Please review the current Health & Safety policies for our Las Vegas attendees.

The health and safety of event attendees is our top priority. If you are feeling unwell, please refrain from attending the event. At this time, Cisco does not have any health-related requirements in place for event attendance. Should this change, we will follow up with updated guidance.

Entry Requirements

To gain access to the venue in Melbourne, you will be required to show your government-issued photo ID. You will not be allowed access without this, even if an event package has been purchased.

Other Considerations

If you are not comfortable traveling or attending the in-person event, you can watch the free broadcast taking place on the event dates. More details on the broadcast will be announced in the coming weeks.


What will Cisco’s Health & Safety policies be for in-person attendees in Las Vegas?

Please see the current event policies above. Please note, Cisco Live Health & Safety policies are subject to change based on several factors including Government guidance, medical data, and specific event considerations

What if I am unable to meet the Health & Safety policies for Cisco Live Las Vegas?

Acceptance and agreement to comply with Cisco Live Health & Safety policies will be a condition of registration for the event.

Those who are unable to attend in Las Vegas may join us online for the live broadcast.

Will testing be offered onsite?

Attendees will not be required to test while onsite. Attendees who require a PCR test will be directed to an offsite medical facility (at their own expense).

What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19 during Cisco Live?

Please isolate yourself and do not return to the event. Refer to your company’s policies and procedures for reporting and isolation.

Cisco employees who test positive for COVID-19 while at Cisco Live 2023 Las Vegas must follow Cisco’s protocol for reporting. Please visit the Cisco Live AMER Sharepoint site for more information