DevNet Zone

Come learn, play, and get hands-on with APIs in our learning labs, coding classes, workshops, demos, and more.

What is the DevNet Zone?

The DevNet Zone is Cisco’s software developer resource and community brought to you live! We help developers and network engineers innovate using Cisco technologies and platforms.


Dive into the DevNet Zone to learn, code, get inspired, and connect – and discover what you can do with Cisco SDKs and APIs.



Take a coding class, dig into Network Programmability and more! Register for a classroom session, walk up to a demo, attend a panel, or sign up for a hands-on workshop.



Grab an open seat and start coding in our Learning Labs – our experts are standing by to help.



Get inspired in our innovative panel discussions and in our partner, product, and solution demos!



The heart and soul of DevNet is our community. Everyone is here to help, join a community of interest and connect with us on-site.

Who is it for?

Everyone – no experience required! You don’t have to be a developer to come to the DevNet Zone. From network engineers, software developers, women in tech, beginning coders and more – come see us if you want to:

Orchestrate a unified policy across your network

Leverage automation and analytics to make services easier to deploy and maintain

Discover open, programmable interfaces to tap into the intelligence of your network

Create communications-enabled Cloud collaboration or Contact Center solutions

Develop, deploy, and manage microservices applications in the Cloud

Connect, manage, or build Internet of Things applications

Learn about DevNet! From our tools to resources to communities of interest and how to start coding

What Can You Do?

No experience required! Our interactive space allows you to dive straight in and play with APIs and SDKs, along with the help of our experts. Activities include:


Theatre and Classroom Sessions

Join us for a session in the DevNet main theatre to get the big picture of Cisco software platforms and APIs, listen to panel discussions, and hear directly from expert speakers. Then sign up for a classroom session or hands-on workshop to learn more.


Hands-on Workshops

Instructor-led, small group workshops that guide you in a hands-on experience using an API or tool. Each seat has a pre-configured laptop ready to use. Get there early to get a seat, it’s first-come, first-served.


Learning Labs

Grab an open seat and dig into our self-paced, on-demand, step-by-step tutorials covering a wide range of APIs. Our experts are here to answer questions.



Demos are where you can learn and ask your questions directly to the experts about Cisco’s portfolio of APIs and technology. We’ll even be showcasing our working projects on topics such as Design Thinking and DevNet Creations.



We have a lot of fun activities in the works! Stay tuned for details.


“Being a traditional networker, I am curious how digital transformation and infrastructure programmability can make a difference to my job and I don’t have time to sit a full day class. But the 45 minutes sessions the DevNet Zone really help get me started.”

“What’s the best way to start your day at #CLEUR? It’s REST and Cisco APIs in DevNet Zone, there is so much to learn and discover what is possible.”

“The design thinking workshop and panel was a great way to get started. Can’t wait to take what I learned back to my team and to use it as a framework to help our teams work together.”