Vertical Summits

Digital disruption has permeated all industries. Today the market is made up of companies that were born being digital and those that are adapting to remain competitive and maintain their leadership. Under this scoop, Cisco presents a series of industry-focused sessions to identify the challenges and opportunities of companies in a digital era.

Cisco has developed the space to present at the hands of the experts and leaders of the industries of the Financial Sector, Retail, Manufacturing, Mining, Government, Energy, Education and Health, trends and technologies such as Cybersecurity that are paving the way to create new business models, as well as new ways of serving internal and external customers.

Stay updated, learn about the success stories of other companies that are now a reference in your industry, grow your networking and start or adapt your technology strategy to take your company one step ahead of your competition.

We have prepared special agendas to share with you the accumulated experience of Cisco in the different industries for more than five years of presence in Latin America.

Please check back for updates.

The verticals covered in these sessions are:

  • Cybersecurity Summit
    Join your peers at the Cybersecurity Summit at Cisco Live Cancun and discover how you make cybersecurity possible.
  • Education Summit
    Better experiences and agility in the management of educational institutions. The adoption of new technologies is essential to grow at the pace of digitalization and the new educational models that society demands today.
  • Financial Services & Retail Summit
    The opportunity to continue the digital transformation for the new consumer. The new scopes and demands of the clients in the Financial and Retail Sector are getting bigger. How to be prepared to respond to them quickly and thus stay one step ahead of the competition?
  • Government Summit
    The Public Sector as a vehicle of technological transition. Enabling the substantive and adjective functions of good governance through the use of technology and creating environments that foster better living conditions for the inhabitants of the region.
  • Healthcare Summit
    How to continue the journey of digitalization with the adoption of new technologies? Today's technologies help provide better medical care and lay the foundation for the health of the future.
  • Manufacturing Summit
    Manufacturing 4.0 and Industrial Transformation. Discover how technology is leveraging the evolution and disruption of the industrial sector in Latin America, generating strategic and competitive values ​​never seen before..
  • Service Providers Forum
    An excellent opportunity to learn, connect and be inspired, join us to learn how Cisco is empowering the SP to help capitalize on opportunities in a digital world by transforming the business, the customer experience, and the architecture.

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