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BRKNMS-2696 - TR-069 based home gateway management using Prime Home (2013 London) The number of Internet enabled devices in the home continues to grow, creating demand for better support and seamless inter-connectivity for the consumer. Service Providers are now realizing that to meet this demand they need better visibility into the connected home. The Cisco Prime Home solution answers this call with consumer applications and a support experience that easily integrates with existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) environments. The result is significantly lower support costs, and higher recurring revenues in a cloud based applications mode. To manage home gateways various technologies are available once the underlying IP connectivity has been set up. TR-096 standardizes the exchanges between a device provisioning server (ACS) and the home gateway. This service-provider oriented session shows what is possible from a technology point of view and reveals some of the business opportunities that are enabled by the technology. The session is of intermediate complexity but does need understanding of provisioning and configuration paradigms encountered in residential user equipment management.
BRKUCC-3661 - Troubleshooting Jabber Desktop Clients (2013 Melbourne) This session will arm you with the tips, techniques and tools available to you to troubleshoot the potential issues you may experience when deploying and administering the Jabber for Windows desktop clients. It will also highlight some of the more common issues encountered. A general knowledge of Cisco UC and the Jabber clients would be of benefit in attending this session.
BRKUCC-2666 - Federating Unified Communications (2013 Melbourne) Over the last few years, Unified Communications has been embraced by many organisations worldwide to foster better collaboration between colleagues. Now, the focus from organisations that have successfully deployed Unified Communications internally is shifting towards bringing that collaboration capability to people outside of the organisation. This breakout session will examine how an organisation can federate their Unified Communications capability to other organisations in a B2B (business-to-business) manner. We'll also look at ways to bring about collaboration capability to consumers in a B2C (business-to-consumers) fashion. By federating Unified Communications, we empower people to come together and collaborate seamlessly using Instant Message/Presence, as well as escalating to Voice, Video or Web conferences. Attendees should have a basic working knowledge of Cisco Collaboration portfolio, including CUCM, IM/Presence service, and TelePresence/video.
GENSK-1106 - Technology Trend Keynote: Exceptional Collaboration Experiences in the Age of the Connected User (2014 San Francisco) Today’s connected user assumes that they can work anytime from anywhere. Whether they are on-the-go, at a home office, or in a conference room, people, now more than ever, collaborate in real-time. Flawless experiences are also expected, which means seamless, secure and easy-to-use technology solutions must be in place. Join Rowan Trollope and Hans Hwang as they introduce new Cisco solutions, and discuss why creating exceptional collaboration experiences are the lynch pin in driving measurable business outcomes. Not just in today’s marketplace, but for many years to come as the workforce continues to shape-shift with new generations.
PCS-SF - Partner Case Studies (2014 San Francisco) NetApp -- View VideoIntel -- View VideoNetscout - View VideoF5 -- View VideoEMC -- View Video
BRKSPG-3864 - Advanced - Cloud and NFV Services delivery with Cisco Virtual Packet Edge (2014 Milan) Service provider cloud based offerings gain more popularity with an ever increasing set of possible applications. The recent trend to Network Function Virtualization enriches the possible services portfolio to be delivered out of a  Service provider datacenter . A scalable and automated way of delivering such cloud services is paramount for service providers who want to be successful in such a service environment.  This session will focus on Cisco's new datacenter overlay solution (Virtual Packet Edge) and explain how Service Provider NFV and Virtual Private Cloud services can be easily and effortlessly managed by means of the VPE solution. It will detail the solution's control and data plane components and the service orchestration steps. We will dive into its use of SDN and RESTful APIs, and how virtualized services are spawned, managed throughout their lifecycle and automatically integrated with pre-existing network based VPN offerings (MPLS VPN).
BRKPCS-2028 - Unified, Flexible and Affordable Network Management (2013 Orlando) Network management technology should be designed to make managing IT environments and delivering services to users less complicated – without sacrificing adaptability or draining budgets. In this session, a solutions expert from Ipswitch (WhatsUp Gold)  will share proven best practices to help you simplify IT operations by unifying network management, log management, and application performance monitoring with a solution that makes both your tasks and your network easier to manage. Our experts will dig deep into systems, networks, services, applications – and those who rely upon them to do their jobs – to uncover common challenges and considerations when addressing a comprehensive approach to IT management. In tandem, you’ll hear from a peer (aka, one of our customers) who will share real-world experiences and tangible results that will help you further identify how our solutions can provide tangible benefits to your network environment.
PSOCRS-2020 - Converged Access: Wired & Wireless innovations (2014 Milan) When I started my career you would either be a LAN or a WAN guy. If you knew switching, you didn't know routing. And the other way around. Nowadays a guy like that would be very hard to find. You just can't know the one without the other! Currently we're at the same point with wired and wireless. You can't see LAN without WLAN and you can't see a wireless network without switching. This session will update you on the latest and greatest in network convergence. We will tell you everything you need to know on Unified Access. On One Policy, One Management and One Network. We will show you the ins and outs of the 3650's and 3850's and we will make sure you will walk out of the session with 10 things you didn't know about Unified Access and Converged Access.  
BRKGS-2526 - Driving UC Adoption across all platforms, mobile, desktop and meeting room. (2014 Milan)  Despite data suggesting increased investment and deployment, the past decade has seen much lower true adoption of Unified Communications (UC) than expected.  This is in part due to end-user barriers, including difficulty installing and using devices, as well as a lack of true understanding of the benefits of UC.  This partner session will tackle these challenges and help businesses move to higher adoption rates and more productive use of the Cisco Collobration tools in which they have already invested.  This presentation will include both hardware and software elements, as well as best practices for driving adoption at the end user level. Please note that the session length is 20 minutes.
BRKPCS-2015 - Cloud Case Study: How Verizon's Cisco Powered services enable Warner Brothers in the cloud (2013 Orlando) Many businesses and organizations evaluating cloud technology are concerned about how they can migrate from existing premise-based infrastructure to hybrid architectures comprised of premise-, managed-, and cloud-based services. This session will describe how one of Verizon�s customers has successfully completed the transition to cloud and how they implemented a solution that aligns with their business needs and scale. You will learn best practices for evaluating various cloud services, including how to verify that services will provide the performance and reliability you have come to expect from your own enterprise network, how to accelerate return on investment, and how to be able to leverage ongoing innovation in cloud technology without having to make further capital investment or disrupt day-to-day operations.
PSOCOL-1001 - Cisco Collaboration Applications (2013 Orlando) Collaboration Applications help improve productivity with presence, IM, voice, video, conferencing and social software capabilities and they provide a more flexible collaboration environment by making these capabilities available on tablets, smartphones and laptops. Cisco Collaboration Applications consist of WebEx Meetings, for web conferencing, that lets you see, hear, and share content and applications in real-time with others; Jabber, a unified communications application, that helps you find people, see if and how they are available, and instantly collaborate with chat, voice and video; WebEx Social, for social collaboration, that lets you create and securely share content, find experts and resources and more Attendees will learn how: the applications help improve productivity and transform business processes; users can to access these applications from anywhere on their device of choice; the solutions are designed to meet the needs of enterprise IT organizations
BRKSEC-2900 - Cloud Managed Security with Meraki MX (2013 Orlando) Meraki's cloud managed networking portfolio includes out-of-the-box capabilities to help administrators secure their network environments. This session will provide an introduction to the Meraki architecture and a deep-dive into the Meraki MX security appliance product line. Presenter will feature a live demo of key features such as Auto VPN, client fingerprinting, identity-based policies, intrusion detection, and more.
BSACOL-1005 - Mapping Business Communication Methods & Workflows into an Innovative Architecture (2013 Orlando) This session will provide a proven business alignment technique with a strong focus on innovation. This mapping process links common requirements, communication methods, devices and workplaces to the latest trending collaboration capabilities. It also maps critical business policies and conditions to the required feature sets in the collaboration architecture. 10 of the most trending innovative UC & Collaboration use cases will also be revealed. At the end of the session the attendee should be equipped with a proven technique to align their strategic collaboration needs into an innovative architecture by opening up to newer and more effective ways of communicating.
BRKCCT-2052 - UCCE Deployments on Cisco UCS Platforms Best Practices (2013 Orlando) Deployment of UCCE on UCS platforms can be a complex endeavor without proper knowledge, information and methodologies. During this Cisco Live 2013 presentation, best practice design and deployment considerations will be examined to facilitate successful implementations of Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) on Cisco UCS Server Virtualized Platforms. Using these best practice processes to realize reductions in both the time and level of effort involved for these deployments will be discussed as well. This session will provide the attendee information as to the distinct advantages of utilizing Cisco best practice guidelines to enable the deployment of UCCE on UCS consistently and with less opportunity for error. Participants will learn how the UCCE deployment procedures have changed from those of a traditional hardware model and will be provided insights into how the deployment model can be replicated for repeated use over multiple deployment scenarios. Session attendees will also receive the latest information regarding Cisco Contact Center Enterprise running on virtualization platforms including recent updates, what's just around the corner, as well as some common design pitfalls and poor practices associated with virtual machine population and upstream network connectivity.
BRKSPM-2005 - LTE Policy and Charging Control Architecture (2013 Orlando) Today's mobile internet is being driven by rapid change across the ecosystem. The challenges that mobile operators face are far more complex than just increasing data traffic. A growing number of connected devices and a growing variety of these devices ("phablets," smart meters, autos, sensors, etc.) are running more and more apps for our productivity and entertainment. Even as LTE promises to bring down the cost per bit through improved efficiencies, an always-on architecture means more concurrent sessions per subscriber on the network, with each new LTE subscriber increasing the number of transactions exponentially. Traditionally, the policy and charging rules function (PCRF) of the network is where operators mounted their defensive approach to network management -- ensuring fair usage, capping and throttling users and/or traffic types. This is what's commonly referred to as Policy 1.0. As more and more operators look to differentiate their service plans, policy control has become a strategic point of network control, not just for cutting costs, but as a way to monetize the traffic. This next level, Policy 2.0, focuses on the subscriber, the application, and how the service provider can deliver a more relevant online experience. If 3G was coverage focused; LTE is capacity focused -- ideally suited to deliver high-bandwidth, latency-intolerant, multi-media services. A scalable policy control solution must harness the capabilities of an LTE architecture to differentiate these services and create new business models based on the dynamic control of QoS at an application and flow level.
BRKDCT-2367 - OpenStack Deployment in the Enterprise / OpenStack - Implementaciòn en las empresas (2013 Cancun) OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system. More and more SP and Enterprise customers are looking for a top-to-bottom cloud stack that is rapidly deployable, open source based and does not break the bank and this is where OpenStack shines. This session will address common questions such as: What is OpenStack? Why should I use OpenStack in the Enterprise? How do I deploy OpenStack? The bulk of the session will focus on deploying OpenStack based on the Cisco OpenStack Edition starting from bare-metal provisioning all the way through the deployment of the controller and compute nodes as well as storage, and networking. A case study will be used to expand on topics such as multi-tenancy, quantum networking and application deployment. The use of open source and commercial tools such as Puppet will also be discussed. This session is very technical with a lot of configuration details.
CEWN-001 - Cisco Empowered Women's Network (2013 Cancun) TOMORROW starts here Please join us at the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network (Cisco EWN). This network is a global community of highly motivated professional women who connect at Cisco Live! and throughout the year to exchange thought leadership and grow their careers. It was launched at Cisco Live Orlando. An inclusive tomorrow starts here — and it starts with connecting you to successful and motivated women. Attend this exciting event and prepare to: Get energized with our executive panel of Cisco and customer/partner leaders Get inspired by “real and raw” role models   Únase a nosotros en la red de Cisco Empowered Women's Network (Cisco EWN). Esta red es una comunidad de mujeres profesionales altamente motivadas que se conectan en Cisco Live! y durante todo el año para el intercambio de liderazgo de pensamiento y hacer crecer su carrera. Se inició en junio en Cisco Live Orlando. Un mañana inclusive comienza aquí - y empieza conectando a mujeres exitosas y motivadas. Asista a este emocionante evento y prepárese para: Energizarse con nuestro panel de ejecutivas de Cisco Inspirarse con modelos reales a seguir
BRKSPS-2602 - EMC and Cisco: Transform Your Data Center With EMC VSPEX and Cisco Technology (2014 Milan) Deployment of private cloud can be a complex task – with VSPEX Proven Infrastructure it doesn’t have to be. This session will take an in-depth look at how VSPEX simplifies and accelerates private cloud deployment to support your most robust application SLAs. Understand the EMC and Cisco technology behind VSPEX, and learn about its benefits in real world terms – through actual an customer case study.  Come to this session to learn what VSPEX can do for your business and what it has already done for others just like you.
BRKEWN-2014 - Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed Wireless Solution (2014 Milan) Cisco Meraki's cloud-managed wireless solution provides administrators with the tools to implement scalable wireless networks enabling new business applications such as post-PC devices, mobile POS, and BYOD. This session will provide an intermediate level of information about the Cisco Meraki unique Cloud architecture, and a deep-dive into the wireless product line, including the latest 802.11ac offering. The presenter will provide live demonstrations and deployment strategies for key features platform, including client fingerprinting, layer 7 traffic shaping, location services, integrated MDM, and more.
ITMGEN-3200 - Influencing the Business Equals Increased IT Value (2013 Orlando) IT has an increasingly critical role in driving technology innovation to deliver business value and results. How can IT become an influencer and drive the discussion and decisions made by the business? Cisco leaders will share insights into how to influence business counterparts and discuss multiplying the value you can bring through a new type of relationship.
BRKNMS-2692 - DNS Architecture for Cloud Computing Environment (2014 Milan) In highly dynamic environments such as public and private cloud, Domain Name Services (DNS) updates are imperative particularly for architectural components such as availability, security, performance and scalability with respect to the application services. For example, provisioning Virtual Machines (VM) during the peak periods in order to meet the capacity on demand, the VMs must be scaled horizontally and each VM must be interfaced with the DNS. The management of all the zones, tenants, new entries and maintenance of the current configurations are important and resources such as orchestration tools and DDNS (Dynamic DNS) might help but there are some implementation challenges. This presentation is intended to provide the participants in a vendor neutral approach with detailed necessary information from client and server point of view and discuss the challenges while architecting DNS solution for public, private cloud environments.
BSADCT-1004 - Data Center Unified Infrastructure Business Strategy & Architecture Best Practices and Migration (2013 Orlando) (Title) - Data Center Unified Infrastructure Business Strategy & Architecture Best Practices and Migration: Covering Flex PoD, vBlock Design/Implementation Best Practices Architecture. Migration Best Practices Recommendations from Customers existing Architecture onto a Flex PoD / vBlock Unified Infrastructure.
BRKAPP-9000 - Introduction to Application Centric Infrastructure. (2014 Milan) This session is an intermediate session that provides detailed information on Application Centric infrastructure and the requirement to drive data center infrastructure based on application demands. The methodologies behind application development and deployment are constantly changing. The current trends of massively scalable applications, cloud deployments and DevOps practices have placed new stresses on data center infrastructure. Infrastructure has become a bottleneck for application development, deployment and growth.Application Centric Infrastructure places the application center stage in the infrastructure design process and automates the configuration of the hardware underneath. This approach provides a platform for automation, orchestration and higher level system control while bridging the language barriers between development and infrastructure teams.
PSORST-2003 - Integrated Branch Services without Compromise (2013 Orlando) You don't have to trade off performance for rich services delivery anymore. Learn about the architectural advancements of the Cisco Enterprise routing portfolio that provides tighter integration of integrated services with significantly improved performance. In this session, you will get a technical overview on how Cisco's new multi-core IOS XE architecture forwards packets and how the services virtualization layer allow you to run integrated services, such as Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Services (ASA) firewall, within the router just like they're on an appliance. You'll become the expert on this new flagship of the ISR portfolio and know more about the technology under the hood than anyone else you know.
CPC-1000 - The Cisco Powered Cloud Day Program (2014 Milan) The Cisco Powered Cloud: Connecting Businesses and Providers Please join us to gain insight into what business opportunities and challenges can be addressed with cloud. Our all-day program is designed to be a comprehensive track for organizations adopting cloud and providing cloud. You not only will learn from Cisco cloud leaders but also will hear from other industry leaders who are successfully taking advantage of the cloud with Cisco solutions. For a full Agenda of the day please refer to the Website -  
BRKPCS-2046 - Convergence: A Global Leading Healthcare Services Provider Accelerates Migration to Cloud and Delivers IT-as-a-Service (2014 San Francisco) Come hear how Molina Healthcare, a Fortune 500 Healthcare Services Provider, evolved their traditional infrastructure to a highly virtualized IT environment that supports 4.3 million Medicaid\Medicare members and 5,500 plus employees in 15 states on a foundation of VCE, EMC and Cisco technology. Molina deployed VCE Vblock Systems to become more agile in responding to growth while increasing application performance and availability. Additionally, deploying the EMC, Cisco, and VCE infrastructure has improved total cost of ownership, boosted application and storage performance by 25-40 percent due to integrated compute, storage and network processing, and provided predictable service levels and high application availability. In this session Molina will walk attendees through their journey towards building a cloud computing platform.
BRKPCS-2043 - Microsoft Pro Reveals Top 4 Troubleshooting Tips (2014 San Francisco) Learn time-saving troubleshooting strategies from a network veteran who honed his skills managing Microsoft’s global enterprise network operations. You’ll get a rare look at the performance monitoring methodologies and tools used by the software giant’s network team to ensure on-time application delivery and avoid performance problems. From this seminar, network managers and architects will take away: • Processes Microsoft pros use to quickly prioritize and respond to network fires • Steps for anticipating network problems before they occur • Strategies to cut troubleshooting steps in half • Best practices for performing root-cause analysis on 85% saturated 10 Gb links • 5 career-limiting comments to avoid when fire-fighting with other IT teams
ITMGEN-3150 - Initial Steps to Building Your Catalog: Working Session (2014 Milan) Having a well-structured service catalog is foundational to achieving the benefits of IT as a Service.  During this session, you will hear key lessons learned during the evolution of the their Services Catalog over the past five years.  Participants will have the opportunity to work in small groups and leverage these lessons learned as they apply them to their organizations.  Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to build the catalog for their own organization.
BRKARC-1222 - Cisco MDS9000: expanding the family (2014 Milan) This session presents a detailed analyses of the new members of the market leading MDS9000 family, demonstrating their performance, reliability and flexibility. Topics include architectural design and enhanced capabilities of Cisco MDS9710 and MDS9250i, their typical use cases and interoperability with the other MDS9000 family members as well as Nexus switches. This session is designed for storage engineers involved in FC and FCoE network design and Data Centre storage architecture. An understanding of FC switching technologies and FCoE benefits is assumed.  
COCDCT-2765 - Inside Cisco IT: Migrating Cisco Oracle ERP systems from RISC/UNIX to Cisco UCS (2013 Cancun) Inside Cisco IT: Migrating Cisco Oracle ERP systems from RISC/UNIX to Cisco UCS
BRKNEG-1128 - XPORTAL: Security and Digital City / Seguridad y Ciudad Digital (2013 Cancun) Issues and Security Solutions for your Business or Project. Temas y Soluciones de Seguridad para tu Negocio o Proyecto.
BRKNEG-1123 - XPORTAL: xPortal Evolution / Evoluciòn de xPortal (2013 Cancun) Case of Studies and Development of xPortal Group Casos de Éxito y Desarrollo de xPortal Group
BRKSUP-2444 - CONNEXT BY MIGESA: Development of Projects of Unified Control / Experiencias en el Desarrollo de Proyectos de Control Unificado (2013 Cancun) SUPER SESSION - CONNEXT BY MIGESA: Development of Projects of Unified Control / Experiencias en el Desarrollo de Proyectos de Control Unificado
BRKEVT-2809 - Understanding Cisco TelePresence Conductor (2013 Melbourne) The key to any successful conferencing service is to make the experience simple, natural, reliable and predictable. Cisco TelePresence Conductor can be used to improve simplicity tremendously by overcoming many of the challenges that the TelePresence MCU administrator would traditionally encounter. Cisco TelePresence technology ensures a simple, natural conferencing experience for every user and every meeting. This session will cover an overview of the Cisco TelePresence Conductor product, how it can be configured, how it can be deployed, and the solutions it provides video administrators.
BRKCOM-1001 - UCS Fabric Fundamentals (2013 Melbourne) This session provides an introduction to UCS Fabric/Networking components. The session does not assume previous UCS familiarity and is intended as a basic introduction for server, LAN and SAN administrators. The session covers the components, their role in the providing network connectivity and basic configuration tasks for server, LAN and SAN administrators.
ITMGEN-4839 - Simplify IT and Ignite Innovation with Oracle and Cisco (2012 San Diego) Join us for a breakfast conversation on how you can foster more innovation in your organization and improve productivity and performance by streamlining IT.
ITMGEN-4647 - Optimizing the Workforce of the Future: When Generations Collide (2012 San Diego) By 2016, 50% of the workforce will be millennials, along with Gen X, Gen Y and Baby Boomers. This creates an unprecedented mixture of cultures, learning styles, business acumen and technology proficiency. How are IT departments preparing for this influx of new workers, while retaining the experience and efficiencies of older workers? How do the expectations and rewards for the generations differ? What truly motivates them? What do you need to do to attract, cater to and understand the future workforce? Join this interactive session as we dig into the strengths and weaknesses of the generations and what they need to be successful both personally and for the business.
ITMGEN-4632 - Innovation in the Enterprise (2012 San Diego) Everyone talks a lot about innovative being a key driver to success, but exactly how do you create an innovative enterprise or business unit? How can you take advantage of market transitions and create a more inspired, efficient IT organization? Hear from leading experts, Thomas Koulopoulos, Author and Founder, Delphi Group and Carlos Dominguez, SVP, Cisco, as they discuss how they see innovative taking root within IT.
ATE-CL209 - Ortronics: Passive Thermal Management in the Data Centre (2012 London) This session will address the key issue of thermal management in the data centre. Ortronics, a Group brand Legrand, will begin at the foundation level, with best practices in infrastructure design, and subsequently address the specific steps to take when implementing a cold aisle containment system. Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of practical airflow improvements and the resulting energy and cost savings for their facility
BRKPCS-4908 - Security Architecture: Coordinating Your Defenses (2012 San Diego) Today's hybrid networks are complex, dynamic, and ever-changing and threat landscapes are constantly evolving. Today's sophisticated security opponents are systemically assessing the weakest links in your security architecture. Your defenses are the strength of your aggregate security elements. In fact, the actual exposure of your critical resources is greatly impacted by the collective state of your infrastructure configuration TODAY; and may not be related to the findings from a penetration test two months ago. Thwarting today's sophisticated enterprise attacks requires consideration of more than just potential direct attacks, but also scenarios that involve indirect attacks. While scanning and penetration testing can provide important insights, they are limited to evaluating active conditions at a specific point in time. Join us as we talk about how systemic, automated continuous monitoring and analysis of your enterprise security architecture is a necessary strategy to winning today's security battles and can help your skilled resources prioritize their efforts to shut down attack paths and threat sources and make better daily operational decisions.
BRKNMS-1032 - Network Management KPI's (2012 San Diego) An introduction to Network Management KPI's ( Key Performance Indicators) and best practices on what they mean and how they should be implemented. This session is intended for Technical leads and Managers that work in Operations, or with Operation teams. Understanding KPI's is important and how to use them to present information to your customer as well as how to use the data to improve internally. Session will also include an overview of ITIL with a focus on Incident, Change, and Problem Management. It will cover QA checks what they are some key points on what to do and not to do. Sample of where the data comes from and what the process is to generate the final KPi’s and graphs etc. The session is not technology specific and does not dive deeply into any technology specific KPI’s. It does cover generic Operational KPI’s based around the ITIL process guidelines in detail.
BRKSEC-2003 - IPv6 Security Threats and Mitigations (2012 Melbourne) This technical session is about the security of IPv6 protocol and leverages the attendee's knowledge of network security. The session starts with threats common to IPv4 and IPv6 networks with topics like neighbour discovery, IP spoofing, and scanning by worms, ICMP security policy. It then addresses some specific IPv6 issues like transition mechanisms (especially tunnelling techniques and dual-stack network), extension headers, use of IPsec. Finally, the session covers how to enforce an IPv6 security policy and how to securely transport IPv6 on a public Internet (being IPv4 or IPv6). The session is mainly for enterprise networks, session BRKSPG-2603 is the SP version. Basic knowledge of IPv6 and a broad understanding of security in an IPv4 network are prerequisites.
GENSS-1298 - Partner Super Session (2013 Orlando) Join John Graham, Vice President for Systems Engineering in the Americas Geographic Region at Cisco and key Cisco partners in a unique fireside chat session focusing on emerging industry trends, the related technology challenges, and the potential solutions. This session will help you put your week of learning in the context and provide fresh insight into the changes in store for the industry and your career.
PSOSPG-1305 - Service Provider Cloud Managed Services (2014 San Francisco) Service Providers seek private cloud capabilities to improve its services and market delivery. SPs are also exploring becoming public cloud providers as well. This session will talk to both business segments.
BSACOL-1002 - Implementing an Integrated Solution for Enterprise Mobility and Collaboration (2013 Orlando) Mobility is critical to any enterprise collaboration strategy. Mobility was ranked the 2nd most important priority in Gartner's annual CIO survey - up from 12th priority just 3-4 years ago. Mobilizing your collaboration investments is no small task. It is an enterprise wide project that involves people, processes and technologies. It is essential that companies have an integrated strategy to connect their business imperatives to mobile collaboration business transformation opportunities. In this session you will learn best practices and key considerations for developing an integrated mobility and collaboration architecture including: 1) Evaluating technology options such as device/app/content management, wireless infrastructure, virtualization, remote access, reporting and analytics 2) Refining existing processes such as defining compliance, eligibility, rate and reimbursement policies 3) Taking into account people considerations such as enforcing EULA and mobile usage policies.
BRKSPV-2018 - App Development with the Videoscape Open API (2013 Orlando) Until now, the SP Video service comprised of delivery to a STB provided by the SP in a very closed and vertical model - recently, adding support for unmanaged devices like iPads etc have opened this out, but the APIs are still closed and only available by the SP developers. This session explores an open web-services-based open API available to all developers for all devices. We will walk through coding expamples on how a developer can access content and metadata from a SP's video system to provide a rich companion app for multiple devices.
PSOEWN-2003 - Connected Mobile Experiences - Under the Hood (2013 Orlando) This session will provide an update on the latest in Cisco wireless: Connected Mobile Experiences and Mobility Services Engine technology. It will include the latest updates in the Mobility Services Engine 8.0 release, as well as advances in partner technology that delivers additional location-aware mobile services. We will also discuss some of the use cases with customers we are working with currently.
ITMGEN-3000 - Welcome & Introduction (2013 Orlando) Join your hosts, Guillermo Diaz and Lance Perry as they kick off the IT Management Program 2013.
BRKGS-2529 - 5 Successful VM Data Protection Strategies on UCS (2014 Milan) VMware and Hyper-V environments demand the best options for data protection that deliver the quickest RTOs, the most RPOs and the richest list of recovery options; both on-site and leveraging cloud technologies. This 20-minute session will highlight 5 key ways VM data protection can be done well when running on Cisco UCS. Join Rick Vanover from Veeam Software to see: -How key virtualization frameworks aid data protection strategies with vSphere and Hyper-V -How to design a data protection strategy with Cisco UCS -Why Cisco UCS enhances VM data protection strategies Please note that the session length is 20 minutes.
BRKSAN-2267 - Unified Storage Access Design (2013 Orlando) A 90 minute introduction and overview to all things storage related at the access layer. Some of which include (but not limited to): Unified Wire UCS iSCSI NFS FCoE Boot from SAN
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