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udayakumar srinivasan Software Engineer, Cisco
Andy Johnston Product Marketing Manager, Cisco
Yang Yang Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Steve Sturges Manager Engineering, Cisco
Payal Singh Solution Engineer - Business Development, F5 Networks
Keith Bareham Solution Architect, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Jay Iyer Distinguished Engineer, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Anurag Aggarwal Product Manager, Cisco
Ken Beck Principal Engineer, Cisco
Vikas Butaney Senior Director, Product, Cisco
Paco Bolanos CSE IoT BU LATAM, Cisco
Ruediger Bohn Manager Sales Consultant EMEA, Cisco Systems
Christian Falckenberg Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Mala Anand Senior Vice President, Cisco
Matthew Hurford Director - Systems Engineering & Alliances, NetApp
Ian Oppermann Chief Data Scientist, NSW Data Analytics Centre
Gopala Naganaboyina Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems
Michael Cohen Principal Engineer, Cisco
Jeffrey Wong Solution Architect - Cisco Alliance, F5 Networks
Christian Martin Director. Engineering, Cisco
Ian Bailie Senior Director, Talent Acquisition and People Planning Operations, Cisco
Adam Kalsey Manager, Technical Marketing, Cisco
Oren Seliger IT Program Manager, Cisco
Chris Martin TSA, Cisco
Mike Olivere SRE Engineer, Advanced Network Information
Iqbal Syed Product Manager, Cisco Systems Inc
Jennifer Valentine Systems Engineer, Cisco
Fabio Giannetti Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems
Rob Watt Product Architect, Cisco Meraki
Bill Hudson Technical Leader, Cisco
Charles Eckel Open Source Developer Evangelist, Cisco
steve Poulson Research Engineer, Cisco Systems
Tobias Huelsdau Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems
Christopher Davy Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Juraj Linkes Engineer - Software, Cisco
Tom Alexander technical leader, cisco
Ted Bedwell Principal Engineer, Cisco
parthivs Shah technical Leader, Cisco Systems Inc.
Mark Pretty Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Kon Georgopoulos Cloud Sales, Cisco
Gagan Singh Dir, Mktg, Cisco
Dr. Craig Sable, M.D. MD, Children's National Medical Center
Robert Raver Sr. Manager IT Operations, CORNERSTONE ONDEMAND
Scott Brown Vice President, Enterprise and Public Sector, Asia Pacific and Japan, Cisco
Ranjana Jwalaniah Customer Support Engineer, Cisco
Soren Dulong Andreasen Technology Solutions Architect, Cisco
Syed Hassan Technical Leader, cisco
Abdul Rasheed Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Symantec
Brendan Watters Instructor, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
Andrea Girardi CTO, Maserati
Lars Haugan Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Kevin Kuhls Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Virendra Singh Architect, Cisco Systems
Anil Kuriakose Technical Leader. Engineering, Cisco Systems
Michael Glickman SVP.GLOBAL SP - TELCO, MOBILE & WEB, Cisco
Veronika Klauzova FirePOWER TAC Team Lead, Cisco
Michael La Fauci Principal Product Manager, VCE
Justin Buchanan Sr. Manager Product Management, Cisco Systems
Eli Fuchs Product Line Manager, Cisco
Sachin Sharma Desktop Product Marketing Manager, VMware
Wissam Ali-Ahmad Sr. Solutions Architect, Tech Alliances, Splunk, Inc.
Yuri Lukin Solutions Integration Architect, Cisco
Venkat Kirishnamurthyi Technical Leader, Cisco
Dragan Zaric AS Manager, Cisco
Ciprian Popoviciu CEO and Founder, Nephose6
James McKee Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Mike Turnbow Technical Solutions Manager, Cisco
William Allison Network Engineer, Advanced Network Information
Joe Montes Consulting Systems Engineer - Security, Cisco
Mitch KUMAR Solutions Architect, Cisco
John Combs Senior Manager for Accessibility & Telecom, Cisco
Kevin Skahill Sr. Director, Product Management, Cisco
Gamini Bulumulle Solution Architect, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Gavin Kwait Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Herbert Wildfeuer California, Cisco
Peter Magyar Head of Contact Center, ZUNO BANK
Moises Polishuk Director General, ASISTE
Kumar Kuppuswamy Technical Leader, Cisco Advanced Services, Cisco
Tony Nally Engineering Manager, Cisco
Fabio David Solutions Architect, Cisco Systems
Marco Roeffen CSE, Cisco
Mark Noe Solutions Architect, Cisco
XXXXRene Gonzales Mr, Cisco
Juan Lage Principal Engineer, Cisco
Michael Mendoza Customer Support Engineer, Cisco Systems
Nick Freije Network, Communications and IA Lead System Engineer, SPAWAR SSC-PACIFIC
Abdul Rahim Technical Leader, Cisco
Ryan Blace Director, Molina Healthcare
Vimarsh Puneet Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco System
Joerg Grauvogl Senior Network Engineer, T-Systems International GmbH
Yvette Kanouff SVP/GM Service Provider Business, Cisco
Aadil Hassim Systems Engineer, Cisco
Suhail Syed Sr. Product Manager, Cisco
Sebastian Jeuk Senior Software Engineer, CIsco Systems
Faiyaz Shahpurwala SVP, Cisco
Nicolae Matau Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems
Stuart Lyons Network Security Engineer, Human Kinetics
Liz Kiewiet Network Engineer, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Sam Trad Security Account Manager, Cisco
RENATO DA SILVEIRA PAZOTTO S+CC - LATAM Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems
Mario Gianni CSE, Cisco
Anthony Sequeira Senior Technical Instructor, CBT Nuggets
Derek Tay TME, Cisco
Peter LeBlanc Director of Network Systems, DELTA HEALTH SYSTEMS
Matthew Ayre Customer Support Engineer, Cisco
Cedric Grande DC Solutions Architect, Cisco
Sanjit Roy Customer Support Engineer, Cisco
Shahid Shafi Staff Manager, IT, QUALCOMM INC
David Ward Chief Architect & CTO, Engineering, Cisco
Thomas Doria Senior Manager, GMCC Strategic Marketing, Cisco
Philip Trease Program lead, Cisco
Michal Stanczy Customer Support Engineer, Cisco
Mike Flannagan VP/GM Data and Analytics, Cisco Execs
Ryan Shoemaker Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Vikram Kumaran Technical Leader, Cisco
Adrian De Luca Chief Technology Officer & Pre-Sales Director, ANZ, Hitachi Data Systems
Jeronimo Diez De Sollano Executive Director Network Experience, AT&T
Rebecca Holm Breinholdt Sales Business Development Manager, Cisco
Efrat Noy Demo Lead, Cisco
Matt Tarkington Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems
Joe LeBlanc CSE, Cisco
Ellora Sengupta Sr. Manager, Cisco
Bopaiah Puliyanda Product Manager, Cisco
Paul Shelton Practice Architect, CDW
Bruce Ecklund Senior Director, APM Solutions Strategy
Bill Zeng Technical Solution Architect, Cisco
Arup Chakravarty Principal Architect, Cisco
Gil Cruz Senior Director, Cisco SP Video Architecture, Cisco
Carsten Sorensen Senior Lecturer, London School of Economics
Luke Clifford IT Engineer, Cisco
Simon Knight Software Engineer, Cisco
Steven Wood Principal Engineer, Technical Marketing, Cisco
Didier Dhaenens IT Director, Cisco
Roberto Garcia Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Viswanath Jakka Product Manager, Cisco
Rahul Parameswaran Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Scott Harrell VP Product Management, Cisco, Cisco
Rami Rammaha Sr. Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems
Barry Ackerman Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco
Walid Issa Product Manager, Cisco
Paul Qiu Senior Solutions Architect, Cisco
Darren Anstee Arbor Networks EMEA Solutions Architect, Arbor Networks
Helene Dalmar IT Manager, Cisco Systems
Nikita Singh Content Engineer, CISCO SYSTEMS
Liz Centoni SVP/GM Computing Systems Product Group, Cisco
Byung Wook Cho Customer Support Engineer, Cisco
Babi Seal Senior Product Manager, Cisco
Saqeb Akhter Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
John Boyd TechWiseTV, Cisco
Olivier MOLL Marketing, SFR BUSINESS
Dirk Woellhaf Systems Engineer, Cisco
Rohit Agarwalla Senior Technical Leader, Cisco
Mohit Agrawal Sr. Architect, Cisco
Colin Lowenberg CNG Staff, Cisco
Robert Lloyd President, Development and Sales, Cisco, Cisco
Jaishree Subramania Director, Internet of Things, Cisco
Kevin O'Sullivan Lead Engineer, SITA
Sandy Hogan VP, Business Transformation, Cisco
Philip Smeuninx Technical Leader Services, Cisco
Chris Lewis Product Manager, Cisco
Aamer Akhter Director Product and Solutions, Cisco Systems
Alexandre Moraes Consulting Systems Engineer, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Andrew Ossipov Principal Engineer, Cisco
Arnel Dionisio Technical Leader, Cisco
Baha Akman Technical Leader, Cisco
Ben Kelly IT Architect, Cisco
Blayne Dreier Software Engineer, Cisco
John McDonough Custom Application Engineer, Cisco Systems
Bruce Pinsky Distinguished Engineer, Intuit, Inc
Carlos Pereira Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco
Peter Jerhamre Systems Engineer, Cisco
Paul Merry Director Customer Solutions, Cisco Systems
Paul Wolfe Product Marketing Manager
Scott Laffer Engineer.Customer Support, Cisco
Walid Wakim Principal Engineer, Cisco
David Allnutt Director, Cisco
Daniel Luu Product Manager, Cisco Systems
Abhijit Dey Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Alex Chiu Cisco
Christopher Jackson Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco
Soni Jiandani Senior Vice President, Marketing, Cisco
David Perez Gil Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Craig Hyps Prinicipal Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Systems
Kevin Chatow Director, Cisco
Therdtoon Theerasasana Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems
Dan Keller Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Dan Stolt Technical Leader, Cisco
DARREN WAKE Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Dave West Chief Technology Office, Cisco
Joon Cho Principal Network Engineer, Intuit
Michal Grebac Strategic Sales & Marketing Director, 2Ring America, Inc.
David McGrew Fellow, Cisco
Lauren Malhoit Technologist, Cisco
Jeff Wicks Chief Security Officer, Cisco Cloud Offerings, Cisco
Dino Farinacci Cisco Fellow, Cisco
Emmanuel Tychon Solutions Architect, Cisco
Eric Hamel CSA, Cisco
Erick Burgess Technical Leader, Cisco
Flavien Richard Mobility Solutions Architect, Cisco
Mark Hazell Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems
Frederick Niehaus Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Gonzalo Sagueiro Principal Engineer.Services, Cisco
Suresha Bhat Director IS, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Stuart Hall Cisco
Jake Woodhams Senior Manager, Technical Marketing, Cisco
Jason Guy Technical Lead Engineer, Cisco
Gabriele Galimberti Principal Engineer, Cisco Photonics
Jason Shaw Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Walter Sulym Security Engineer, Cisco
Javier Contreras Albesa WNG escalation lead, Cisco Systems
Jazib Frahim CTO, Cisco Security Solutions, Cisco
gerald tonies Healthcare Architect, Cisco
James French Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco
Aaron Soto Instructor, TCS
Gregory Johnson CSE, Cisco Systems Inc.
Joe Dallatore Manager, Cisco
Jon Snyder Product Manager, Engineering, Cisco
Jon Woolwine Distinguished Engineer, IT, Cisco
Karan Sheth Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Kelly Fleshner Communications Architect, Cisco
Bruce McDougall Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Krishnan Thirukonda Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Larry Mainers President, SubZero Engineering
Jay Romero Sr. Director, IT Operations, Erickson Living
Robert Novak Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Gordon Thomson Director, Borderless Networks EMEAR, Cisco
Louis Watta Technical Lead, Cisco Services, Cisco
Sean McGee DSE, Cisco
James Schultz Product Manager - CSR 1000V, Cisco
Harbrinder Kang Vice-President, Cisco
David Brockman Accessibility Technical Lead, Cisco
Mark Johnson Technical Educational Consultant, Cisco
Max Alvarado Systems Engineer, Cisco
Kirin Sinha Founder and Executive Director, Shine for Girls
Matt Birkner Distinguished Services Engineer, Cisco
Matt Lewis Manager, Cisco
Mel Robbins A Motivational Experience, Social Pass
Mike Chen SW Engineer, Cisco
Mike Burgard Bank Easy
Michael Kowal Vertical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Brian Brown Solutions Integration Architect, Cisco
Michael OBrien Technical Leader, Cisco
Marc Duvoisin VP Software, DiData
George Rubio Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing, Cisco
Vilma Stoss Advanced Services Sr. Director - Mobility and SP Video IDT, Cisco
Mukhtiar Shaikh Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco
Bryn Pounds Solutions Architect, Cisco
Michael Biggs Technical Support Manager, Statseeker
Ed Kim Manager, Technical Services, Cisco
Syed Mir VP Corporate Services & CIO, London Hydro
Nitin Bhasin Mgr. Advanced Services, Cisco
Panos Kampanakis TME, Cisco
Patrick Viscosi Network Engineer / Cisco IT, Cisco
Selim Budakoglu Solutions Architect, Cisco
Tony Dubiel Software Solutions Architect, Cisco
Adam Hogan Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Paul Stryer ACE, Cisco
PLAMEN NEDELTCHEV Distinguished IT Engineer, Cisco
Raghu Karinthi Software Engineer, Cisco
Ralf Wolter Sr. Manager, Cisco
Ray O'Hanlon Data Center Solution Architect, Cisco
Roland Saville Technical Leader Engineer, Cisco Systems
Richard Lovelace BDM, Cisco
Robert Burns Services Technical Leader, Cisco
Ron Fuller Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Salman Asadullah Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
Jeremy Oakey Sr Dir, CloudCenter Technical Marketing and Integration, CISCO SYSTEMS
Santiago Alvarez Distinguished Engineer, Technical Marketing, Cisco
David Brown CTO BT Life Sciences for R&D, BT
Shannon McFarland Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
Sheikh Rehan Technical Leader Services, Cisco
Lucy Belloni CSE, Cisco systems
Stephen Orr DSE, Cisco
Steve Simlo IPv6 Product Manager, Cisco
Shannon Fuller IT Manager, Cisco
Steven Allspach Product Sales Specialist, Cisco Systems
Udayan Palekar Sr. Product Line Manager, Wireless, Cisco
Tejal Patel NCE, Cisco
Tejas Shah Product Manager, CVG, Cisco
Aaron Kerr Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Thuy Bui Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Michael Mercier CSE Security, Cisco Systems
Tom Kunath Solutions Architect, Cisco
Eugene Korneychuk CSE, Cisco Systems
Valerio Viscardi Business Dev. Manager, Cisco
Heather Yurko Senior Manager, GSLO-IT, Cisco
Vincent Ng Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Waris Sagheer Senior Manager Technical Marketing, Cisco Systems Inc.
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