There’s no better way to learn about Cisco technologies than by hearing from the people who help develop the products and solutions you use.

Cisco Live speakers aren’t just leaders within Cisco. They’re leaders in their field. Many are respected authors, patent holders, and are members of key governance bodies who help define standards for the entire industry.

It takes hundreds of Cisco speakers to support the 4 days of Cisco Live technical education sessions. Our speakers come from every department and specialisation within Cisco, including:

  • Cisco Development
  • Cisco Services
  • Information Technology
  • Sales

They also boast some very impressive titles:

  • Cisco Fellows
  • Distinguished Engineers
  • Technical Leaders
  • Solutions Architects
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Technical Marketing Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Support Engineers from Technical Services (TAC) and Advanced Services

Distinguished Speaker Program

This awards program is designed to recognise the top speakers across all Cisco Live events.

At each event, the top 10% of speakers are acknowledged as Distinguished Speakers based on attendee session survey scores.

Hall of Fame Elite Speakers

Reserved for our highest performing speakers. These individuals awarded with Hall of Fame Elite have earned Distinguished Speaker 10+ times.

Max Ardica

Frank Brockners

Shelly Cadora

Joe Clark

Frederic Detienne

Denise Fishburne

Fabien Gandola

Paul Giralt

Steven Heinsius

Jerome Henry

Mike Herbert

Craig Hill

Johannes Krohn

Shannon McFarland

Darrin Miller

Rafael Muller

Hakan Nohre

Carlos Pereira

Hank Preston

Matt Swartz

Tim Szigeti

Aaron Woland

Dave Zacks

Hall of Fame Speakers

These individuals awarded with Cisco Live Hall of Fame have earned Distinguished Speaker 5+ times.

  • Javier Contreras Albesa
  • Santiago Alvarez
  • Umair Arshad
  • Salman Asadullah
  • Keith Barker
  • Robert Barton
  • Ben Ng
  • Faisal Chaudhry
  • Paulo Jorge Correia
  • Jason Davis
  • Luc De Ghein
  • Usman Din
  • Hrvoje Dogan
  • Brad Edgeworth
  • Matthias Falkner
  • Luis Flores
  • Jim Florwick
  • Kal Gouda
  • Rue Green
  • David Hanes
  • Mason Harris
  • Darren Henwood
  • Scott Hodgdon
  • Scott Hunt
  • Craig Hyps
  • Justin Jordan
  • Bruno Klauser
  • Michael Kowal
  • Lukas Krattiger
  • Darrel Lewis
  • Jerry Lin
  • David Mallory
  • Tim Martin
  • Tobias Mayer
  • Jeffery McLaughlin
  • Mark Montanez
  • Victor Moreno
  • Scott Morris
  • Bryan Morris
  • Joey Muniz
  • Fred Niehaus
  • Cesar Obediente
  • Stephen Orr
  • Andrew Ossipov
  • Christopher Paggen
  • John Parello
  • Michael Petrinovic
  • Adam Radford
  • Solomon Rajkumar
  • Abel Ramirez
  • Flavien Richard
  • Gonzalo Salgueiro
  • Rolando Salinas
  • Donnie Savage
  • Steve Sfartz
  • Dash Shaw
  • Troy Sherman
  • Ramses Smeyers
  • Josh Suhr
  • Vanessa Sulikowski
  • Matt Tarkington
  • Christopher Van Der Made
  • Shawn Wargo
  • David White
  • Ijsbrand Wijnands
  • Craig Williams
  • Beau Williamson
  • Jay Young
  • Wen Zhang