The Service Provider track will include business and technical presentations with hands-on labs to help you grow revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate security in the face of ever-increasing competition.

Labs & Seminars

These premium education sessions expand on content from technical breakout sessions. Cisco experts go in-depth on topics, so you leave these sessions knowing how to configure, troubleshoot, and address your own issues back at the office. Sessions are priced in addition to your conference fee. Once you have decided on a training session, you can purchase through our registration portal.

Learning Maps

Find a curated set of onsite sessions with our Learning Maps. Follow the session journey throughout the week to gain a deeper understanding on the specific Service Provider topic. 

Highlighted Learning Maps:

  • Converged SDN Transport Architecture 
    Learn about a Converged SDN Transport Architecture which allows you to evolve to a unified underlay protocol and service with Segment Routing (SR) and Ethernet Virtual Private Networking (EVPN). Converge wireline and wireless services onto common network elements for resource efficient, software-defined network slicing with scalable traffic engineering, a simplified protocol stack, and low-latency resiliency.
  • 5G - Service Provider Deployment Considerations 
    Learn about the new capabilities and flexibility 5G brings to Service Provider mobile network deployments, including practical design and security considerations.
  • Private 5G Enablers, Use Cases and Implementation 
    Learn how 5G provides solutions to enterprise business problems - including business relevant standard capabilities, use cases, Cisco's approach to Private 5G and integration with existing enterprise networks, as well as deployment and security considerations, and deployment examples.
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