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BRKDCT-1890 - Network visibility using advanced Analytics in Nexus switches (2016 Las Vegas) Learn how to get the most visibility from your Nexus-based network with new monitoring capabilities and advanced enhancements to traditional features like SPAN, ERSPAN and NetFlow. We will delve deeper into platform specific features like ERSPAN, Virtual SPAN to leverage multi destination SPAN, SPAN filters, In-Band SPAN, Extended SPAN/ERSPAN, Rule based SPAN, SPAN with MTU truncation, SPAN rate limiting, Exception SPAN on Nexus 7000 & Microburst monitoring, latency monitoring, line rate SPAN, SPAN on drop, SPAN on latency, buffer usage histogram etc. in Nexus 5000/6000. NetFlow and its unique aspects on Nexus switches will be discussed as well. These features help you understand the network and the applications running on the network better, and quickly pinpoint trouble spots in the network. We will go over what each feature is capable of, what proper real world use cases are, proper configurations, how to interpret the outputs and use the data collected. This session will focus on analytics and monitoring. It will not focus on other management aspects like SNMP, Syslog, RMON etc.
ITMGEN-4304 - World Class Operations (2016 Las Vegas) How Cisco IT Operations has transformed into a dynamic organization and how this work was essential to our transformation to a services organization.
BRKCCT-1041 - Contact Center Enterprise Solutions SSO Overview, Design, Deployment and CSDL introduction (2016 Las Vegas) Presentation will cover current CSDL activities and the CCE Security Guide and give an overview of the newly developed Single Sign On (SSO) feature with Contact Center Enterprise. The intent is to start a discussion and feedback session in order to raise awareness and improve the security around the deployment of the CCE solution and SSO feature. This presentation will cover the CCE solution, including other components such as CVP and Finesse. This will not go too deep on each product due to the time limit and scope of the topic. Security is a large aspect of any product or solution and we will do our best effort to introduce the BU's plans within the CCE solution.
BRKCRT-1602 - CCNA Data Center (2016 Las Vegas) This two hour Technical Breakout session will prepare participants to attempt the CCNA Data Center exam, or the 640-911 and 640-916 exams. This is a session that addresses the technologies and concepts emphasized in the CCNA Data Center track. This session is also targeted for those candidates who have not taken a Cisco exam previously. We will be reviewing exam topics for the two exams. Specifically, we will be concentrating on information that is unique to the CCNA Data Center track vs the CCNA track in general. This session will show the various types of questions that could appear on the exam. Strategies and best practices for taking the exam will also be discussed.
BRKCRS-2115 - Is your campus ready for IOT? (2016 Las Vegas) Enterprise IoT is an emerging area of Digitization for customers to lower their operational costs through incremental energy savings, increased utilization of assets and physical space, improve employee retention and gain access to meaningful analytical data to improve operational efficiency The goal of this session is to give network builders and operators an overview of the drivers, opportunity, technologies and modifications necessary to incorporate OT related technology into the network environment The session will cover existing and new innovative technologies supporting IoT as well as the business and technical benefits that can be derived from their use. It is recommended that those attending have at least some knowledge of campus design and the relevant campus deployment strategies.
ITMGEN-4302 - The Value of a Collaboration Strategy to Enable Digitization (2016 Las Vegas) Today�s business landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate of change and it represents both challenges and opportunities. Digitization is at the core of positioning companies for speed thru simplification, automation and actionable insights.� At the core of digitization is collaboration, which is a key enabler.�
BRKCCT-1006 - Deliver Omnichannel Customer Care With Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (2016 Las Vegas) This session presents an overview of the omnichannel customer care capabilities that are built-in to Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, with specific attention for new CCE features such as the Email and Web Manager, that provides out of the box email and chat handling, the� Universal Queue APIs that will allow CCE to route and report on arbitrary items from 3rd party applications. This session will also cover how the Context Service can be used to provide true omnichannel customer and agent experiences over different channels.Omnichannel customer experience has become a fundamental requirement to be successful in customer care. At Cisco Live US 2016, we bring you four sessions on omnichannel customer care; BRKCCT-1006 "Deliver Omnichannel Customer Care With Cisco Contact Center Enterprise� PSOCCT-1008 "Digital Customer Care - Preparing for the Customer Care 2.0� BRKCCT-1005 "Context Service: cloud-based omnichannel solution for Contact Center Enterprise and Express� BRKCCT-2080 "Deliver Omnichannel Customer Experience with Mobile/Digital channels - Remote Expert Mobile Join the Cisco Spark Room for this session. Questions? Visit the Cisco Spark Demo within the Collaboration Booth in World of Solutions. �
BRKCOL-2803 - Designing and deploying multiparty conferencing for telepresence video (2016 Las Vegas) Cisco has a strategy that enables comprehensive multiparty conferencing to any user on any device with a consistent user experience in a rich collaboration environment. This session is intended for Cisco partners and customers who want to understand the key multiparty infrastructure products within the Cisco video architecture. By attending this session you will learn how to design a Cisco's recommended multipoint architecture and understand the components and features of this solution. The discussion will start by introducing the products, and later focus on how to design and implement them into common architectures based on specific scenarios while identifying best practices and design considerations. This session will focus on the Acano Server, Cisco TelePresence Server, both hardware and software platforms, the Cisco TelePresence Conductor, integration into the Cisco Unified Communication Manager, CMR on premise, TMS enhancement related to Conductor and Webex integration. This session will not focus or go into depth on CMR Cloud or CMR Hybrid.Join the Cisco Spark Room for this session. Questions? Visit the Cisco Spark Demo within the Collaboration Booth in World of Solutions.
PCSSOL-2018 - Introducing Raritan Flex Config and Zero Touch Deployment, the easiest way to leverage your PDU infrastructure (2016 Las Vegas) Because today�s data center managers need a simple solution to remotely configure and manage their infrastructure, Raritan PDU�s open API allows an easy and flexible configuration, automation and deployment. This fast-paced introduction to Raritan�s advanced functionalities will give you an overview of how to develop specific software applications, push updates and rapidly deploy your new infrastructure to its maximum capabilities, allowing your operation to grow and be flexible over time, while ensuring performance.
ITMGEN-4225 - Inspiring Leadership: Tapping into the Power of Culture (2016 Las Vegas) Great leaders have the ability to transform teams and push the boundaries of what we think is possible. Inspiring leaders go one step further and also choose to invest in culture. Join Lance Perry, VP of IT, as he shares why focusing on culture has had a direct impact on his own leadership journey. Hear about leadership successes, and failures, and the benefits of embracing a diverse and multi-generational workforce.
ITMGEN-4207 - Insightful Data (2016 Las Vegas) Organizations across a range of industries are striving to become digital enterprises. Yet many are struggling with today�s hyper distributed environments. Four of the top 10 incumbents in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next 5 years. In response to these challenges, companies who invest in analytics as part of their IT strategy will accelerate their digital transformation. The ability to quickly pull data from everywhere for real-time insights and engage people in context will define value. According to IDC, by 2020, organizations able to analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information will achieve an extra $430 billion in productivity benefits over their less analytically oriented peers. In this session, Mike Flannagan, Vice President of Cisco Data & Analytics, will showcase how industry leaders are benefiting from deploying this strategy.��
BRKCOC-1330 - Inside Cisco IT: The Next Generation Network (2016 Las Vegas) Today, the demand for enterprise networking extends well outside conventional borders of enterprise networks. The identity is becoming the new corporate perimeter, the network data - the big data, internet is becoming the internet of things and everything, the device proliferation is exploding, the work is becoming a not a location, but a human function, the client server architecture is transitioning from client - server model to increasingly mobile and cloud based paradigm, the video is becoming part of the baseline productivity tool - essentially becoming the new audio. In the next 2-3 years, the role and the importance of the virtual (extended) network and its relevance to the end-to-end IT service delivery will become a strategic business differentiator. However, the network architectures have not been changed significantly for the last 20 years. That creates an inflection point between the network architectures and the requirements of the new business realities and calls for increased importance of the new network architectures. We believe Cisco IT is addressing possible answers to these challenges and our blueprint provides Cisco enterprise with an intelligent network fabric architecture connecting anyone, anywhere, from any device, to any application or service with excellent user experience, reliably, securely, and seamlessly.
PSODGT-1006 - The New Wave of Mobility: Acquiring and Engaging New Customers with Behavioral Analytics (2016 Las Vegas) Today, the network is becoming increasingly important to enable new business services and outcomes�for your organization. �As companies continue to digitize, there is a growing appetite to deliver personal�and timely information to the devices and people connected to the network. �This means that the�network must evolve to be more than a connection point. Learn how leading companies are unlocking the power of the modern network to acquire and engage customers in new ways. �Join this�session to see how you can deliver new interactive experiences through mobile applications and behavioral analytics�powered�by the network. �In this session, hear how�Intercontinental�Hotel Group (IHG) is leveraging their existing network infrastructure,�integrated with a Cisco software platform�to deliver highly contextual and personalized information to�their customers.
BRKCOL-2455 - How to Use the SIP Normalization Features of Unified CM and CUBE (2016 Las Vegas) Most modern communications systems use SIP in their operations or to interconnect with other systems; unfortunately, not all SIP implementations are the same. These incompatibilities can bring projects to a halt while trying to figure out how to overcome the situation. When faced with these issues, the SIP Normalization and Transparency Features of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and of Cisco Unified Border Element provide tools for the administrator to deal with incompatibilities caused by SIP messaging mismatches. This session will review some SIP basics and SIP header terminology before introducing the SIP Normalization Feature used by Unified CM and CUBE. We'll look at how to set up SIP Normalization Features, how some simple scripting makes this feature so powerful, discuss the kinds of information you'll need before writing a script, and cover scripting basics. We will also look at SIP Transparency as a means to provide interoperability with SIP headers being passed between systems. During this session we will look at when to use Unified CM and when to use CUBE, and, finally, we'll show some real-world examples of SIP Normalization Scripts used to solve interoperability issues.Join the Cisco Spark Room for this session. Questions? Visit the Cisco Spark Demo within the Collaboration Booth in World of Solutions.
BRKCOL-2334 - Simplify the deployment and management of collaboration services with Cisco Prime Collaboration. (2016 Las Vegas) Cisco Prime Collaboration removes management complexity and provides automated, accelerated provisioning, real-time monitoring, proactive troubleshooting, and long-term trending and analytics. The solution delivers a premier operations experience through an intuitive user interface and optimized operator methodology, including automated workflows that ease implementation and ongoing administration. This session will focus on Prime Collaboration Assurance & Analytics and new features introduced in Release 11.5.Join the Cisco Spark Room for this session. Questions? Visit the Cisco Spark Demo within the Collaboration Booth in World of Solutions.
DEVNET-2042 - Devnet Workshop - Data Developer Networking (2016 Las Vegas) Please Note: By registering for this session, it does not guarantee you a seat. Seating is available on a first come first seated basis. This workshop will provide an introduction to data analytics platform, the unique characteristics of network data, and how the platform stores and processes network data for certain network applications. It will provide some hands-on experiences so that participants will be able to learn about the platform features and how to code and use analytics tools to perform simple tasks on network data. Taking place in the DevNet Zone.
DEVNET-1005 - Getting Started with OpenStack (2016 Las Vegas) Please Note: By registering for this session, it does not guarantee you a seat. Seating is available on a first come first seated basis. Hearing a lot about OpenStack and want to check it out for yourself? See how quick and easy it is to install and start using OpenStack using containers running within a VM on your own laptop. Acquaint yourself with the environment. Learn your way around Horizon (GUI) and the CLI to view and operate an OpenStack cloud, both from the perspective of a cloud administrator and as a tenant/user of the cloud. See how to automate typical workflows such as deploying a new multi-tier application. Best of all, take what you learn with you and experiment on your own to discover all OpenStack offers you.� Taking place in the DevNet Zone.
PSOCOL-2404 - Cisco Spark and the Cisco Collaboration Cloud (2016 Las Vegas) Today's collaborators - "agile workers" - are transforming the enterprise. They are creating and sharing ideas and content rapidly, and interacting with colleagues inside and outside their organization from anywhere. And they work at their own pace and want to use the devices of their choice. This worker and his/her team exist in organizations of all sizes: startups, small/medium companies, larger enterprise departments, and in between. Cisco has carefully analyzed what is happening in the collaboration space today and is aware of what end users and IT are looking for in order for both to be satisfied and achieve greater business outcomes. Learn how the new Cisco Spark service can be used by your agile workers to make teamwork so much simpler, and how this service fits into your existing IT requirements through a differentiated cloud architecture.Join the Cisco Spark Room for this session. Questions? Visit the Cisco Spark Demo within the Collaboration Booth in World of Solutions.
BRKCOC-3001 - Inside Cisco IT: Automating ITIL Configuration Management for OpenStack (2016 Las Vegas) In the traditional, non-virtual datacenter, enterprises have evolved ITIL systems such as CMDB and DNS to manage their infrastructure. However, with OpenStack, there is no automatic method to integrate the VM creation with these features. This presentation will provide a detailed, in depth engineering analysis of the design we are developing to automatically update DNS and CMDB when a VM is created. Conversely, we'll automatically remove the CMDB record and DNS record when the VM is destroyed. These methods will be automatic and will not impact the creation or deletion of the VM; nor will they change the API calls to create/destroy VMs in OpenStack.
CISSOL-1094 - Improve Business Operations Efficiency (2016 Las Vegas) In the era of digital business, Cisco is helping customers accelerate time to business outcomes with digital solutions and is adding a new digital capability focused on business operations to complement previously announced workforce experience, customer experience, and digital ceiling. As technology advances are changing the way businesses differentiate themselves, business operations focus on maximizing value from all assets within and outside of the company in order to create business advantage. New data is coming from within and outside of the enterprise, and this creates an opportunity for enterprises to create a competitive advantage, because if they don�t, competitors will. Customers are challenged to obtain access to all data, be able to understand that data, and turn it into business insights that will drive business decisions. To help customers alleviate these challenges, Cisco is providing a data optimization solution that will enable customers to connect to all data securely, collect and aggregate that data, and prepare and analyze it, regardless of location or type, in order to create new insights that will drive new business value.
PCSTHT-2014 - Will Cloud and ACI Kill Packet Analysis? (2016 Las Vegas) Whether troubleshooting complex applications on premise or in the cloud, network team success hinges on visibility, insight, and successful cooperation with other IT teams. Learn strategies for effectively reducing troubleshooting time, improving resolution accuracy, and eliminating repeat performance problems in a panel discussion with network and IT experts from enterprise giants All State Insurance, US Bank, and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota, and ACI Worldwide.
BRKARC-2814 - Enterprise Network Trends & Implications (2016 Las Vegas) This breakout session examines enterprise trends and makes planning suggestions to prepare for change. The session will walk through a selection of high-impact enterprise application, software, use-case and technology changes & trends that may change your network planning. For example, Enterprise IoT Digital Ceiling and Digital Asset policy, what might be the implications for your role in network planning and deployment? Each trend is accompanied by planning suggestions. These ideas will help us prepare for change. The breakout is focused on the trends and how to begin planning for change. Therefor, it is not a deep technical explanation of each trend or the technologies behind each trend.
CISSOL-1062 - Enterprise NFV: Deploy Network Services in Minutes on Any Platform (2016 Las Vegas) Cisco Enterprise NFV enables IT to deploy network services in minutes on any platform. Cisco Enterprise NFV gives you the freedom to choose, so that it is now simple and easy to design, provision, and manage the trusted services that are critical to your business.
BRKARC-2019 - Operating an ASR1000 (2016 Las Vegas) The Cisco ASR1000 Series Routing platform running IOS XE has by now been deployed by the vast majority of our customer base. This session focuses more on the operational aspects of deploying an ASR 1000, including operation simplification and automation, provides details on the critical system resources monitoring, as well as the best practices to ensure secure and reliable operation experiences.
BRKVIR-2931 - End-to-End Application-Centric Data Center (2016 Las Vegas) Although automation and virtualization have been of important use at Data Centers for resource optimization, the evolution of how applications are built nowadays demand for a new application-centric approach, mainly due to the current mobile-cloud application development reality; the fast growingBigData way" of building scale-out applications and the upcoming Internet of Everything effect. Because applications' outcome and associated data are the ultimate asset that - altogether with the network - touches multiple layers within the Data Center, an application-centric approach to its infrastructure is what's really needed, even further as almost all Data Centers do run legacy, traditional and cutting edge applications side-by-side, each of them with distinct infrastructure requirements. This session will cover Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI), its elements and how it actually works. However, this session will approach this by inviting you to aend-to-end journey" inside an Application Centric environment. This ACI environment will be a full policy-based forwarding infrastructure and the journey will go through a secure multi-tenant implementation inclusive of both physical and virtual workloads as well as inclusive of storage, L4-L7 services and WAN connectivity. All these elements together will then become the sources for a ACI policy-based forwarding required for effective Data Center planning, design and deployments. Our journey will also cover system management & automation, orchestration tools and how to drive the ACI via API calls and its native Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC). Considerations on how to adopt ACI when coming from the current network environment and how these technologies interact are on the scope of this session as well. Please 'Fasten your seat belts' and welcome to the End-to-End Application-Centric DataCenter! See you there !
BRKSPM-2127 - Design & Deploying Trusted and Un-Trusted VoWiFi (2016 Las Vegas) Carrier Wi-Fi deployments are helping mobile operators take advantage of already deployed evolved packet core (EPC)-based services for supporting trusted Wi-Fi access networks. Approaches include reusing P-GW -based accounting, policy enforcement, and regulatory services for supporting Wi-Fi users. With VoWiFi, similar EPC-based services can be used to support IMS-based rich media services accessed over untrusted and trusted Wi-Fi networks. The session is developed based upon speakers' hands on experience in design and deploying major truted and un-trusted VoWiF networks for tier-1 service providers. The key goal is to share industry best practices and case study so that service providers can deploy VoWiFi right. The session is geared for network engineers and managers involved in design, deployment and operations of VoWiFi network's.
BRKARC-1222 - Cisco MDS/Nexus SAN Portfolio: Next phase of Storage Networking (2016 Las Vegas) This session presents a detailed analyses of the Cisco MDS and Nexus Storage Networking portfolio, demonstrating their performance, reliability and flexibility. Topics include architectural design and enhanced capabilities of Cisco MDS 9700, 9396S, 9250i and 9148S, their typical use cases and interoperability with the other MDS 9000 family members as well as Nexus switches. This session is designed for storage engineers involved in FC and FCoE network design and Data Center storage architecture. An understanding of FC and FCoE switching technologies and benefits is assumed.
BRKACI-2102 - ACI Troubleshooting (2016 Las Vegas) Did you know what are all the troubleshooting tools and methods available with APIC/ACI? Come to this session to learn how you can troubleshoot effectively with ACI and how you can easier get to the root cause of the issue you're facing.
PSOGEN-1445 - Prepare for Digital Network Architecture, NFV, and SDN with Cisco ONE Software (2016 Las Vegas) Prepare for the Digital Network Architecture!� We will review modern infrastructure approaches like Network Function Virtualization, Intelligent WAN, and Software Defined Networking.�� We'll then share how you can enable these scenarios using the Cisco ONE Software model. Agenda Digital Network Architecture Intelligent WAN Enterprise NFV Cisco ONE Software
PSOEWN-2000 - WiFI Considerations for the Open Workspace (2016 Las Vegas) �Organizations are moving to the workplace of the future: It is open. Wireless is the primary access method of things (yes, as in the �Internet of Things�).� Users are untethered from their desks, enabling them to work anywhere.� In this session we will examine some of the considerations and potential pitfalls that come with delivering wireless in new open workspaces and how Wi-Fi and IT have a bigger role to play than ever before.
BRKSEC-2134 - Building a Highly Secure Internet Edge (2016 Las Vegas) The Internet Edge is a critical functional module of the Enterprise network, acting as a well-defined yet increasingly complex construct, providing a secure perimeter between the Internet Peering, Internal Network, DMZs, Remote Sites and Mobile Users. Thus, in order to achieve a highly secure demarcation, control and threat protection of the traffic traversing the Internet Edge, we will employ a rich set of Cisco Security technologies. These will include but will not be limited to: ASA Firewall with 9.5 Software and the new FirePOWER 9300 hardware, FirePOWER Next-Generation Firewall and Next-Generation IPS with 6.0 Software, Web Security Appliance 9.0, Email Security Appliance 9.5, Advanced Malware Protection and ThreatGRID, Identity Services Engine 2.0 with pxGrid and Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility 4.2, as well as Cyber Threat Defense with Lancope. We will analyze most interesting scenarios by identifying common traffic patterns involving Inside, DMZ, Remote and Guest Users, in order to achieve superior visibility, combat threats and deliver meaningful ways to provide attack mitigation mechanisms in a systematic step-by-step fashion. This Intermediate Session is an ideal food for thought spanning a broad set of challenges encompassing the life of Security Engineers, Architects, Officers and Incident Responders responsible for securing the Enterprise IT. It is also designed to be a platform to grasp new ideas of Cisco recent and upcoming innovations. It is recommended to get the most of the Cisco Live! Security Track experience by attending more advanced sessions on specific subjects of interest as a follow up to this breakout.
BRKNMS-2446 - Do IT with DevOps (2016 Las Vegas) It is said that Mr. Norris doesn't write code; he just stares at a computer screen until he gets the results he wants. For the rest of us, we make our lives easier through the combination of Software Development and Operations, or DevOps. In this session we'll cover the DevOps concept. Where did it start? How has it evolved? What are the tools, systems and skills needed in a DevOps-equipped environment? Where do we see Network Programmability heading in the future? We'll cover various programmatic interfaces that exist in Cisco products to introduce you to EEM, NETCONF, REST, and Python. The attendee will be encouraged and empowered in moving from manual 'Finger Defined Networks' to Software Defined Networks using their new DevOps understanding. The session will also cover fundamentals of IT Process Automation and Orchestrator.
BRKNMS-1040 - IWAN and AVC Management using Cisco Prime Infrastructure and APIC-EM (2016 Las Vegas) Cloud and Data center consolidation along with BYOD has changed the how enterprise services are delivered by IT. The network plays an important role in providing visibility into users, their devices and their application experience. AVC enables the network administrators gain to get visibility into applications and user experience. This session will focus on planning and deployment of Application Visibility and Control (AVC) which consists of NBAR2, FNF, PA, QoS, PfR and Performance Monitor using Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0. We will go through the deployment architectures for AVC and how to incorporate AVC at the various points in the network. This session will also walk though the use cases with respect to voice/video troubleshooting and end user experience and how AVC helps with troubleshooting and remediation.
PSODGT-1002 - Leveraging Distributed Data and Applications to transform your business (2016 Las Vegas) Digital business requires real time data and analytics to make informed actions that drive business results. � As data and apps become hyper- distributed from the network to the cloud, there is a need for a scalable real-time data stream integration solution that processes data at the source (edge, fog or cloud).� Join this session to learn how stream integration�helps organizations go beyond connecting things to the network and enables you to leverage micro-services to publish, process and consume data as events to enable real time analytics and drive business outcomes.
GENKEY-1002 - Opening Keynote: Accelerating the Digital Transformation (2016 Las Vegas) Technology is the engine fueling business growth. Digitization is the key and connections are everything. Winning in digital requires a fundamental expansion of the role of IT and the network. Join Chuck Robbins as he discusses Cisco’s vision and strategy for helping you succeed and lead digital transformation.
BRKDEV-1003 - Shipped & Mantl - The Business Case for Using an Integrated Cloud Development Platform (2016 Las Vegas) Developers are driving the market for cloud consumption and leading each industry into the new era of software defined disruption. There are no longer questions about elastic and flexible agile development as the way to innovate and reduce time to market for businesses. However, current cloud solutions do not enable application development platforms natively or provide the ability to create applications that are cloud native with elastic services. In addition, businesses are moving to application development architectures leveraging microservices which are becoming more strategic to their business strategy. When making the decision to build and operate an application in a cloud platform, microservices became central to your application architecture and strategy. This presentation will describe Cisco Shipped, the cloud native approach that address current devops challenges, the data platform that is required to support the business analytics, and the build, deploy, and run, including application monitoring and advanced user plane network enhancements. The overall architecture of the combined contributions will be described with a business use case.
BRKCRT-2601 - VRF, MPLS and MPBGP Fundamentals (2016 Las Vegas) This session is intended for individuals who are preparing for Cisco certifications including CCNP R&S, CCNP Service Provider Operations, CCIE R&S or CCIE Service provider and who need to review and understand the fundamentals of VRF, MPLS and L3 VPNs. This session will also be valuable for those learning about route virtualization strategies and MPLS in an Enterprise capacity. Session style involves a split screen command line/diagram projector based walk through approach to teaching the fundamental concepts of: Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF) - VRF-Lite and VRF Based PE-CE Routing.
PCSTHT-2009 - Accelerating Digital Transformation with Service Assurance (2016 Las Vegas) According to IDC by the end of 2017, two-thirds of the CEOs of G2000 enterprises will have digital transformation (DX) at the center of their corporate strategy. As a result, Cloud, Analytics, Social, IoT and Mobile have become the pillars of innovation impacting every aspect of business. In this session you will discover how DX velocity creates risk everywhere from infrastructure and application integration to provisioning of services as well as other challenges to achieve a robust and functioning digital future. You will learn about NETSCOUT�s solutions that provide performance management and advanced threat detection to help guide your organization on its DX journey and enables you to manage complexity, design for large-scale traffic and build for speed and agility. Find out how IT teams reduce risk and control business outcomes with improved service visibility, understanding the interrelationships of service delivery components and actionable contextual intelligence.
PCSTHT-2003 - Infrastructure Monitoring in an Ever-changing Environment (2016 Las Vegas) Infrastructure monitoring comes in many different shapes and sizes which makes choosing the right monitoring solution for your needs a complex process. This is one of the most common difficulties faced by our customers when looking for a network monitoring solution. Learn how Statseeker simplifies this process and reduces your implementation costs. Understand how you can monitor your network from a physical or virtual platform and protect your investment against server failure.
PCSTHT-1030 - Who's Lurking on Your Network? Enhancing Network Visibility with Cisco Stealthwatch (2016 Las Vegas) Your network is under attack. Hackers are finding new ways into your environment and lurking for months before you even know about it. But it doesn�t have to be that way. With Cisco Stealthwatch, you can obtain a pervasive view across your entire network � including the cloud � that cannot be achieved with other security tools. You can see who is on the network and what they are doing at all times, which is critical for detecting and thwarting stealthy attackers. Join this session to learn how you can harness the power of Stealthwatch to obtain valuable network insight and stop attackers in their tracks.
DEVNET-2037 - Devnet Workshop - APIC-EM API (2016 Las Vegas) Please Note: By registering for this session, it does not guarantee you a seat. Seating is available on a first come first seated basis.APIC-EM is Cisco's SDN controller for the Campus and WAN. All of the services running on the controller are available via a REST API. This workshop takes you through the range of APIs on APIC-EM and gives you some tools and libraries to get stated with exploring them.Taking place in the DevNet Zone.
DEVNET-2034 - Coding for Network Controllers - APIC-EM Hands-On Coding (2016 Las Vegas) Please Note: By registering for this session, it does not guarantee you a seat. Seating is available on a first come first seated basis. APIC-EM is Cisco's SDN controller for the Campus and WAN. All of the services running on the controller are available via a REST API. This hands on coding session takes your though developing small python applications to take advantage of the API's. Examples will include network inventory and topology, Network Plug and Play as well as the EasyQoS API's. Taking place in the DevNet Zone.
DEVNET-1220 - Precision Agriculture with Drones and Cloud Computing (2016 Las Vegas) Get ready to build and pilot the newest disruptive workforce of tomorrow in precision AgTech � Drones in Fog and Cloud. �PrecisionHawk and Cisco will present an overview of how their solution uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), automated flight software, remote sensing, data processing, stitching, analytics, and distribution in the Fog and Cloud to enable a new level of connected, efficient, and precision AgTech. �In this session, agriculture enterprises and IoT developers will learn: � What are the technical and operational challenges facing precision AgTech? What are the architecture and components used to build this innovative solution? How UAV data are stitched to get the �full� picture? How fog computing enables real-time processing, analytics, and control in the UAV and at the edge? How to deploy and manage applications across Fog-Cloud using containers? What tools and APIs are available?� This session takes place in the DevNet Zone.�
DEVNET-1212 - DevNet Workshop - Introduction to Git (2016 Las Vegas) Join this hands-on workshop to learn the basics of using Git to share and collaborate on code. �This session takes place in the DevNet Zone.
DEVNET-1021 - Cisco Meraki Developers: Cloud as a Platform Overview (2016 Las Vegas) Please Note: By registering for this session, it does not guarantee you a seat. Seating is available on a first come first seated basis. Automate network provisioning, use beacons in your app, get real-time location data to marketing, log everything for PCI, determine user demographics from Facebook, analyze traffic patterns, and do all of this with one solution hosted by Cisco on the Meraki Cloud. Meraki is the fastest growing platform for integrations, and the new Meraki Developers recently launched to share solutions and provide access to the API documentation. Cisco will be giving attendees several treats for attending: Early access to the new Provisioning API. Free AP for eligible developers that apply at Taking place in the DevNet Zone.
CISSOL-1090 - Digital Manufacturing ROI: 3 Ways to Realize Immediate Value NOW (2016 Las Vegas) Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Predictive Maintenance, and PC Virtualization are straightforward solutions that industrial operations can deploy and generate a significant return on their investment today! Systems and strategies to maximize asset use, prevent downtime, and improve outdated operations are simple to implement, are available now, and can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
BRKUCC-2086 - Extend the Reach of Your Cisco Video Solution with Cisco Jabber Guest (2016 Las Vegas) Help guest users, such as customers and partners, easily interact with your enterprise workers by using real-time communications that are high quality, standards-based, and easy to access and use. Guests simply click a URL, website link, or mobile application to start the interaction. Build these capabilities into your website or mobile application with the included SDKs, or use the Jabber Guest client experiences. This session includes an overview of the Cisco Jabber Guest offering with a look at use cases, architecture, deployment considerations and customization, including SDKs for Web and mobile.Join the Cisco Spark Room for this session. Questions? Visit the Cisco Spark Demo within the Collaboration Booth in World of Solutions.
BRKSPG-1000 - Network Transformation and Essential Skills for Next Generation Network Engineers (2016 Las Vegas) The paradigm shift in how the network services are provisioned, orchestrated and chained demands a major skill uplift of the existing workforce. We see a transformation from CLI to API, Purpose built network device to virtualized network function and closed systems to open x86 based open systems. In this session we will provide basic knowledge around network programmability, virtual network function (VNF) and open systems operating systems. The session will provide enough knowledge to architects, network engineers and project managers to be able � To Connect The Dots�
BRKSEC-2048 - Demystifying ACI Security (2016 Las Vegas) Regardless if you are datacenter, security, compute or application people, you have been confronted one way or another to Software Defined Network. Cisco's strategy to help our customers evolved towards next generation datacenter is ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure).This new architecture with a fabric using spines and leafs switches, group tagging, flat network 2 hops away maximum might be quite confusing at first sight for the security team.What are the security features embedded in ACI ?Do I still need firewalls and IPS ?Where do I insert them and how ?How do I keep my visibility ?Bottom line, how do I leverage the best of both Cisco ACI and Cisco Security technologies to protect my datacenter against the new advanced threats ahead.In this session I will shortly introduce the main ACI concepts and quickly focus on the security technologies.Segmentation, firewalling with ASA and ASAv, threat protection with NGIPS Firepower, integration with Trustsec and Cyber threat defense solution. This session has been created for security people who want to understand how security applies in ACI as well as for the Datacenter people who might want to learn how security interact with the fabric.It is expected from the audience to have basic understanding of security technologies as well as ACI.
BRKARC-2091 - Emerging Trends in Branch Office Architectures (2016 Las Vegas) In this session we will take a look at emerging trends in Enterprise branch office networks. We'll look at the move to push applications to the cloud as well as some good reasons to keep some things in the branch. We'll also look at the growing trend to virtualize network functions particularly in a branch environment. Cisco technologies that solve many of the problems inherent with the move to virtualization in a remote office will be explored including Service Containers, IOX, UCS E-Series and the Virtual Branch architecture.
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