionality of DNA Analytics and Assurance. Delivered in DNA Center, it provides an easy-to-use single dashboard for monitoring network health, identifying issue root causes, evaluating network configuration changes and remediating issues.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Cisco Digital Network Architecture - Simplifying Software Updates

This demo will hw how Cisco DNA Center can enhance the overall network experience by optimising you IT processes and TCO. You will see the automation in Cisco DNA Center with SWIM and Network Plug and Play.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Cisco Digital Network Architecture - Automate Your Network

Transformation to the new Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) not only accelerates and simplifies your enterprise network operations but also reduces the risks that come with multiple deployments so IT teams can focus instead on innovation that positively transforms your business.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Cisco Digital Network Architecture - Software Defined Access

This demo shows new functionalities included in Cisco Software Defined Access. Provide access to any application in minutes, without compromising on security. Gain superior awareness of what's hitting your network, secure users, devices and applications with identity-based policy, regardless of location. You will learn how Software Defined Access along with Cisco DNA Center can drastically simplify global IT operations while delivering new services quickly.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: High-density Wi-Fi 6 - Powered by Cisco Catalyst

This demo will focus on the next generation wieless stack with the Cisco catalyst 9800 Series Wireless LAN Controller and Catalyst 9100 Series Access Point, managed by Cisco DNA Centre.


Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Simplify your WAN - Cisco SD-WAN

This demo shows how Cisco SD-WAN based on Viptela technology delivers comprehensive feature-rich capabilities around scalable cloud-delivered architecture, simple cloud on-boarding, solid application quality of experience, strong security and agile operations. See why Cisco SD-WAN is the most deployed SD-WAN solution among hundreds of enterprises and leading service providers.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Flexible Security for your WAN - Cisco SD-WAN

As a leader in both SD-WAN and network security, Cisco integrates a full security stack and highly secure SD-WAN fabric with the most flexibility, from the branch to the cloud edge.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Cisco Digital Network Architecture - Cisco DNA Wireless Assurance

Intelligent Capture provides enhanced issue detection and root cause analysis, on-demand, real-time troubleshooting and in-service AP monitoring with packet capture.The data garnered from Intelligent Capture can prove that it’s not a networking issue by showing you exactly where the issue is.

Architecture: Enterprise Networks
Demo: Cisco Digital Network Architecture - Catalyst 9000 Web User Interface

Cataly 9000 Web User Interface (WebUI) is an embedded GUI-based device-management tool that provides the ability to provision the device, to simplify device deployment and manageability, and to enhance the user experience. It comes with the default image, so there is no need to enable anything or install any license on the device. You can use WebUI to build configurations, and to monitor and troubleshoot the device without having CLI expertise.


Architecture: Security
Demo: Firepower Management - FMC + FDM + CDO

Improve your network threat protection across the entire attack continuum: integrated visibility of your network before an attack, advanced threat protection during an attack, and scoping and remediation after an attack.

Cisco® Defense Orchestrator is a cloud-based security policy and device management solution that simplifies and unifies policy across your Cisco firewalls. It lets you orchestrate policy changes across tens or thousands of devices with confidence. Today, you can manage policy for ASA, Cisco Firepower® Threat Defense (FTD), and Meraki® MX from its central dashboard.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Cloud Email Security

Email is the #1 attack vector: the easiest way for attackers to breach your network. Everyone needs it. Everyone has more messages than they know what to do with.  Cisco Email Security has you covered whether you choose to deploy email on premise or in the cloud.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Endpoint Network Protection - Advanced Malware Protection

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection now includes Cognitive Threat Analytics and provides the threat intelligence, visibility, and control to not only prevent breaches, but also quickly detect, contain, and remediate threats before they can do their damage. Further investigation can be enriched with data from Umbrella Investigate and Cisco AMP. Threat Grid provides static and dynamic analysis with proactive threat intelligence, allowing security teams to quickly detect, track, respond to, and remediate advanced threats in their environments.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Threat Hunting Made Easy - Cisco Threat Response

Security that works together. Automated integrations of security products providing faster detection, investigation and remediation.  Saves time and effort when you are under attack or are investigating breaches or indications of compromise.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Global Threat Intelligence - TALOS

The Talos team protects your organisation’s people, data and infrastructure. Our researchers, data scientists and engineers collect information about existing and developing threats. We then deliver protection against attacks and malware. Talos underpins the entire Cisco security ecosystem.

Talos now provides Incident Response services. Leveraging Talos intelligence, Talos Incident Response is a customer ready service providing a full suite of proactive and reactive services which helps prepare, respond and recover from a breach.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Workforce Protection - DUO

Zero Trust for the Workforce.

Duo protects user and their devices against phishing, stolen credentials and other identity based attacks. Duo provides Multi-Factor Authentications, deep visibility and device health with policy enforcement per application.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Workplace Segmentation - Cisco Identity Services Engine

Zero Trust for the Workplace.

Just because you recognise the name and face that works through the door, doesnt necessarily mean you inherently trust the devices they carry. Understand how using Cisco Identity Services Engine to provide policy driven access to set and maintain control over connections within the network, including Users, Laptops, Phones and IoT devices. Cisco ISE by virtue of challenging the identity provides rights of access to applications and services by segmenting the network based on authorised responses and should infection or breach occur, interact with the network to contain infected devices.


Architecture: Security
Demo: Network Endpoint Visibility - Stealthwatch

Improve security and incident response across the network, be it Network LAN to the public cloud. Detect threats in real time. Reduce false positives. Gain actionable security intelligence to make your security team more efficient.

With Cisco Endpoint Security Analytics on Splunk, the endpoint, using Cisco AnyConnect sends telemetry to Splunk that provides detailed visibility into the applications, services and behaviour of the endpoint, regardless of the endpoint location.

Architecture: Security
Demo: Workload Protection - Tetration

Zero Trust for the Workload

Cisco Tetration provides a way to secure your multicloud workloads. Tetration provides the visibility and application segmentation capability to ensure compliance within the application and workload while providing the functionality via policy to alert and block violations in approved communications.


Architecture: IoT
Demo: Intent Based Networking in IOT - Cisco DNA for Industries

Learn how to leverage Cisco's industrial IoT networking portfolio with Cisco DNA Center to enable connectivity of controls, cameras, sensors, signage, and APs for parking lots, outdoor campuses, warehouses, distribution centers and other complex environments. Understand how SD-Access Extended Nodes and SD-WAN can deliver end-to-end visibility and automation for IoT networking devices, all while enforcing consistent policies across the entire enterprise.

Architecture: IoT
Demo: Remote and Mobile Assets - IoT Gateways + Cloud Management

See how Public Transport operators are using innovative IOT technology to improve rider experiences and increase efficiency. Learn about our purpose-built solution for remote and mobile field assets like kiosks, pipelines, solar farms and  wind turbines, vehicle fleets including safety vehicles, service vehicles, buses and even shipping containers. Through our ruggedized IoT Gateways, cloud management, security and data management, Cisco provides a comprehensive feature set for assets wherever they may be.

Architecture: IoT
Demo: Reimagine the Viewer Experience - Cisco Vision Dynamic Signage

Discover how Cisco Vision Dynamic Digital signage can change the customer, fan, guest and traveler experience.  We can drive revenue and experience so you can influence, educate and activate your customers.  Come by the IOT booth and see signage demos for Retail,Transportation, Casinos and Sports and Entertainment.


Architecture: IoT
Demo: Cisco Cyber Vision Security - for IOT Networks

Discover how Cisco is improving asset and equipment security within process and IACS environments, using new technologies like Cisco Cyber Vision, to link into Cisco Identity Services Engine and Cisco DNA Center, to help OT teams see into their Networks and improve Operational Efficiency and Security.

Architecture: IoT
Demo: Intelligent Edge Analytics - Extract, Compute and Move Data

IoT analytics is a critical rquirement, but complexity stands in the way. How do you bring cloud-scale analysis to the edge to improve responsiveness? How do you securely share sensor data without consuming huge amounts of bandwidth? Let us show you how we simplify your deployment by combining best-of-breed IoT networking and edge compute software, and cloud applications, into an integrated experience.


Architecture: IoT
Demo: Every Smart Country Starts with Its Network - Intent-based networking for Transport, Cities, Communities, Industries

See how Cisco is delivering real-world Transport solutions in Australian cities to improve the national roadways systems. Explore Cisco Connected Communities Infrastructure, the first architecture of its kind to address the end-to-end needs of cities, communities, and roadways. Our solution is built on a validated architecture that delivers a secure, multiservice, intent-based network that can be easily deployed and managed.

Architecture: IoT
Demo: Unify Your Plant Systems - Simplify and Improve Operations

Participate in a demonstration of AI technology linked to Cisco Collaboration, to improve the worker experience.  See how Application awareness improves OT operations. Learn about Cisco’s approach to manufacturing and industrial processes through the Cisco Portfolio Explorer, providing a comprehensive overview of manufacturing use cases  and architectures that are enabled by Cisco technology.

Architecture: IoT
Demo: IOT for Utilities & Resources - Improve Plant and Field Ops

See how to extend wifi into underground and confined spaces. Learn about new technologies improving IOT sensor onboarding for the mining industry. Understand Cisco’s industrial technologies and approach to utilities, mining, resources and oil & gas using robust networking equipment and architectures.


Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: Segment routing - SR, SRv6, FlexAlgo

See in action how segment routing is enabling the stateless fabric architecture that provides complete control over the forwarding paths by combining simple network instructions. Segment Routing removes unnecessary protocols simplifying your network. It turns the network into a programmable infrastructure that can be optimised for various applications’ needs – bandwidth, latency… Due to its stateless nature, Segment Routing meets the needs of mass scale networks. Multiple use cases are showcased: OAM, sub-50ms protection, virtualisation, network slicing, end-to-end inter domain connectivity with SLAs, service chaining. Technologies/platforms relevant - SR, SRv6, FlexAlgo, Intent based routing, IOS-XR, ASR-9k, NCS5xx, NCS55xx.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: 5G Enterprise Edge - Intend based networking

Demonstrate the Cisco solutions required to create dedicated/private 5G services which will support many of the critical wireless use-cases enabling Industry 4.0. Attributes such-as; on-premise “edge” traffic break-out, automated NFV based deployment and linked enterprise and service provider policy and identity, are required to support a wide range of use-cases and business models

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: EVPN - Multihoming with Anycast IRB, L3VPN

Demonstration of EVPN based Data Center: Dual-Homed All-Active ethernet access together with Distributed L3 Anycast Gateway provides redundant/high-available solution together with L2 MAC mobility and L3 optimal forwarding. Second part of demonstration explains BGP: EVPN and L3VPN (VPNv4/6) Interconnect. Everything automated via Network Services Orchestrator (NSO).

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: Simplified Operations IOS XR 7 - Simple, Powerful & Trusted NOS

Explore the latest features of XR7 on actual HW and (or) Simulator. Walkthrough new XR capabilities, such as brand-new install process, simplified platform infrastructure & modern look and feel.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: Far-Edge Serverless Computing - Dockerized IOS-XR Applications

Learn the nuts-and-bolts of Application Hosting on IOS-XR & self-realize how you can get so much more out of Cisco IOS-XR Access and Aggregation boxes.  We demo engrossing use cases on how Application Hosting on IOS-XR can benefit you in deriving key business outcomes, reduce devops cycle & expedite new launches.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: E-2-E Transport and Telco Cloud - Powered by NSO, COE, SR-PCE and ACI

Get 5G ready by provision, manage, and program networks more rapidly with software-defined networking. In this centralised approach to network management, the underlying network infrastructure is abstracted from applications. SDN provides choice in automation and programmability across data centers, campuses, and wide-area networks.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: 5G E-2-E Network Slicing - Powered NSO and Matrix

By implementing SDN technology within the transport network, network managers can create a low-latency “slice” (a virtual route across the transport layer) that ensures chosen types of traffic – such as video on consumer networks. Cisco’s Matrix and Network Slicing solution come into play as a technique to help lower and control latency for high-bandwidth applications as well as provide the Service level assurance to ultimately improve the overall service experience for consumers and simplify the network operations.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: Automation Operation transformation - Zero touch Assurnace powered by NSO

Model-driven Automated Service Assurance offers an approach to bridging the gap between service fulfillment and assurance. Software-based test agents, which are well suited to a dynamic network environment, perform end-to-end activation tests and active monitoring that are automated throughout the full service lifecycle in closed-feedback loops. This enables Service Providers to automatically validate SLAs, discover issues earlier, and resolve problems faster.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: Customer Experience road to success - BlueStack, CDAF and Matrix.

This is an automated Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) test framework that enables agile software development and delivery for software-defined networking. Customer Experience spearheaded true innovation for Rakuten Mobile Network to build a fully virtualized, 5G-ready, cloud-native mobile network through the implementation of CDAF.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: Telco Edge Cloud - CVIM powered by NSO

Cisco can help service providers break through the hybrid orchestration logjam. Cisco provides an NFVO Core Function Pack, which combines the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) with NFV orchestration logic, ETSI NFV data models, and Cisco Elastic Services Controller (ESC) VNF lifecycle manager. It provides a versatile, vendor-independent platform to help operators start realizing the speed, agility, and cost savings of NFV in their networks, whether physical, virtual, or hybrid.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: SD-WAN over per-flow SR policy - SD-WAN, SR-TE, Automated steering

SD-WAN aims to lower operational costs by interconnecting sites over low-cost Internet links secured by IPsec overlays. The richness of Segment Routing (SR) features makes a service provider can MONETIZE underlay network infrastructure and offer per-application SLA services for SD-WAN customers. SR intent-based per-flow automated steering ensures traffic from different applications destined to the same node can be treated separately by associate SD-WAN traffic classification. Participants going to learn SR features which benefit SD-WAN application provision, also, the session intends to introduce how service provider offer underlay transport SLAs for SD-WAN provision according to application traffic classifications.

Architecture: Service Provider
Demo: Multihaul Transport - NCS1000

Why is multihaul transport important? Because the NCS 1004 which supports multihaul transmission is capable of high bit rate wavelengths like 600G for DCI or metro ring or mesh architectures, and also can deliver longer distance like 6000km with a 200G wavelength satisfying the long haul and subsea markets. A single platform for many applications provides lower opex for our customers when operationally it can be used for all these applications. It also allows us to find the maximum capacity for any given distance in  50G increments.

This demo will leverage the NCS 1004 to show a 600G wavelength over 100km, a 300G wavelength over 2400km, and a 200G wavelength over 6000km. And end to end circuit will be visible in EPNM via the network view.





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