Beginner or expert? Doesn’t matter. The Cisco DevNet track was built to meet you where you’re at, offering technical sessions that get you started and keep you growing and coding on top of Cisco platforms and technologies. Find technical sessions, hands-on workshops, connect with our experts, share feedback and more.

DevNet Zone

Join the fun and get hands-on with APIs and other developer tools for your favourite Cisco products! Our learning labs, classes, demos, workshops, panels and more empower you to build today's software.

DevNet Zone Hours

Tuesday, 5 December  9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Wednesday, 6 December 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Thursday, 7 December  8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Friday, 8 December 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

What is the DevNet Zone?

We are Cisco’s software developer resource community helping developers and engineers innovate using Cisco technologies and platforms. Come code along with an instructor in our hands-on workshops, meet with our developer advocates, test your knowledge in the Developer Dash, learn about our API quality initiatives and so much more!

The DevNet Zone provides ready-to-use code samples, technical support and community interaction where attendees can give feedback and get hands-on experience with Cisco tools, code and other resources. Our experts will deliver demos, sandboxes, classroom sessions and more.

*** DevNet workshops provide 1 (CE) Cisco Continuing Education Credit each. These sessions fill up quickly and pre-registered attendees are seated first.

Who is it For?

Everyone – Experts welcome but no experience required! You can start from the very basics at the DevNet Zone. From network engineers, software developers, women in tech, beginning coders and more – come see us if you want to learn how Cisco's developer resources can help:

  • Leverage automation and analytics to make services easier to deploy and maintain.

  • Discover open, programmable interfaces to tap into the intelligence of your technology stack.

  • Observe, develop, deploy, and manage applications in the Cloud including microservices.

  • Explore full-stack observability solutions that help you develop and secure today's modern applications.

  • Meet with trusted developer advocates with unique specialisations and focus areas.

  • Try out API Insights and other free tools in our no-risk sandbox and demo environments.

Learning Maps

Find a curated set of onsite sessions with our Learning Maps. Follow the session journey throughout the week to gain a deeper understanding on the specific DevNet topic.

Highlighted Learning Maps

  • Full-Stack Observability
    Cisco's platforms provide opportunities at every layer of IT operations and application deployment for organizations to "see" what is going on with their internal and external applications. Be it from network layer traffic management to security vulnerabilities in the actual code, come see how integrations can be utilized across Cisco's portfolio to truly realize full stack obeservability.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
    The concepts of infrastructure and code can seem diametrically opposed, yet the fundamentals come from a route of repeatability and simplification. In this session, you will learn developer concepts for how you can automate the “sweaty armpit work” in your network.
  • Observability & Beyond
    Find all observability and beyond here! From Cisco’s full-stack observability platform, Calisti, Panoptica to open source solutions and anything else you might need to develop and secure today's modern applications.


Attend technical education sessions to get the latest training and advance your knowledge on topics related to DevNet.

Highlighted Sessions