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Welcome to the Cisco Stand in the World of Solutions, where you can embark on a journey to discover Cisco's cutting-edge innovations across various domains. Explore the realms of Cloud, Networking, Service Provider, IoT, Security, Observability, and Collaboration, and witness the remarkable capabilities of our latest solutions.

Engage with our team of experts who are ready to guide you through our broad landscape of product capabilities and innovations. Whether you have inquiries or require in-depth knowledge, our specialists are here to provide answers and insights.

Join us at the Cisco Stand and experience firsthand the future of technology.

Area: Cloud

Modernise Data Centre Infrastructure - Cloud Compute

Discover how to run any workload—including AI training and inferencing applications—and increase the speed of business from data centre to edge locations. Powered by the Cisco Intersight infrastructure operations platform, Cisco UCS X-Series is fast to deploy, simple to manage, and easy to scale, enabling IT teams to focus their attention on business outcomes.

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Demo ID: CISG06

Cisco MDS 9000: SAN Done Right | SAN Insights

Use Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller SAN Insights to answer the toughest questions SAN administrators face today, such as how to identify the root cause of performance issues, pinpoint the source of link over-utilisation, and predict congestion before it ever occurs.

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Demo ID: CISG07

Automate Data Centre Management - Private Cloud

Evolve your automation strategy to provide consistent experiences across on-premises resources and public cloud. Create workflows quickly and easily, without being a coding expert, to automate the deployment of infrastructure and simplify your hybrid IT operations.

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Demo ID: CISG08

Power Data Centre Operations - Health and Performance Monitoring

Get insights into your UCS platform usage and trends with the new health and performance monitoring capabilities in Cisco Intersight. Gain valuable information on power consumption, network usage and host utilisation to provide key metrics back to the organisation for sustainability.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure - Cisco Compute Hyperconverged with Nutanix

Simplify and accelerate the delivery of infrastructure and applications at a global scale though a best-in-class cloud-operating model, unparalleled flexibility, and augmented support and resiliency capabilities, with the recently introduced Cisco Compute Hyperconverged with Nutanix.

Cisco UCS X-Series

Modernize compute infrastructure with the UCS X-Series Modular System by combining the density and efficiency of blade servers with the expandability of rack servers. With 100G unified fabric and UCS X-Fabric Technology for GPU acceleration, X-Series is a future-ready platform for any application.

Area: Collaboration

Create together, everywhere - Cisco Board Pro

Cisco devices enable you to meet on any platform. See how RoomOS enables you to simply join Webex, Microsoft, Google, and Zoom meetings with one button to push. Hear how AI-powered Cisco devices enhance your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience, and discover Webex or Microsoft Whiteboarding on the Cisco Board Pro.

Certified devices for Microsoft Teams - Cisco Room Bar & Room Bar Pro

Cisco devices enable you to meet on any platform. See how RoomOS enables you to simply join Webex, Microsoft, Google, and Zoom meetings. Discover how AI-powered Cisco devices enhance your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience. Accelerate video-enabled hybrid work across your organization with Cisco Room Bar and Room Bar Pro.

Your business phone system in the cloud - Webex Calling

Empower workers to connect and collaborate anywhere, on any device, with our portfolio of Webex mobility solutions. Quickly resolve customer issues with Webex Calling customer experience solutions. See demos of Group Call Management, our call center included out of the box with Webex Calling and multi-line support, which enables multiple lines to be assigned across users and locations.

Webex Calling integration with Microsoft Teams and Google Chrome enables your business to harness our enterprise grade cloud calling experience from your existing productivity environment without switching back and forth between applications.

Integrated, effortless collaboration - Webex Suite

Webex Suite is a comprehensive collaboration and communication solution for hybrid work. Built on industry-leading security, the suite brings together calling, messaging, meetings, polling, asynchronous video, whiteboarding, webinars, and event management in a unified experience across web, desktop, and mobile apps. The suite offers integrated solutions, with aipowered meeting experiences like real-time translations, combined with messaging, polling, and whiteboarding built into every meeting.

Virtual & hybrid events - Webex Webinars & Webex Events

Webex offers end-to-end event capabilities with Webex Webinars and Webex Events solutions. Webex Webinars provide a way for people to easily deliver secure, scalable webinars. Plus, add custom branding, build registration, and email flows, use moderation controls to manage speakers and attendees, and integrate into CRM tools for holistic lead management.

Webex Events (formerly Socio) provides a way to manage in-person, hybrid and virtual event set up and delivery. Event mobile apps, Lead Retrieval and Live Display, and check-in and badge printing help deliver hybrid and in-person experiences. Interactive virtual events support simple exhibitor + sponsor booth set up, multi-track capabilities, gamification, networking, videos on demand and more.

Welcome to work-life brilliance - Cisco Desk Devices

Cisco Desk devices are all-in-one video collaboration devices. They’re like having a professional film crew on your desk, helping you to look good and get more done while reducing video fatigue. Discover solutions for your home office, hot desk, or private office with devices optimized for Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Create customer delight - CCaaS: Webex Contact Center

Webex Contact Center enables smart, proactive, and personalized customer experiences. Follow a customer’s journey from interacting with an AIpowered virtual agent to engaging with a human agent via voice and digital channels. Experience how agents are empowered with customer context and sentiment, plus access to experts via the Webex App.

Power richer customer experiences - CPaaS: Webex Connect

Webex Connect orchestrates and automates end-to-end cross-channel customer journeys by bringing together existing backend systems with multiple communication channels to create richer, frictionless customer experiences -reducing complexity and enabling rapid innovation.

Build with Webex - Webex Developer Platform

Webex integrates with hundreds of industry-leading apps and tools to power hybrid work. Learn how Webex integrations accelerate productivity and drive business transformation for Webex customers.

Stay focused, sound perfect - Cisco Headsets

Stay connected anywhere with Cisco Headsets. Discover the right headset for any use case with a range of wired and Bluetooth® or DECT wireless headsets for mobile, office, and contact center. Choose devices optimized for Webex or certified for Microsoft Teams. Experience amazing AI powered noise removal and simplified headset management.

Smart conference rooms - Cisco Room Kit EQX

Discover how Room Kit EQ can help create equitable meeting experiences for inperson and remote participants with built-in audio and camera intelligence. Learn how Room Kit EQ can be integrated into any medium/large meeting room, with built-in sensors, APIs, and macros that help IT, HR, and Facilities redefine the conference room experience.

Area: IoT

Securing Industrial Networks - Visibility, Trust, Remote Access

Secure management of industrial switching environments is critical to operating industrial systems on factory floors, substations, roadway aggregation points, etc. Using Assurance from Catalyst Center and CyberVision, learn how to create templates, workflows, and access profiles so on and off-site employees can access the right system for their operational roles.

Scale OT with Cisco SD-WAN - Connect and Manage Remote Assets

Discover the range of operational environments that can benefit from Cisco's converged WAN/LAN infrastructure with Cisco’s SDWAN solutions. Sub-Stations, Water Systems, Roadway aggregation locations can benefit from a scaled deployment with advanced security developed and deployed across the operational environment.

Industrial Wireless. Anywhere! - Fixed and Mobile Wireless for OT

Wireless connectivity to remote fixed assets is critical to accessing remote systems. Learn how the Industrial Routing & Wireless portfolio offers connectivity (5G, Private LTE, WiFi6E, Ultra-Backhaul) to a wide variety of remote use cases. And now, when paired with IoT Operations Dashboard, securely deploy, monitor, and gain insights into your connected assets (ATM’s, traffic controllers, electric charging stations) at scale.

Unify IT/OT Network Operations - Industrial Ops with Catalyst Center

Discover the range of operational environments that can benefit from Cisco's converged WAN/LAN infrastructure with Cisco Catalyst Centre solutions.

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Edge Compute: A Utility Use Case - Process Edge Data with Cisco IOX

As traditional generation is displaced by renewables, the ability to store and effectively use renewable power is becoming a critical component to this transition. Grid operators are installing modern, high capacity batteries at strategic locations within the distribution grid.

In addition to energy storage, the battery systems can also be used to help stabilise the grid by leveraging frequency and voltage normalising functions aided by the battery management system.

See how effective use of Cisco Edge Computing (IOx) allows effective control arbitration whilst also increasing the ROI of the battery by reducing redundant equipment at the edge site.

Area: Networking

Simplify Data Centre Operations - Nexus Dashboard Insights

Configure, operate, and analyse all your data centre fabrics with optimal simplicity and visibility from Cisco Nexus Dashboard. Minimise troubleshooting time with flow analytics and one-click remediation by leveraging Nexus Dashboard Insights. And accelerate data centre energy use goals with full visibility of your IT infrastructure’s power consumption.

Optimise Cisco NX-OS Management - Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller

Revolutionise Cisco NX-OS–enabled deployments with the Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller. From effortlessly managing LAN and SAN fabrics to IP Fabric for Media (IPFM), this is your chance to experience the power of Enhanced Classic LAN and SAN in one comprehensive solution.

Define and Secure Data Centre - Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Accelerate automation, microsegmentation, multicloud, and security capabilities for any application on any infrastructure and any cloud with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

Monitor Data Centre Traffic - Nexus Dashboard Data Broker

Deliver a simple, scalable and cost effective method of monitoring high volume and business critical data with Nexus Dashboard Data Broker. Thanks to new deduplication capabilities, the Data Broker makes a very efficient packet brokering and forwarding solution to third-party tools.

AI/ML Data Centre Networks - Cisco Nexus 9000 and Nexus Dashboard

Create scalable and lossless networks that meet the high demands of the latest AI/ML workloads, incorporating low-latency, high throughput, and non-blocking fabrics with AI/ML blueprint for data centre networks. Learn how protocols such as RoCEv2 meet the requirements of the intensive AI/ML workloads while making Ethernet the choice for AI/ML networking.

Cisco CX Services - Unleash Catalyst Centre Value

Engage with CX expert advisors to unleash the value of Cisco Catalyst Centre to expedite the delivery of new capabilities and services through the strategic application of automation technologies.

Intelligent Network Assurance - Catalyst Center, Meraki Dashboard

Keep business moving ahead with proactive identification, remediation, and overall prevention of issues. Join us to learn how Catalyst Center (formerly DNA Center) or the Meraki dashboard empower you to use every touchpoint on your network to optimise performance and prevent outages and issues.

Create Smarter Workspaces - Cisco Spaces

Create smarter, safer workspaces that help you meet energy usage goals with Cisco Spaces. In this demo, we’ll showcase the Cisco Spaces dashboard and integrations with Cisco and third-party technologies. We’ll also discuss how Cisco Spaces delivers valuable insights that enable you to enhance employee experiences, productivity, and space utilisation.

Move to a Wireless-First Future - Cisco Wireless

Support the most demanding use cases with the ease of deployment, configuration, and management you get from Cisco Wireless. Find out how using a wireless-first approach to network planning gives your users the best possible experience, thanks to a centralised management platform—whether on-premises or cloud managed.

Explore Software-Defined Access - Catalyst Center, Cisco ISE

Learn how to leverage Cisco Software Defined Access (SD-Access), with Catalyst Center (formerly DNA Center) and ISE to enhance business networking by automating tasks, strengthening security based on identity and device behaviours, and optimising performance. It simplifies network operations, reduces costs, and enables rapid adaptation to evolving demands, fostering innovation and maintaining a secure network infrastructure.

Embrace the Power of the Platform - Catalyst Center, Meraki Dashboard

Simplify your networking experience and deliver new levels of agility, resiliency, and productivity with Cisco Catalyst Center (formerly DNA Center) and the Meraki dashboard. Through operational flexibility for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments, see how automation and AI-driven insights can optimise your Cisco investment and lower your spending.

Get to Know SD-WAN - Catalyst and Meraki SD-WAN

Dive into the benefits of Cisco SD-WAN and Meraki SD-WAN and get valuable insights into each solution’s features. See how Cisco SD-WAN excels in complex enterprise networks, while Meraki SD-WAN offers simplicity and cloud-based management, catering to different network needs. This demo will give users a deeper understanding of their options for optimising connectivity.

Experience WAN Insights and Analytics - Catalyst SD-WAN

See how the new Cisco UX and insights with Cisco SD-WAN deliver enhanced user and management experiences. Our experts detail how the updated interface for Cisco’s SD-WAN solution simplifies network management, provides actionable analytics, and empowers users to optimise network performance and troubleshoot issues efficiently. You’ll learn how this ultimately improves network efficiency and user satisfaction.

Extend Workload to Cloud - Catalyst SD-WAN

Optimise cloud connectivity with Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp and SDCI. See how these technologies intelligently route, prioritise, and enhance traffic for cloud applications, ensuring reduced latency and improved user experiences. The demo showcases seamless integration with cloud providers, efficient network management, and robust security. You’ll learn how these solutions enhance performance, agility, and reliability in the cloud-centric era.

Embedded and Cloud Security - Catalyst SD-WAN and Unified SASE

Gain fresh insights into the robust and evolved Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN security stack and its latest integration with the Cisco Secure Access solution. You will learn how embedded security functions, such as firewalls and threat detection, provide seamless protection for your network traffic. Discover how Cisco Secure Access integration results in a fully integrated Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) fabric. This demo highlights the benefits of combining SD-WAN with security service edge (SSE), delivering end-to-end security, simplified management, secure user experiences, and enhanced threat mitigation, making it an ideal solution for modern network security challenges.

Ask the Expert - Catalyst Center, Meraki Dashboard

Take advantage of direct access to expert guidance! Get insights, troubleshoot issues, and learn best practices for deploying and managing the Meraki dashboard and Catalyst Center (formerly DNA Center) solutions. If your interest or use case isn’t covered by the Enterprise Network demo stands, come and discuss with the Ask the Expert team.

Unified SASE with Secure Connect - Meraki SD-WAN

Integrate networking and security by utilising Meraki SD-WAN and unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) with Cisco+ Secure Connect. See how Meraki SD-WAN technology optimises network performance and connectivity, while the unified SASE architecture seamlessly integrates security into the network, including secure remote access. This demo will showcase this unified approach, including simplified management, enhanced security, and efficient network operations, which are ideal for modern network demands.

Migrating Switches to the Cloud - Catalyst Switching, Meraki Dashboard

Learn how to migrate a Catalyst switch to the Meraki dashboard. You’ll see how this transition from traditional on-premises management to a cloud-based platform is seamless and simple. In this demo, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish, highlighting the resulting benefits of simplified configuration, centralised monitoring, improved agility, streamlined operations, and efficient remote management.

Secure Agile Networks - Meraki Adaptive Policy

See firsthand how Meraki Adaptive Policy leverages the power of the Meraki dashboard to provide simplified network segmentation across your entire topology. Access policies can be applied either statically or dynamically based on user identity and device behaviour which can dramatically boost security, ensure compliance, and enhance user experiences. With automated policy enforcement, businesses can efficiently manage their networks, reduce risks, and provide a seamless and secure connectivity environment.

Smart Buildings and Energy Management - Meraki Cameras and Sensors

Discover your path to smart buildings with Catalyst and Meraki. Combine the power of the Cisco switching platform, Cisco Spaces, and the Meraki IoT platform to manage and measure energy consumption, and intelligently automate systems based on occupancy, schedule, and current environmental conditions.

Troubleshooting SaaS Performance - ThousandEyes

This demo will show how real-time and historical insight into the availability of key business SaaS applications (based on collective telemetry) can enable rapid incident response and optimized service provider management.

Proactive SD-WAN

Cisco Secure Network for SMB On-Premise

Protect your business with Cisco's comprehensive network and security solutions, including Meraki MX and Firepower 1010E, curated for SMB. Discover how you can effortlessly get started with the Catalyst 1200 & 1300 Series network switches, Cisco Business Wireless Access Points and the Cisco Secure Firepower 1010E. Don't forget to also catch our demonstration of the Cloud Managed Meraki MX Security appliance and other exciting features on the Meraki platform.

Cisco Secure Network for SMB Cloud Managed

Protect your business with Cisco's comprehensive network and security solutions, including Meraki MX and Firepower 1010E, curated for SMB. Discover how you can effortlessly get started with the Catalyst 1200 & 1300 Series network switches, Cisco Business Wireless Access Points and the Cisco Secure Firepower 1010E. Don't forget to also catch our demonstration of the Cloud Managed Meraki MX Security appliance and other exciting features on the Meraki platform.

Area: Observability

Application Monitoring - Hybrid and Modern

Monitor the performance of traditional, hybrid and cloud-native applications. Organizations can correlate performance with user experiences and business context to proactively remediate issues and improve business results. Additionally, organizations can monitor and troubleshoot SAP supply chains and business processes. Cisco enables hybrid app monitoring with Cisco AppDynamics and modern application monitoring with Cisco Cloud Observability.

Application Security - Business Risk Observability

Cisco Secure Application provides application security with business risk observability for both hybrid and cloud native applications. Business risk observability Business risk observability is an industry-first evolution in application security that prioritizes security issues based on potential impact. It enables teams to rapidly map vulnerabilities and act where it matters most. It helps in responding instantly to revenue-impacting security risks and reduce overall organization risk profiles.

Extend Observability - FSO Platform in Action

Extend your observability use cases with Cisco Observability Platform. Built from day one on the OpenTelemetry Framework and anchored on metrics, events, logs, and traces across any domain, it provides an open and scalable single source of insight across your technology stack and business. It also unlocks a vibrant ecosystem of development partners actively developing applications and modules to tackle additional important use cases.

Application Optimization - Optimize Cost and Workloads

Gain visibility into application-level costs, understand cloud spend and the cost of idle resources. Organizations can lower costs by only paying for what they need in public cloud, and safely increase utilization of on-premises assets. Improve and assure application performance by taking the guesswork out of resource allocation for workloads on-premises and in the public cloud. Cisco enables these with the Cost Insights and Application resource optimizer modules, built on Cisco Observability Platform, in combination with Cisco Cloud Observability.

Digital Experience Monitoring - AppDynamics and ThousandEyes
Demo ID: APPD05

Leverage bi-directional integration of application observability and network intelligence. Organizations gain end-to-end insights from applications, networking teams, and data to understand how their digital user experiences are impacted by applications, networks, and multicloud environments—ultimately optimizing joint operations for triage and troubleshooting. Cisco enables this through Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco ThousandEyes (network intelligence) integration.

Cisco AIOps - Driven by Cisco FSO Platform

View data relevant to the infrastructure, incidents, hosts, network, and performance of a hybrid-cloud application all in one place.

Customer Digital Experience - ThousandEyes and AppDynamics

Building upon the functionality we showed in our Service Assurance demo with ThousandEyes Transaction tests, ThousandEyes also has integrations into FSO platforms, such as Cisco AppDynamics, to help map service dependencies and implement tests for all of the components of an application.

With this integration between ThousandEyes and AppDynamics, the service discovery component of AppD can feed data into ThousandEyes to automatically generate test templates for monitoring critical applications. This ensures that no app/site targets are missed and that organizations have the most complete coverage.

Area: Security

Cisco CX Services - XDR End-to-End Security

Explore the range of CX Security services helping to maximise the benefit of Cisco XDR, tailored specifically to your organisation and environment. From Telemetry discovery, third-party integration to workflow configuration and customisation specifically to suit your operational needs. Our fully customised service solutions cover your XDR deployment across the detect, correlate and respond spectrum.

User Protection - Cisco Secure Access

Seamless and secure access to any application, on any device, from anywhere to implement zero trust, with zero friction.

Cloud Protection - Cisco Multicloud Defense

Simplify operations, optimize resources, and reduce risk with comprehensive security and pervasive visibility for hybrid and multicloud networks, workloads, and applications.

Breach Protection - Cisco XDR | SNA

Empower security teams to simplify operations and accelerate response across the most prominent attack vectors including email, endpoints, network, and cloud. Learn about Cisco XDR - designed by SOC experts, for SOC experts – is an open, extensible and intuitive XDR solution, packed with evidence-based recommendations to effectively detect and rapidly respond to the highest priority incidents in a customer's environment.

Cloud Protection - Cisco Vulnerability Management

Cloud Protection - Cisco Secure Workload

Complexity is the unforeseen by-product of hybrid and multicloud adoption. Multicloud environments increase complexity exponentially, and current security solutions are fragmented, expensive, and inadequate. Learn how the new Cisco Multicloud Defense can harmonize security across cloud environments while enabling organizations to maintain the full benefits of their cloud architecture.

Access Management - ISE | DUO

Learn how Duo protects against breaches with a leading access management solution that provides strong multi-layered defenses and innovative capabilities that seamlessly allow legitimate users in and keep bad actors out. Duo is ideal for any organization concerned about breaches and needs a simple and powerful solution fast.

Breach Protection - Email

Protect your hybrid workforce with cloud-agile security. Learn how this cloud-delivered security service edge (SSE) solution, grounded in zero trust, delights users while providing protected access from anything to anywhere.

Threat Intelligence - Talos Incident Response

Cisco Talos Incident Response Retainer service provides emergency response services to support you through active incidents and proactive services to assess, strengthen and evolve your cybersecurity incident response readiness program.

AI - Firewall Policy Management

In an era where threat actors are deploying attacks at greater speed and scale, cybersecurity practitioners need to achieve more with less. Learn how Cisco's Firewall + AI Assistant brings superpowers to your admins by delivering unparalleled visibility into your policy store. Stop by the booth to check out first of many, AI powered capabilities within the firewall portfolio.

User Protection - Umbrella

Cisco’s Security Step-Up offer significantly reduces incidents and the risk of breaches by combining internet threat protection, email security and trusted access capabilities. For organizations to protect their users and secure access to resources anywhere, it provides powerful protection across multiple lines of defense to efficiently keep businesses secure.

Cloud Protection - Panoptica

Panoptica, Cisco’s cloud application security solution for code to cloud, provides seamless scalability across clusters and multi-cloud environments, allowing teams to secure APIs, serverless, containers, and Kubernetes environments.

Area: Service Provider

Cisco CX Services - SP Network Validation & Migration

Cisco’s CX Test Automation Manager (CXTM) provides easy-to-use automation with Robot Framework and the thousands of Robot keywords offered as part of the reusable test libraries for interacting with both Cisco and third-party devices alike. In addition to providing an intuitive GUI, CXTM offers a full northbound REST API for NetDevOps environments or integrating with other tooling.

Automig is a unified automation solution powered by the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) which provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to enable deployment and migration activities.

Service Assurance and Analytics - IOS XR, Crosswork, and Accedian

Learn how Cisco’s latest solutions address a big challenge for communications service providers (CSPs): managing increasingly complex networks composed of multiple vendor solutions and equipment built over multiple layers.

We’ll cover how the power of Accedian Skylight sensors and performance analytics—now a part of Cisco— combines, correlates, and displays performance intelligence in a single pane of glass. This includes end-to-end performance assurance information from the service layer and multiple types of data coming from different network layers ingested as third-party data sources.

Our experts will also correlate:

  • End-to-end service layer with TWAMP
  • Service assurance over multiple networking technologies
  • Device-related metrics with interface counters, CPU, and memory
  • Customer portals that enable value-added revenue streams for CSPs

Drive Operational Efficiency - Crosswork Network Controller

Find out why automation is the key to modernised operations. Crosswork Network Controller provides a single platform for provisioning, optimising, visualising and monitoring services, and slices for IP transport networks: SR/Circuit Style/SRv6/Tree-SID/RSVP-TE with L2 and L3VPN. In this demo, you’ll see how Crosswork Network Controller as SDN controller enhances operational agility, optimises network usage, and delivers insights to pursue sustainability goals.

We’ll cover how techniques such as Local Congestion Mitigation, Flexible Algorithm, Closed Loop Optimization, and Bandwidth on Demand help optimise the use of network resources and deliver differentiated services. Plus, see how visibility into energy consumption, bandwidth usage, and carbon emissions can help with energy use goals. Crosswork Network Controller can be deployed with Crosswork Hierarchical Controller for a unified multidomain and multilayer controller for your network.

Win with Routed Optical Networking - Crosswork, SP Routers, and Optics

Learn how to operate a simplified, cost-effective, and sustainable IP and optical network managed by Crosswork Network Automation (Crosswork Network Controller, Cisco Optical Network Controller, Crosswork Hierarchical Controller).

Leverage advanced coherent optics and private line emulation to simplify operations, reduce footprint, and lower TCO. Gain insight and control with Crosswork to accelerate service deployment and provide outstanding customer experience.

Protect the Edge Against DDoS - Service Provider NCS Routers

Dive deep with our experts into Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection, a true on-box DDoS solution where the detection and mitigation of DDoS attack happens right on the router. This demo will showcase how the Cisco Secure DDoS Edge protection solution keeps the attack traffic off your network and optimises the performance of low-latency applications by using your routers as the first line of defence against DDoS attacks. You’ll also see how it detects and mitigates attacks autonomously in real time to help meet tighter SLAs even under an active DDoS attack. The solution offers significantly more detection and mitigation capacity compared to traditional DDoS protection solutions to block attacks at each ingress point in real time with no traffic diversion or buffering.

Transform Your DCI with SRv6 - Crosswork, SP Routers, and IOS XR

Experience the power of Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6) to simplify the protocol stack and deliver functionalities like SRv6 data path traffic engineering and TI-LFA protection for resilient transport and end-to-end services. We’ll show you how users can offer value-added services based on traffic priority. This demo also showcases IPv6 Data Center Interconnect and leverages SRv6 traffic engineering transport to provide L3VPN and L2VPN services. The SRv6 core enables performance measurement to observe and detect routing anomalies in an operator’s network. And, our experts will also demonstrate traffic steering based on bandwidth metric (Default) and latency (Flex Algo).

Enable Seamless Hybrid Cloud - SP Routers, IOS XR, and Accedian

Enable a seamless IOS XR experience across the network using Cisco routers offered as part of hybrid cloud transport architecture to enable unified, service-aware forwarding. We will showcase Accedian SFPs and container agents in a hybrid cloud SRv6 lab. The on-premises component of this lab will include Accedian SFPs with an NCS 540 access router, as well as XRd vRouters running in an OpenShift private cloud. The public cloud component will include an XRd instance running on AWS with Accedian actuate containers. We will be running end-to-end services on SRv6 transport and monitor them using TWAMP for service monitoring.

Utilising Cisco 8000 Telemetry and 800G - SP Routers and IOS XR

Find out why the industry trend of monitoring infrastructure has evolved from pull with SNMP to push with streaming telemetry. Utilising model-driven programmability allows for real-time information consumption leading to better decisions.

This demo will show how KPI can be retrieved from Cisco 8000 routers. Examples will include BGP statistics, RPKI, RIB, FIB, ACL, QoS, BGP-FS, and other low level platforms counters. The demo will also simulate a typical peering deployment using a mix of physical and virtual hardware and live BGP feeds.

Enhance Enterprise 5G Revenues - Mobility Services Platform

Explore the latest trends in Enterprise 5G. While 5G is transforming connectivity, operators still face hurdles like network complexity, infrastructure costs, legacy integration, and monetisation models.

In this demo, we’ll detail how Cisco’s innovative Mobility Services platform accelerates delivery of monetisable public and private 5G-as-a-service offers to enable smart use cases and drive enterprise adoption. By seamlessly integrating with existing networks and Wi-Fi, Cisco can simplify 5G operations, reduce costs, and support pervasive mobility.

Cisco Showcase Highlights

Welcome to the Cisco Stadium, where every day is game day. 

Enter the Cisco Stadium and see how Cisco powers a seamless NFL fan experience from the moment fans arrive. From wait times to directions, discover how every piece of game day technology is connected securely on a Cisco network.

Make the call. Here’s your chance to be the referee and make the call. Get on the field, review the play on the big screen, make the call, and see if you got it right.

Go behind-the-scenes in the Cisco Stadium control room. Learn how Cisco’s solutions are enabling high density wireless, providing security solutions to fans and the NFL alike, and making high quality broadcast possible within the stadium, NFL Headquarters in NYC, and in your living room.

Capture this moment forever. Take your photo in the Cisco Stadium locker room and share online with the #CiscoLive community. And, rumor has it that the Lombardi Trophy might make a special appearance.

Explore the Business Evolution Hub.

Thinking about how to deliver better outcomes for your organization? Come meet with Cisco experts who will create a customized journey for you to explore Cisco’s technologies and help you to evolve and innovate on your most pressing priorities.

Want to learn more about a specific solution? We have you covered. Explore more than 100 demos and products in our Technology and Services Areas, which include:

Full-Stack Observability

Full-Stack Observability
Businesses are rapidly evolving towards full-stack observability to manage the complexities of the modern application landscape. In hybrid environments you need visibility across the entire stack: applications, network, infrastructure, and security. Learn how AppDynamics, ThousandEyes, and Intersight can accelerate your digital transformation journey to the cloud and observe what matters. Mark your favorites in the Session Catalog now.

Full-Stack Observability

Hybrid Cloud
Accelerate your business from the data center to the network edge and cloud, with infrastructure built for scale and performance. Cisco Cloud and Data Center offers industry-leading automation, programmability, and real-time visibility for the speed of today’s business. Mark your favorites in the Session Catalog now.

Full-Stack Observability

Industries and Internet of Things
Discover how we're powering a more inclusive future for all, with technologies and solutions that address current operational challenges. Learn how to leverage your network knowledge and utilize the Cisco IoT portfolio to transform the operational space across a wide variety of industrial use cases. Mark your favorites in the Session Catalog now.

Full-Stack Observability

For Cisco, Innovation is at the core of our business. Connect with experts from Meraki, Emerging Technologies and Incubation (ET&I), and Service Provider to explore the latest innovations in smart space analytics and cloud native application security and networking. Plus, learn how to monetize differentiated experiences across your communications network.
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Full-Stack Observability

Connect, secure, and automate your digital business—from user to app—in a cloud-first world. Cisco Networking provides AI-powered automation, control, and trusted-based security to simplify and scale IT operations, deliver unparalleled experiences for users, and help organizations accelerate their digital-first strategy.
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Full-Stack Observability

The ultimate hybrid work experience delivers consistent, secure connectivity and a high-quality experience for users of internet-based and multicloud applications, from anywhere. Whether your organization is big, small, complex, or somewhere in between—learn how SD-WAN, along with Cisco ThousandEyes provide the SASE building blocks to take you to the next level.
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Full-Stack Observability

Cisco Secure powers security resilience, enabling organizations to protect the integrity of their business amidst unpredictable threats or change. With Cisco Secure, organizations see across the multi-env IT, anticipate what's next, take the right action, close security gaps, and get better every day to ensure the success of institutional-wide resilience investments.
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Full-Stack Observability

Software and Services Experts
Gain an edge in today's evolving digital world with Cisco Customer Experience and Software experts. Whether you're looking to automate and simplify today's complexities, transform to address tomorrow's challenges, or innovate for an uncertain future, our industry-leading minds can help achieve exceptional customer experiences while meeting your IT and business goals.
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What is the workplace of the future? Employees desire workplaces that nurture creativity, enable connections, and foster collaboration. To do this, IT, HR, and Real Estate must work as one. See how Webex and Cisco Collaboration Devices support new work styles, make the office a magnet, and deliver exceptional experiences.

Full-Stack Observability

Bringing together innovations around application observability, security, and cloud native platforms to allow organizations to deliver always-on, secure, and exceptional digital experiences.

Simplify IT

Don't let complexity get in the way of delivering great experiences. It’s time to simplify operations from your campus, branches, data centers, and clouds to your SD-WAN, SSE, and SASE journeys. Whether you want to reimagine your workspaces, better manage your collaboration devices, or gain visibility and full-stack observability across experiences, come discover how Cisco helps you simplify IT.


Connect, secure, and automate your digital business—from user to app—in a cloud-first world. Cisco Networking provides AI-powered automation, control, and trust-based security to simplify and scale IT operations, deliver unparalleled experiences for users, and help organizations accelerate their digital-first strategy.


Discover Cisco's security offers, including the latest solutions helping customers achieve security resilience. From solutions that provide secure access anywhere, and network security that raises the bar of performance and connectivity, to providing multi-cloud security, you'll find the solution that aligns with the needs of your organization. Better for users, easier for IT, optimized for developers, and safer for everyone.

Software Simplification

As you accelerate your digital transformation, Cisco provides you with flexibility and choice. Visit the Software Simplification booth to find the perfect fit with our different purchasing and licensing options like our Cisco Enterprise Agreement. Learn more about our software management tools and latest innovations.

Service Provider, Networking, and Industrial IoT Solution Walls

Journey through Cisco’s 150-foot end-to-end blueprint for building the most consistent, secure, and sustainable networks for Service Providers, Enterprises, the Public Sector, and Industrial IoT. Explore how on-prem and cloud delivery models, software virtualization, end-to-end security, cloud management and orchestration, network-wide visibility, and application awareness deliver optimal experiences with your Cisco network.

Play the Showcase Puzzle

We’re taking the Cisco Live Challenge to another level in the Showcase with an interactive puzzle. Discover clues in the mobile app that point you to activities located within the Cisco Showcase. Complete the Showcase activities to reveal puzzle pieces. Put the pieces together and unlock the hidden puzzle image, and earn points toward daily and grand prizes. The Cisco Showcase Puzzle can only be unlocked once during your time at Cisco Live.  

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