Cisco IoT helps organizations successfully connect the assets they care about most — everything from manufacturing robots and utility substations to roadways and the buses that run on them. Come and see how the end-to-end architecture connects and manages devices, governs data access and movement to applications with unprecedented scale, reliability, and security.


Find Technical Education sessions on the latest Internet of Things (IoT) topics.

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Labs and Seminars

These Premium Education sessions offer in-depth training with Cisco experts to accelerate your technical knowledge on specific topics. The sessions can be added to any in-person Cisco Live package. Instructor-led Labs take place throughout the week and all Technical Seminars take place on Sunday, June 4. Log in to the Attendee Resource Center to purchase.

Highlighted Labs and Seminars

Learning Maps

Find a curated set of onsite sessions with our Learning Maps. Follow the session journey throughout the week to gain a deeper understanding on the specific IoT topic. 

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