Beginner or expert? Doesn’t matter.  The Cisco developer track was built to meet you where you’re at, offering technical sessions that get you started and keep you growing and coding on top of Cisco platforms and technologist.  Find technical sessions, hands-on workshops, connect with our experts and more.

DevNet Zone

Join the fun and get hands-on with APIs for your favorite Cisco products! Our learning labs, classes, demos, workshops, panels and more showcase how easily you can put the power of software to work for you.

DevNet Zone Hours

Monday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Wednesday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Thursday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

What is the DevNet Zone?

We are Cisco’s software developer resource community helping developers and network engineers innovate using Cisco technologies and platforms. Come code along with an instructor in our hands-on workshops, play the Robot Challenge, test your knowledge in the Developer Dash, and much more!

Automate Infrastructure with DevNet
Take a DevNet session and get hands-on.

Build Applications with DevNet
Start basic to advanced coding in our workshops and self-paced learning lab.

New this year seating in the DevNet workshops, classrooms, and theater is pre-registered attendees are seated first.

For workshop and classrooms, please bring your own 3.5mm aux connector headphones to hear the presenter or pick up a pair of headphones at the DevNet Command Center.

Don't forget by attending a DevNet workshop, you will be eligible to earn Cisco Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

Who is it For?

Everyone – Experts welcome but no experience required! You can start from the very basics at the DevNet Zone. From network engineers, software developers, women in tech, beginning coders and more – come see us if you want to learn how APIs can help:

  • Leverage automation and analytics to make services easier to deploy and maintain

  • Discover open, programmable interfaces to tap into the intelligence of your network

  • Develop, deploy, and manage microservices applications in the Cloud

  • Connect, manage, or build Internet of Things applications

  • Meet with trusted developer advocates with unique specializations and focus areas.

  • Explore 18+ open APIs and integration points to maximize the security of your integrations

Learning Maps

Find a curated set of onsite sessions with our Learning Maps. Follow the session journey throughout the week to gain a deeper understanding on the specific DevNet topic.

Highlighted Learning Map:

  • Bringing DevOps to Life 
    DevOps is both a mindset and a process, which we translate into practical things like job titles and automation. Learn how to turn the idea of the “art of the possible” in DevOps into a reality.
  • Dev + Sec + Ops = Success 
    Security is a core tenet in everything we do in technology. Your business becomes vulnerable if it’s not secured. Learn how to gain success with security programs through every part of your technology process (for organizations of all sizes and industries).
  • Getting Started with Cloud Native 
    Break free from the trap of on-prem-only. In this path you will learn to leverage cloud-native tools and methodologies to better develop and support your micro-service and multi-cloud applications.
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