Vertical Summits

The Vertical Summits offer a unique opportunity for networking with leaders and experts in Cybersecurity, Education, Finance, Governnent, Healthcare, Industrial and Service Providers. These events are designed vertically to showcase specific trends and solutions of digital transformation for each business.

Cisco Live is a unique destination for education and training for IT professionals who are living in a rapid transition to cover spaces between the Technology Operations and Business Lines worldwide and multiple industries and business segments.

The objective of the Vertical Summits is to present business challenges faced by vertical under the premise that the Digital Transformation is the key to the success of each of these businesses.

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The verticals covered in these sessions are:

  • Cybersecurity Summit
    In this Summit we will address issues that will allow you to establish improvements in the cybersecurity strategy.
  • Financial Services - Retail Banking Summit
    How does the Financial Services industry work in the digital age? But above all, how to be part of it and how to lead it? These will be the topics of the agenda that we will present this year in this Summit.
  • Government Summit
    Digital Services for New Forms of Government. Join us to learn about how the creation of intelligent platforms, social and analytical connectivity strategies in a secure environment, will decisively contribute to the consolidation of a solvent, inclusive and transparent government.
  • Industrial Summit
    At this Summit we will take a closer look at the new wave, Industry 4.0; Term coined to name all technologies and concepts related to industrial organizations and their value chains.
  • Service Providers Forum
    An excellent opportunity to learn, connect and be inspired, join us to learn how Cisco is empowering the SP to help capitalize on opportunities in a digital world by transforming the business, the customer experience, and the architecture.

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