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June 18, 2020

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The IT landscape is evolving, and the technology skills needed to support the future of business are changing fast. The Technical Education program at Cisco Live focuses on those areas critical to today's IT professional, at all skill levels. It's where the best and brightest minds come to learn.


Sessions are organized into technology tracks to make it easy to find the topics that interest you most. You can pick and choose from sessions in multiple tracks to focus on the specific areas that matter most to you:



Data Center

Enterprise Networks

Internet of Things



Service Provider


All technical sessions offered to Digital Full Conference participants on February 10-11 focus on the latest technologies, architecture strategies, design principles, best practices, applications and troubleshooting tactics for a particular Cisco product, solution or technology. With a wide variety of sessions ranging from Introductory to Advanced skill levels, you will find the right fit for your training needs and level of experience.


At Cisco Live EMEAR 2021 there are three distinct session types that differ by length and delivery method:


45 minutes live sessions focusing on a specific topic. The Breakout sessions are the equivalent of a 90 minutes or 2 hours breakout offered at in-person Cisco Live events.



Pre-recorded sessions, comprised of three blocks of 45 minutes and covering broader topic areas. The sessions will have live Q&A with speakers.



Live sessions with Q&A, comprised of three blocks of 45 minutes and covering broader topic areas.



Hands-On Labs provide an exclusive opportunity for our Digital Full Conference pass holders to one-of-a kind hands-on experience on a variety of products and solutions from Cisco. Hands-On Labs will be offered virtually via Webex the week following the event (February 15-19, 2021).

You'll have the chance to:

  • Receive live instructor-led lecture from Cisco Experts
  • Work hands-on through pre-designed scenarios that show you firsthand how these technologies can transform your business
  • Explore full configurations and new features, so you can make informed recommendations on which solutions are right for your workplace
  • Discuss, learn and discover troubleshooting methodologies and best practices
  • Have access to lab proctors to answer questions and support the lab experience

A Digital Full Conference pass is required to register for Hands-On Labs. Registration for Hands-On Labs is required and opens on December 2.

Hands-On Labs are limited to one per paying participant and subject to availability. They are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Software requirements are listed in the lab details under the Lab abstract. In order to have a successful lab experience, be sure to have met all software requirements. Hands-on Labs will be eligible for Continuing Education credits.



Meet the Engineer meetings provide an exclusive opportunity for Digital Full Conference pass holders to engage with a Cisco Engineer in a 1:1 conversation focused on your unique questions and challenges. Cisco engineers and experts will be available to meet virtually via Webex the week following the event (February 15-19, 2021).

The Meet the Engineer program is a great way to complement your training with a personalized discussion with a Cisco engineer, distinguished engineer or senior development engineer. You set the agenda for the conversation.

Topics can include:

  • Product and project validation: Are we using the right solutions and technologies to meet our goals, and are we using the best approach?
  • Solution design and deployment: What is the best way to capitalize on available technologies?
  • Strategy: How does my vision align with what others are doing in the industry?
  • Troubleshooting: What solutions or tactics can I use to address a specific problem?

Digital Full Conference pass is required to access the Meet the Engineer Scheduler and book a 1:1 meeting starting December 2. Each meeting request is subject to availability and is considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Learn new technologies, obtain hands-on experience and challenge yourself on a variety of Cisco products and solutions by playing the exciting game Capture the Flag (CTF), which involves solving interesting challenges. There will be CTFs for multiple technology tracks you can pick and choose from.

On February 10-19, Teaser CTF will be available to both Digital Explorer and Digital Full Conference participants. In addition, our Digital Full Conference participants will be able to experience the complete game. Registration for CTF opens in January 2021.

Enterprise Networking CTF: SD Access, SD WAN, Network Assurance and Automation, DNA Spaces, BYoD, Thousand Eyes and more.

Security CTF: Red Team and Blue Team Missions using both Open Source and Cisco Toolset. Involves hacking networks, endpoints, network and endpoint forensics, open source intelligence and more.

Data Center Networking CTF: ACI Anywhere, Day 2 Operations using Network Assurance and Insights Suite, Cisco Intersight and more.

Meraki CTF: Using Cisco Meraki Dashboard, implementing & interpreting - Wi-fi 6, Security & Routing, SD-WAN configurations, leveraging API resources and more.

Devnet CTF: Variety of Cisco API based missions.

Some of the content will be subject to availability. They are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. The software requirements will be listed on the CTF website once it opens in January. In order to have a successful CTF experience, be sure to have met all software requirements.


Join us on February 9-11 for a fully digital experience from the comfort of your home.

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