Premium education sessions provide an opportunity to engage with Cisco instructors in small group settings. You’ll dive deep to gain a greater understanding into specific topics and get answers to your questions.

Onsite premium education sessions include Instructor-Led Labs and Technical Seminars. Or, learn more about Connected Learning, a digital opportunity, taking place globally June 20 through June 30. All sessions are priced in addition to your conference pass.

Labs & Seminars

Use Learning credits to add Labs & Seminars to your Cisco Live pass, and earn Continuing Education credits. Seating is limited

Instructor-Led Labs

Instructor-Led Labs are hands-on learning at its finest. Cisco instructors walk you through a simulated exercise to give a deeper understanding for installing and troubleshooting network technologies. 80+ labs will take place throughout the week at Mandalay Bay and Luxor. Labs are four hours in length and are priced in addition to your conference fee. A lab costs $695 (8 Learning Credits).

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Technical Seminars

These comprehensive, classroom-style seminars give you a chance to kickstart your Cisco Live week. They take place on Sunday, June 12 at the Mandalay Bay. Seminars dive deep into a specific technology, design principle, or best practice, and complement their corresponding technology breakout sessions. Seminars are priced in addition to your conference fee. A 4-hour seminar costs $595 (6 Learning Credits).

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Connected Learning (June 20-30)

Add this digital learning opportunity to your conference pass to schedule your Connected Learning sessions today. Seating is limited.

Meet with Cisco experts from June 20-30 with this extended learning opportunity. These digital sessions offer in-depth training on specific topics, hosted on Webex.

Connected Learning registration includes one Meet the Engineer meeting, one Hands-On Lab, and one DevNet Workshop. Plus, unlimited access to Capture the Flag missions. You must hold an in-person or digital conference pass to register. Registration is in addition to your conference pass and is $295 (3 Learning Credits).

Please note: All Connected Learning sessions are subject to availability and are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Digital Meet the Engineer

Connect one-on-one with a Cisco engineer for 45 minutes to discuss your unique topics, questions, and challenges. Our engineers will be ready to address a variety of topics from product validation to solution design or troubleshooting to strategy. Registrants will need to sign up for a specific topic, date, and time based on speaker availability.

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Digital Hands-On Labs

These online Hands-On Labs provide an exclusive opportunity to walk through predesigned scenarios with Cisco experts. You’ll explore full configurations and new features to show you firsthand how these technologies can transform your business. Hands-on Labs are 3-4 hours, and are eligible for Continuing Education credits.

Digital DevNet Workshops (June 27-30)

Join a DevNet workshop to learn more about the newest Cisco APIs platforms, tools, and topics. DevNet workshopsare eligible for Continuing Education credits, and will be offered June 27-30.

Digital Capture the Flag

Learn new technologies, obtain hands-on experience, and challenge yourself on a variety of Cisco products and solutions by solving real lab challenges in the Capture the Flag (CTF) game. Earn points and compete on the leaderboard with other players. Unlimited participation for Digital pass holders. Unlimited access for Connected Learning registrants.

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