How can you embrace the world of hybrid work? Where everyone feels included no matter where they work from, employee well-being is enhanced, and every customer interaction remarkable? Come see how the Webex platform is elevating hybrid work and transforming customer experiences – with a comprehensive set of tools and the flexibility to serve your needs today and in the future.

Labs & Seminars

These premium education sessions expand on content from technical breakout sessions. Cisco experts go in-depth on topics, so you leave these sessions knowing how to configure, troubleshoot, and address your own issues back at the office. Sessions are priced in addition to your conference fee. Once you have decided on a training session, you can purchase through our registration portal.

Learning Maps

Find a curated set of onsite and on-demand sessions with our Learning Maps. Follow the session journey throughout the week to gain a deeper understanding on the specific Collaboration topic. 

Highlighted Learning Maps:

  • Cisco Contact Center 
    Learn about Webex Contact Center and the transitioning from premise contact center to the cloud. Understand how digital channels, customer interaction automation and APIs can be used to optimize the customer experience for both Cloud and premise solutions.
  • Calling Design, Troubleshooting and Endpoints 
    Learn about cloud and hybrid calling design and troubleshooting, calling endpoints for those seeking to use cloud calling or migrating from an existing on-premise environment.
  • Collaboration Infrastructure and Security 
    Learn about core collaboration technical concepts, privacy, security, identity for beginners and experts alike, discussing concepts, provisioning and zero trust models for anyone who is looking for a better understanding of Collaboration concepts.
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