• Industry Summits

    The Industry Summits offer a unique opportunity for networking with leaders and experts in Public Sector, Education, Manufacturing and Finance. These events are designed vertically to showcase specific trends and solutions of digital transformation for each business.

    Cisco Live is a unique destination for education and training for IT professionals who are living ina rapid transition to cover spaces between the Technology Operations and Business Linesworldwide and multiple industries and business segments.

    The objective of the Industry Summits is to present business challenges faced by vertical underthe premise that the Digital Transformation is the key to the success of each of these businesses.


    The verticals covered in these sessions are:


    • Financial Services Summit (Retail & Banking)
      This event was designed to promptly meet the Digital Transformation in working spaces both mobile and virtual & Customer Experience.
    • Government Summit
      The agenda of this Summit was designed with the premise of Digital Transformation in Local
      and Federal governments, Cibersecurity and Cloud Models for governments.
    • Higher Education Summit
      The agenda of this Summit is founded on the premise of innovation in Digital Transformation
      and under three pillars: Digital Campus, Cybersecurity and Connectivity coverage.
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