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UCS-4792 - UCS Security Engineering Overview (2012 San Diego) We will outline key security features and best practices for UCS. This is a session broken into two key areas between the UCS control plane (processes, open ports, organizational boundaries, access methods, etc.) and the UCS data plane (VLAN groups, FEX isolation, DisJoint L2 operations, VM-FEX for isolation to the VM, etc.) and finish up with certification status.
CIN-WS177 - Scale Your Knowledge and Your Network: Cisco BYOD CVD 2.2 System Design View this technical deep-dive workshop to hear a pre-brief about the newly updated Cisco Validated Design (CVD) 2.2 for the BYOD Smart Solution published in November, 2012. This BYOD CVD 2.2 release will expand on the foundation for the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution and extend the solution with new capabilities in the Branch Office, highlighting new WLAN architectures such as FlexConnect, and more. Join our experts Srinivas Tenneti, Cisco technical marketing engineer, Fernando Macias, Cisco Business Architect and Nelson Figueroa, Cisco Technical Engineering Leader, as they dive into the BYOD CVD 2.2 release.
ATE-CL326 - Architecting a Modern Approach to Real Time Business with Vblock Specialized System for SAP HANA (2013 Orlando) Learn how VCE’s new Specialized System is enabling customers to get SAP HANA software up and running in production more smoothly, quickly, and reliably in order to capitalize on the benefits of real-time insights to help address fleeting business opportunities faster.Takeaways: * Identifying transformational opportunities * Planning an SAP HANA installation * Advantages of Vblock Specialized System For More Information Visit the VCE virtual resource center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
GENSSN-1616 - Super Session – Intelligent Cybersecurity for the Real World (2014 Melbourne) Driven by market trends in cloud, mobile and the Internet of Everything, technological change is accelerating at lightning speed with the network at the core. Security is no different. Attackers are innovating faster than the industry, finding new attack vectors to exploit their targets and creating significant new security challenges. Join Christopher Young for a discussion on how these phenomena have driven defenders to challenge today’s security assumptions and how Cisco’s new security model and offerings can address our customers’ biggest security problems.
GENKEY-1627 - Cisco Live Melbourne Opening Keynote (2014 Melbourne) Join visionary speaker Wim Elfrink for the opening keynote address and learn about the impact of IoE.
CP-1006 - Network Models and the Network Architect One of the very first things any aspiring network engineer learns is the OSI seven layer model -- but once it's learned, it's often left in the background, another trivia item that doesn't seem to be much use in the real world. Leaving models in the background is, however, a mistake; these are some of the most useful tools the network engineer has to classify and understand protocols and network operation. This session will discuss the history behind the popular seven layer model, and then move into some other models network engineers might find useful, including some you may never have seen before. Cisco Press book: The Art of Network Architecture: Business-Driven Design by Russ White and Denise Donohue
ATE-CL346 - Build Your Own Innovative Support Applications leveraging Cisco Support APIs (2014 San Francisco) How are APIs delivering both a competitive and support edge to a growing number of companies and IT professionals? A recent survey by Venture Beat found that more than 85% of large companies will have API programs in the next 5 years. Join Alok Patel and colleagues from the Cisco Smart Web Technology Group to explore how – 1. The market landscape of APIs for Enterprise Customers and Channel Partners is changing 2. APIs enable you to pull vital Cisco support data into your own systems on demand 3. Companies are using APIs to unlock business innovation and boost their bottom lines This session covers the “what,” “why” and “how” of Cisco APIs now available to you. We will spotlight lessons learned, best practices, and exemplary API strategies adopted by Cisco partners and customers.This session also features live demonstrations of Cisco Support APIs, and illustrates how companies are using APIs today to both innovate support solutions and advance business priorities. For More Information Visit the Cisco Services Solutions Center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
ATE-CL327 - Security Defined Networks: Deploying Security Defined Networks in the Real World (2013 Orlando) Today’s advanced network security threats are growing in complexity, scale and scope. Highly co-ordinated resources and activities are being leveraged to assault today’s networks with unprecedented speed and agility—a new paradigm in network security monitoring is required in order for organizations to adapt and respond to these threats. In this presentation, Net Optics VP of Technology & Solutions Sharon Besser defines the next generation approach to security utilizing security-centric SDN, and provides concrete steps organizations must take with their network security and monitoring. For More Information Visit the Net Optics virtual resource center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
BRKGEN-2999 - Autonomic Networking (2014 Milan) Autonomic Networking is an emerging, fundamentally new way to operate networks: Network elements configure themselves, and operate largely independently. There is minimal dependency on operators and NMS systems. This session introduces the fundamental concepts of Autonomic Networking, and explains the current development status.
CIN-WS205 - Activate—Identity Services Engine 1.2 Learn about the Cisco Identity Services Engine and the new enhancements available with its most recent release—ISE 1.2. The Identity Services Engine provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to manage and maintain network access and policies—ensuring consistent enforcement across wired, wireless, and VPN networks. During this online event, you will learn about the new features that provide increased scalability, reliability, and ease-of-use for guest access and BYOD on-boarding. You will hear from customers who have already deployed the 1.2 release. And we will discuss how the enhancements provide significantly greater capabilities than solutions available from competing vendors. Join Cisco experts Sanjay Raja and David D’Aprile for a closer look at ISE 1.2, and all the advantages it can bring your business.
ATE-CL412 - Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) (2014 Milan) Learn how Application Centric Infrastructure is ushering in a new era of simplicity and automation, and driving the next generation of data center infrastructure. For More Information Visit the Cisco Switching Solutions Center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
ATE-CL400 - Deploying and Managing the Unified Access One Network (2013 London) Enable IT organizations to effectively adopt, integrate and operate the unified access infrastructure with Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Visit the Cisco Prime virtual resource center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
ATE-CL408 - Cisco Unified Fabric: Delivering Architectural Flexibility (2013 London) The confluence of a number of trends, including cloud computing, video, virtualization / workload mobility, the data deluge brought on by the  “Internet of things,” is driving significant change in the data center. Customers are looking for flexible data center architectures that will adapt to these changes as their business evolve to take advantage of these trends. Cisco’s Unified Fabric and Nexus portfolio deliver this flexibility and continue to lead the industry with a number of leading innovations that enable architectural flexibility for general, virtualized and cloud deployments. What are these leading innovations and how they enable architectural flexibility that extends from the server to the cloud will be discussed. Visit the Cisco Switching virtual resource center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
ATE-CL401 - Delivering a Future Proof Service Orientated Infrastructure to Your Business (2013 London) The consumption model for IT is changing rapidly to include many services delivered by the Cloud. To remain competitive the challenges facing organisations today include time to market for services and products, adaptability and flexibility. The key to evolving a resilient IT strategy is to provide an infrastructure that delivers, non-disruptive operations, immense capability to scale, workload independence, efficiency and automation. In this session Cisco and NetApp will discuss how their industry leading joint FlexPod solution is enabling their customers and cloud service providers to make this move to a future proofed, service orientated infrastructure. Using the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) framework to de-risk implementations and accelerate solution delivery, this session will cover technology areas including utilising pooled computing assets, creating virtualised resource pools at scale, managing elasticity on demand, introducing automation for policy, application awareness and mobility, secure multi tenancy architecture and metered billing. Visit the NetApp virtual resource center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
UCS-4797 - Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (UCS) (2012 San Diego) Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud is a self-service provisioning and orchestration software solution for cloud computing and data center automation. This session will provide a detailed product overview, followed by an instructor led demonstration of the software suite. We will build off the UCS Manager capabilities describing how this solution automates key data center functions and actions.
ATE-CL338 - Scale your Network Security and Monitoring infrastructure to Keep up with Advanced Targeted Attacks and Big Data Flows (2014 San Francisco) Even as network data has exploded in volume, velocity and variety, network security and monitoring solutions have been behind the curve in adopting new technologies and approaches to cost-effectively scale, and accommodate continuous monitoring in consolidated physical, virtual and cloud based datacenters. The network’s increasing speed and rapidly growing complexity (e.g. virtualization, and tunneling with encryption), pose challenges for IT network and security professionals trying to manage and secure network infrastructure. How does one architect a scalable security & monitoring architecture to withstand the test of time while ensuring adaptability to evolving business needs? The IT organization as a whole needs to ensure end-to-end visibility and data access to meet and exceed business, network and application performance SLAs while keeping their infrastructure and data secure against continually evolving advanced and targeted attacks. Join Tony Zirnoon, CISSP – Sr. Director Security Strategy VSS Monitoring, as he discusses: 1. Monitoring gaps and security vulnerabilities in today’s traditional network security and monitoring architecture 2. How to address those gaps and vulnerabilities without defaulting to a rip and replace approach 3. Proven best practices in architecting a future-proofed physical or virtual DC monitoring fabric for total network visibility 4. Learn how you can architect a defense-in-depth network security model that scales across converged networks (with real production deployment examples) 5. Future proofing your security infrastructure design and investments against the ongoing barrage of advanced security threats while maintaining high availability and agility to keep up with Big Data flows.
ATE-CL334 - Realize Faster Resolutions with Smart Call Home (2014 San Francisco) Start using the technology embedded in your Cisco devices to proactively monitor their health. Receive notification of events based on internal diagnostics with recommendations from Cisco's deep pool of Intellectual property. Realize faster resolution through automated TAC case creation for the most critical events. Topics will include supported devices and faults, deployment scenarios in and out of the datacenter, and configuration examples including UCS blades and rack servers. For More Information Visit the Cisco Services Solutions Center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
ATE-CL336 - End-to-end management of NetApp FlexPod integrated infrastructure with Cisco UCS Director (2014 San Francisco) Customers are faced with difficult decisions about how to deploy and manage IT. FlexPod allows customers to deploy best in class technologies, pre-validated to reduce time to deployment and operational complexity. Cisco UCS Director gives you a single application to monitor, plan, and execute infrastructure management tasks. For More Information Visit the NetApp Solutions Center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
ATE-CL508 - IoT Wireless Sensor Networks and Multi-Service Field Network Architecture (2014 Melbourne) Wireless sensor networks are the foundation for enabling the Internet of Things.  Cisco has designed a field network architecture to provide IPv6 network services for Smart Grid and other industries.   This session will provide an overview on how to build a multi-service, secure, scalable, and resilient Field Area Network (FAN). It will include case studies of customers who are servicing millions of smart meters using Cisco’s FAN architecture. For More Information Visit the Cisco Internet of Things Solutions Center to get additional information, download product and solution material, and more.
BRKPCS-2059 - ACI Impact on Physical Infrastructure Design and Deployment (2014 San Francisco) Adoption of Cisco’s new Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) will require some changes to the way data center physical infrastructures are designed and deployed. Depending on the scalability, performance, and applications requirements, customers will need to determine the best physical infrastructure to accommodate a variety of spine/leaf network topologies options including ToR, EoR, and MoR leaf switches. In this session, Panduit examines the physical implementation requirements of an ACI deployment including how to design ToR, EoR and MoR network architectures for ACI, and strategies to simplify the deployment of this next generation architecture in order to help customers accelerate their path to ACI.In addition an overview of available services and product sets that help customers manage risk within the physical infrastructure by intelligently converging physical and logical systems to simplify the deployment will be presented.
GENKEY-1626 - Decoding Connectivity: Leading & Thriving in an “Internet of Everything” World The benefits of connectivity have already changed our world and this is only the beginning. Carlos Dominguez, Senior Vice President of Cisco, brings the Internet of Everything to life in his fascinating keynote during Cisco Live 2013 Melbourne. Learn about what's coming and find your place in this exciting new world. Discover: • What is the Internet of Everything? • How will it influence and change business – today and in the future? • What is the personal impact each of us will experience?  
BRKPCS-2056 - See. Point. Click. Fix. Simplify Your Network with LiveAction (2014 San Francisco) Networks can be complex and difficult to manage, but with LiveAction they don’t have to be. In this session, you will learn how LiveAction simplifies network management. LiveAction is a network performance management tool with deep, rich visualization capabilities, QoS control, analytics, and automation. Attend this session to see how LiveAction can help you get the most ROI from  your Cisco products and why it is available through the Cisco Global Price List.  See. Point. Click. Fix.
BRKPCS-2058 - Forensically Uncovering Cyber Threats By Monitoring Behaviors (2014 San Francisco) Learn how Security Operation Centers are uncovering internal hosts communicating with botnets, machines participating in DDoS attacks and end systems performing unwanted data exfiltration.  Since signature matching is ineffective at detecting many forms of malware, participants will learn how to leverage NetFlow and IPFIX to baseline behaviors and bring visibility to the active threats on the internal network. This session explains how to gain threat landscape clarity and how to avoid a sea of false positives.  Learn best practices for leveraging Cisco ISE and Cisco AVC exports to provide richer contextual details surrounding a contagion.
BRKPCS-2053 - How the cheetah catches dinner: The importance of agility in a world defined by speed (2014 San Francisco) The cheetah teaches us the value of agility—the ability to rapidly change direction without losing speed. On the savanna and in today's business environment, agility is more important than ever. Being first and staying ahead of the competition requires agile business processes. VCE will describe how customers will be able to use VCE Vblock™ Systems and the powerful network abstractions provided by Cisco ACI to enhance IT agility and accelerate business growth.
BRKCCIE-3406 - CCIE SP (2017 Melbourne) If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. - Sun Tzu - The Art of War.� Do you know that CCIE SP program has moved to a refreshed blueprint and more changes are coming? CCIE SP Version 4.1 written exam introduces new technologies. The CCIE SP lab format is comprised three completely independent sections: Troubleshooting, Diagnostic, and Configuration. This is your change of learning directly from the creators of the CCIE SP version 4 blueprint: The secrets of the new CCIE SP certification. This session covers both the written and practical exams and discusses the key aspects of the lab format. The session illustrates and explains the driving technical concepts of the modern service provider segment. This provides you an insight on the reasons why the new technologies are in the latest blueprint. Studying for the exam by using the right preparation techniques is critical. This session covers these techniques, so you can be certain that you are in the right path. Part of the session is based on lab demos to illustrate the recommended strategies you should use while taking the practical exam. Knowing everything might not be enough, planning and manage your time are the key for your success. Lastly, this session provides the opportunity to discuss face-to-face with the SMEs that put together the exam. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
ITMGEN-2680 - The Evolution of Infrastructure (2017 Melbourne) The transformation of a world class IT Infrastructure organisation (serving over 140,000 users globally) is not hypothetical to John Manville. For 10 years, he has been guiding Cisco's move initially toward a Global Data Centre Strategy, and now toward an unprecedented IaaS anchored in Cisco's Global Cloud Strategy. Join John and find out how Cisco is redefining what IT is and revolutionising how it will be delivered in the years to come.
BRKINI-2018 - Bridging Traditional Analytics with BigData - SAS on UCS (2017 Las Vegas) SAS Analytics solutions empower decision makers with greater business value. SAS has been the leader in business analytics, and the SA S Visual Analytics platform lives up to that reputation, with capabilities well beyond traditional querying and reporting. It takes advantage of SAS LASR in-memory architecture to visually explore massive, complex data sets and deliver answers in real time instead of hours or days. SAS Grid Manager increases the availability and processing of your analytics environment with workload balancing, high availability, and parallel processing. These SAS solutions running on Cisco UCS empower business users to explore huge volumes of data quickly to find important patterns and trends, uncover opportunities, and make precise business decisions faster than ever before. By providing self service, impromptu visual data discovery and exploration, it puts immediately available insights within your reach through both web -based and mobile devices.
BRKEWN-2032 - DNA Assurance: bring intelligence to your WLAN issues (2017 Las Vegas) You do not have time to deal with network issues anymore. In the past you would design RF coverage, build the WLANs, hope for the best, and react to alarms and user complaints. This logic would force you to constantly react to fire drills, running every day to assess issues as they were reported to you. What if you could benefit from tools that would anticipate these issues, instead of simply reporting once they occurred? The logic of the DNA architecture is not only to provide an abstraction for automation and policies, but also provide a virtuous feedback loop, allowing you to visualize the consequences of your configurations. Intelligent analytics allows you to observe trends, work on what-if scenarios, and be warned about issues before they actually explode and collapse your network. In this session, you will get a deep dive exposure to the new DNA Center Assurance tool, to monitor trends in your network, anticipate issues, get intelligent (human readable), meaningful and synthetic messages on the state of your network, your clients and their applications, and easily troubleshoot issues once you identify an unsafe trend.
BRKDCN-3120 - ASR1000 OTV : Encryption & Redundancy Deployment (2017 Las Vegas) The session will focus on two different modes of deployment of OTV(Overlay Transport Virtualization) with ASR1000. OTV With Encryption is a Single Box Deployment Mode for the customers requiring DCI encryption. We can choose to deploy an ASR1K at the edge of the network which will be able to provide OTV Transport as well as encryption via IPSEC or GET VPN. This Single Box solution with an ASR1K will remove all added complexity and both the services can be achieved via one single Edge device. OTV(Overlay Transport Virtualisation) in simpler terms we can say that the VLAN’s will be extended towards the other datacenter’s via the Overlay Tunnel. What if the underlying transport goes Down??? Redundant Mode Deployment will give an edge to the customers that even if the underlying transport on the primary circuit goes down this deployment will ensure that the DC’s are still able to extend the VLAN’s via a redundant path. With this mode we are making the OTV deployment more robust and resilient to failures.
BRKDCN-2120 - Advanced Network Visibility and Monitoring in Nexus 5000/6000/7000 Switches (2017 Las Vegas) Learn how to get the greater visibility into a Nexus-based network with new monitoring tools and capabilities. We will delve deeper into platform-specific features like Microburst monitoring, latency monitoring, buffer monitoring etc. in Nexus 5600/6000. Also learn various enhancements added to the traditional features like SPAN and ERSPAN (e.g, SPAN on drop, SPAN on latency, SPAN with VLAN filters, SPAN with ACL Capture, Inband SPAN, SPAN with Layer2/3/4 filters, ERSPAN for PTP). These features help you to understand the network and the applications running on the network better and quickly pinpoint trouble spots in the network. This session discusses capabilities of each feature, real-world use-cases, required configurations and also Open NX-OS programmability options to collect and interpret the data captured. This session will focus on monitoring the network and get advanced visibility. It will NOT focus on other management aspects like SNMP, Syslog, RMON, NETCONF etc.
BRKDCN-1008 - Managing Data Center LAN and SAN networks using Cisco Data Center Network Manager(DCNM) (2017 Las Vegas) Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) manages Cisco Nexus 2000, 5000, 6000, 7000, and 9000 Series Switches along with MDS 9100, 9200,9300, 9500 and 9700 SAN switches. Cisco Data Center Network Manger (DCNM) provides Provisioning, Operations, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Automation functions for this platforms. For traditional LAN networks and SAN fabrics, DCNM provides unified management allowing LAN and SAN functionality from a single pane of glass. Graphical Dashboards and Topology views show network/fabric connectivity and expose health, overlays, link status and storage connectivity. Advanced discovery, Interface/VLAN controls, SAN zoning, and monitoring controls give the operator the power to maximize visibility and minimize operator error. SAN fabric path and Slowdrain analysis along with other troubleshooting provide tools to keep fabrics operating smoothly. This session will introduce you to the DCNM features above and teach you how to get started managing, deploying and operating your SAN and LAN traditional fabrics using DCNM.
BRKCRS-2700 - Evolution of the Enterprise Network: the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (2017 Las Vegas) Enterprise business operations are reaching new levels of digitization as multimedia applications or the Internet of Things start to proliferate.  An increasing number of business processes are structured around digital communication and media infrastructures.  The experience that network consumers are seeking is also increasingly shaped by digitization, for example with networked machines, or home appliances and automation. As a result, Enterprise networks are becoming the platform for digitization, empowering business efficiency and innovation by simplifying and automating business processes while protecting and securing the global enterprise.   Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (DNA) offers a new architectural approach to meet the requirements of the digitized enterprise.  This session introduces the motivation for an architecture evolution of enterprise networks, and provides details on each of the building blocks, including Cisco’s exciting new Software Defined Access (SDA) solution.  In particular, the concepts of network fabrics, virtualization, controllers, policy-based networking and cloud enablement are explored as main architecture shifts.  The session also provides an insight into concrete examples on how to automate and simplify application visibility and QoS deployments for network operators.
DEVNET-1002 - DevNet Workshop - NetDevOps for the Network Dude - How to get started with APIs, Ansible and Python (2017 Las Vegas) Please Note: Seating for sessions in the DevNet Zone is available on a first come first seated basis. This session is designed to be small and hands-on. Laptops will be provided. In this session, we'll look to change automation using Ansible and Python over SSH or Netconf. Together we'll build a simple playbook to create configs from Jinja, and deploy configs to virtual routers. We will compare and contrast the benefits of CLI vs Netconf as transport. This session is for traditional Network Engineers looking for modern automation and orchestration tools. Attendees will learn how Ansible can perform simple configuration tasks out of the box. Also how API's and Python can extend those Ansible modules to gain situation-aware configuration changes. The suggested Learning Path for Network Engineers looking to get started with Network Programmability - Monday: DEVNET-1040, DEVNET-1721, DEVNET-2561, DEVNET-2036, DEVNET-1021 Tuesday: DEVNET-1725, DEVNET-1028, DEVNET-1041, DEVNET-1694, DEVNET-2101 Wednesday: DEVNET-1042, DEVNET-1695, DEVNET-2037, DEVNET-2556, DEVNET-2557 Thursday: DEVNET-2000, DEVNET-1002, DEVNET-2044 Taking place in the DevNet Zone. Checkout links to associated content and learning labs:
CEWN-1001 - Cisco Empowered Women's Network (CEWN) (2017 Las Vegas) Lead, Connect, Inspire - You're IT  Featuring keynotes, lightning talks and interactive session led by thought-leaders in IT; you'll walk away with new definitions of leadership, networking, innovation and success - and feel inspired and empowered to implement change in your own life. Featured Speakers: Kevin Bandy, SVP, Chief Digital Officer, Cisco Liz Centoni, SVP & GM, Computing Systems Product Group, Cisco Christine Holloway, VP, Networking, Collaboration and Security, CDW Tania Katan, Award-winning author, creative consultant and keynote speaker Carey Lohrenz, CEO, Keynote Speaker, Executive Leadership Coach, WSJ Bestselling Author: Fearless Leadership CEWN is a network of Cisco customers, partners, and employees who are coming together to make a difference for women in IT. Our programs at Cisco Live and throughout the year provide women with the tools to enable and enrich their careers and empower the women in our global community. '
CCSGEN-1002 - Let's CHILL: Industry-Wide Innovation on Hyper Drive (2017 Las Vegas) Innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. It emerges from the crucible of colliding ideas, false starts, new iterations, and trying yet again. It needs contrasting viewpoints, diverse skillsets, and the freedom to ask, "what if?" CHILL is Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs - an intensely focused innovation experience that is turning the traditional innovation model on its head. Many organizations sponsor hackathons and brainstorms to spur creativity. CHILL is different because it brings together multiple players from across a single industry to work on a common challenge - and it creates startups from scratch to bring winning ideas to market. Join Kate O'Keeffe, Managing Director of CHILL, to see how 48 hours of collaborative innovation can deliver a user-tested solution with the funding to develop and incubate it. You will hear how it works from a panel of CHILL alumni, including executives from DB Schenker and the acting CEO of Myways'a startup launched through CHILL. Find out how you can drive business growth for your company, and transformation in your industry.
BRKUCC-3347 - Troubleshooting Jabber Like a TAC Engineer (2017 Las Vegas) When considering the Jabber technology suite, there are multiple products over a variety of platforms. In this session will review how to troubleshoot common issues seen within a Jabber on-premise deployment. The session will cover troubleshooting techniques used by TAC engineers, like myself, on a daily basis to resolve even the most difficult of problems in an on-premise Jabber deployment. We will also go over the most commonly seen mistakes made by Jabber administrators and how to avoid those pit falls. Leaving the session you will be an expert at troubleshooting Jabber and know exactly what to look for when reviewing logs. So please join me as I teach you how to skillfully troubleshoot Jabber just like a TAC engineer.Join the Cisco Spark Room for this session. Questions? Visit the Cisco Spark Demo within the Collaboration Booth in World of Solutions.
BRKSEC-3052 - Demystifying DMVPN (2017 Las Vegas) This session walks you through the different components of DMVPN, their interdependency and a methodical approach to troubleshoot/identify issues. We begin with a short overview of DMVPN functionality and then focus on a modular troubleshooting methodology. The different components are mapped to four modules. These four modules are IP infrastructure (end to end connectivity), Encryption (IKEv2), GRE/NHRP (NHRP), and the VPN routing (routing protocols and hardware based). Explicit troubleshooting examples based on the most common DMVPN design and implementation issues as seen by Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers are included. This session is for designers, managers, and troubleshooters of extended corporate DMVPNs and for service providers deploying these services
BRKSEC-3032 - NGFW Clustering Deep Dive (2017 Las Vegas) Delivered by a member of the original feature architecture and sustaining development teams, this advanced session will provide a comprehensive overview of the clustering capability in Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) security applications. In addition to the functional deep dive into clustering design and operation, this presentation will discuss specific deployment scenarios and share best practices for a successful deployment of an ASA or FTD cluster. Several case studies involving currently supported network designs as well as future plans will be discussed. Familiarity with standalone ASA and FTD capabilities as well as the overall firewall feature set is required.
BRKSDN-2411 - NFV Performance - Challenges and Solutions (2017 Las Vegas) Performance in a virtualized world has a lot of challenges that can limit the capabilities that a NFV data plane is expected to deliver on. This session shall start with the basics of how VNFs are networked in a virtualized environment and then explain where are the bottlenecks reside in a Linux/KVM/Qemu environment. The session will explain more on those bottlenecks and then share how we can resolve them to achieve the right level of performance. The session will also share performance data from testing while applying similar concepts in an implementation to illustrate how the performance bottlenecks shifts from one place to another depending on various factors like the type of VNF, features enabled inside them, use case, networking model etc.
BRKRST-3047 - Advanced - Troubleshooting LISP (2017 Las Vegas) Starting with a very short refresher on LISP the speakers will show the typical LISP use cases and the basic configs. For each use case the presenter will discuss the troubleshooting strategy in case of problems with the setup. We will talk about the needed show and debug commands and how to start backwards with the troubleshooting. Tips and tricks will be shown to do the LISP troubleshooting effective and purposeful. Additional sources of information and mailing lists will be mentioned. The troubleshooting session will be technical and requires IOS and LISP configuration knowledge.
BRKOPT-2501 - Network Slicing SDN Controller (2017 Las Vegas) Network Slcing is becoming a strong requirement for large Service Providers networks. The ability to partition the real network on several Virtual Networks to assign to Tenants (Small Service Providers) is a key factor to implement OVPN. This talk presents an SDN solution that enables network slicing in transparent optical networks, in order to support multi-tenancy scenarios. The proposed system manages multiple Optical Virtual Private Networks (OVPNs) that share the same physical infrastructure with strict data, control and management plane separation. The network slicing logic is developed on top of the OpenDayLight SDN controller, which interfaces with the Cisco DWDM-aware GMPLS stack to create, manage and delete OVPNs, and to setup and teardown optical circuits over them. In case of failure, the system leverages the distributed capabilities of GMPLS to provide OVPN-specific restoration of optical connections.
ITMGEN-4334 - New Intelligence and Automation for the Digital Era (2017 Las Vegas)  Today, across every industry, applications are not only important to your business – they are core and inseparable from your business. As a result, new IT intelligence from the code all the way to the consumer is critical, to supporting the digital customer and the digital enterprise. Cisco’s Insight offerings, including the recent acquisition of AppDynamics, are helping deliver visibility from the code to the customer, predictive and prescriptive insights powered by machine learning, and automation to help you manage today’s complex IT environments. Join us to learn how you can unlock new insights to improve the customer experience, ensure security everywhere and deliver operational efficiencies. 
ITMGEN-4322 - Cisco IT's Journey on the Digitization of Employee Experience (2017 Las Vegas) The User is the most disruptive force of this decade! Cisco IT have experienced this first hand as users want to have the same experience as employees as they have as consumers. Self-service tools, although reliable and very productive, are no longer enough. Digitization is opening the gates for new and exciting ways to provide services to our users, outside the traditional IT fashion. Simplification, automation, data analytics and intelligence are key to any organization who wants to provide services to (and in turn retain) a best in-class workforce. Join us to learn about how Cisco IT had to step up their game on providing IT services and our journey into the Digitization of Employee Experience.
IITIOT-1005 - Extracting Greater Business Value from Your IoT Data (2017 Las Vegas) As IoT deployments grow from thousands to millions of devices, there is an explosion of new data that businesses must access, control and manage in order to create business value. Every IoT deployment has devices that are generating data, and multiple parties who want access to that data. In this session, learn how Cisco gives you complete access to and control over your own data – how it is classified and made visible, where it goes, and who can do what with it – so that you can ensure the right people have the right data, exactly when they need it.
IITDGT-2001 - Reimagine Financial Services (2017 Las Vegas) The financial services industry is rapidly evolving as a result of new opportunities, challenges, and experiences. In fact, according to LivePerson, 83 percent of consumers today want some type of support in their online journey, and FICO states that 43 percent of millennials don’t feel banks communicate using preferred channels. In this session, you’ll learn: How digital transformation is changing the financial services industry How Cisco can help you to transform What other companies have done to transform themselves in financial services
ITMGEN-4339 - Panel: Building Tech Talent (2017 Las Vegas) In this digital age, the need for technical skills is growing. As IT leaders, how can we drive and build that technical talent throughout our organizations? Join this interactive panel discussion to learn how Cisco and Cisco IT helps build that technical talent, and the different paths available to stay relevant throughout ones career.
SOLDCN-1002 - Navigating the Hybrid-IT Transformation with Cisco ASAP Data Center Architecture - WoS Session (2017 Las Vegas) Businesses are facing a “perfect storm” as they look to progressively embrace digital transformation. Increased scale, diverse user requirements, demanding apps, and additional locations are an incentive for organizations to evolve their data center and cloud strategies so they can respond more rapidly to their lines of business and be more agile in how they operate. However, traditional models tend to prohibit IT teams from keeping up with the pace of the business. These are common conversations amongst IT teams everywhere. “How do we manage increased operational complexity and greater security risks?” “How do we handle the need for elastic scale?” “What is the right balance of public vs. private?” In this session we look at how Cisco and our customers are approaching this rapidly evolving space!
ITMGEN-4332 - Maximizing the Value of your IT Investment in Enterprise Collaboration (2017 Las Vegas) Every IT investment is a trade-off decision. Finding the right balance between the financial investment in enterprise collaboration technology and the value back to the company can be difficult. Especially, when the derived value comes in the form of employee productivity and effectiveness which can be challenging to quantify. This session will explain how Cisco IT uses data to assess "what type" and "how much" collaboration technology to make available to the global Cisco workforce. Included in the session are some of the data models and metrics that Cisco IT have developed to measure the value and utilization of unified communications internally, which are used as inputs when making future IT investment decisions for the collaboration service.
SOLCOL-1002 - Enhancing Enterprise Safety with Cisco Unified Communications (2017 Las Vegas) Unified Communications (UC) technology is enabling unprecedented flexibility in the ways people collaborate. This fundamental shift in work environment makes it necessary to consider enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) and emergency services in a new way. This session will focus on how to leverage the advanced capabilities of Cisco UC while keeping users and enterprises safe. You will learn: • How UC technology affects our traditional understanding of E9-1-1. • How to leverage the capabilities of Cisco UC, including Jabber, with technologies that keep users safe and keep enterprises in compliance with E9-1-1 regulations.
PTRGEN-1000 - Capturing the digital opportunity for greater relevance and profitability (2017 Las Vegas) Digital transformation isn’t just happening, it’s getting bigger. Our customers’ needs are growing. The way they’re buying and using technology is changing. And more than ever, they’re looking for solutions that will deliver tangible, impactful business outcomes. Now is the time for us to go after this opportunity together. How we sell and who we sell to is changing and creating new opportunities for growth and profitability. In this session, we’ll discuss how Cisco’s roadmap for success and all that we’re doing will help you win.
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