Celebrate your status as a Cisco Live customer or partner at our annual appreciation event. Join us on Wednesday evening for a spectacular celebration including food, drinks, live music, and performances.

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Get Ready to Take the Cisco Live Challenge

Did you know? Cisco Live has a game!

Compete against your peers and make Cisco Live 2023 a game! Anyone can compete in the Cisco Live Challenge by remembering to scan in at sessions and complete their session surveys within the mobile app. For more serious competitors, check out all the ways to earn points and unlock exclusive Cisco prizes and experiences.

How to earn points and compete in the Cisco Live Challenge:

  • Attend activities in the World of Solutions 
  • Network with your peers
  • Visit the Cisco Live Store 
  • Watch demos and learn new skills 
  • Get social and post photos to social media 
  • Find and scan Cisco Live QR codes 
  • Collect Cisco Live Digital Tokens
  • Drive social impact at Cisco Live and complete hands-on activities in the Social Impact Zone

Points can earn you leaderboard status, bragging rights, and Cisco daily and grand prizes. Winners will take home prizes ranging from exclusive Cisco swag to a complimentary Cisco Live 2024 registration pass.

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy is changing lives. More than just IT skills training, Networking Academy aims to empower people through the power of technology, education, and career opportunities. Cisco Networking Academy has educated 17.5 million students in over 190 countries, helping them develop in-demand skills in networking, cybersecurity, IoT, and programming, and connecting them to top-quality employment opportunities through the Talent Bridge program.

Learn more about the Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy Dream Team

Every year at Cisco Live, a team of Cisco Networking Academy students from across the United States and Canada are chosen to work alongside engineers to help set up the NOC (Network Operations Center) at the event, maintain the network, and respond to support needs. The Dream Team is a diverse representation of the future workforce, including college students, military veterans, and career changers looking to expand their IT knowledge and demonstrate their skills in a fast-paced, real-world environment.

Learn more about the Dream Team

Social Media Hub and Contests

Check the leaderboard status, learn about contests and prizes, and connect with your social media peers. Check out Arrival and Departure Tweet Up times.

Participate in Social Media and Contests

Sustainability and the Social Impact Zone

Cisco has set long-term goals to address the environmental impact of our products and business operations. Learn about Cisco’s commitment to sustainability in the Cisco Live keynote and sessions, as well as meaningful activations and Showcase experiences. 

Get involved at Cisco Live and help drive change in the Social Impact Zone. Participate in hands-on activities that demonstrate Cisco Live’s commitment to Zero Waste and environmental sustainability.

Learn more about Sustainability at Cisco Live