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Kon Georgopoulos Cloud Sales, Cisco
Gagan Singh Dir, Mktg, Cisco
Dr. Craig Sable, M.D. MD, Children's National Medical Center
Jordan Gackowski Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Robert Raver Sr. Manager IT Operations, CORNERSTONE ONDEMAND
Scott Brown Vice President, Enterprise and Public Sector, Asia Pacific and Japan, Cisco
Ranjana Jwalaniah Customer Support Engineer, Cisco
Wei Zou Solution Architect - Transportation, Cisco
Abdul Rasheed Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Symantec
Brendan Watters Instructor, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
Andrea Girardi CTO, Maserati
Lars Haugan Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Virendra Singh Architect, Cisco Systems
Ronny Guillaume Consulting System Engineer, Cisco
Michael La Fauci Principal Product Manager, VCE
Justin Buchanan Director of Product Management, Cisco Systems
Eli Fuchs Product Line Manager, Cisco
Sachin Sharma Desktop Product Marketing Manager, VMware
Wissam Ali-Ahmad Sr. Solutions Architect, Tech Alliances, Splunk, Inc.
Dragan Zaric AS Manager, Cisco
James McKee Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
William Allison Network Engineer, Cisco
Joe Montes Consulting Systems Engineer - Security, Cisco
Mitch KUMAR Solutions Architect, Cisco
John Combs Senior Manager for Accessibility & Telecom, Cisco
Kevin Skahill Sr. Director, Product Management, Cisco
Gamini Bulumulle Solution Architect, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Gavin Kwait Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Herbert Wildfeuer California, Cisco
Moises Polishuk Director General, ASISTE
Kumar Kuppuswamy Technical Leader, Cisco Advanced Services, Cisco
Marco Roeffen CSE, Cisco
Mark Noe Solutions Architect, Cisco
Nick Freije Network, Communications and IA Lead System Engineer, SPAWAR SSC-PACIFIC
Ryan Blace Director, Molina Healthcare
Yvette Kanouff SVP/GM Service Provider Business, Cisco
Suhail Syed Sr. Product Manager, Cisco
Faiyaz Shahpurwala SVP, Cisco
Puneet Konghot Nair Product Manager, Cisco
William Pedraza Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco
Helen Greiner CEO and Founder, CyPhy Works
Giovanni Meo Technical Leader, Cisco
Adrian Cockcroft Technology Fellow, Battery Ventures
Jeff MacTavish Global SBD Manager HyperConverged Cisco, Cisco
Jaishree Subramania Senior Director, Services Marketing, Cisco
Kevin O'Sullivan Lead Engineer, SITA
Philip Smeuninx Technical Leader Services, Cisco
Chris Lewis Product Manager, Cisco
Alexandre Moraes Consulting Systems Engineer, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Arnel Dionisio Technical Leader, Cisco
Ben Kelly IT Architect, Cisco
Blayne Dreier Software Engineer, Cisco
Paul Merry Director Customer Solutions, Cisco Systems
Paul Wolfe Product Marketing Manager
Walid Wakim Principal Engineer, Cisco
David Allnutt Director, Cisco
Daniel Luu Product Manager, Cisco Systems
Abhijit Dey Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Soni Jiandani Senior Vice President, Marketing, Cisco
David Perez Gil Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Kevin Chatow Director, Cisco
Therdtoon Theerasasana Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Dan Stolt Technical Leader, Cisco
DARREN WAKE Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Dave West Chief Technology Office, Cisco
Joon Cho Principal Network Engineer, Intuit
David McGrew Fellow, Cisco
Lauren Malhoit Technologist, Cisco
Jeff Wicks Chief Security Officer, Cisco Cloud Offerings, Cisco
Dino Farinacci Cisco Fellow, Cisco
Mark Hazell Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems
Frederick Niehaus Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Suresha Bhat Director IS, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Stuart Hall Cisco
Jake Woodhams Senior Manager, Technical Marketing, Cisco
Taylor Skaufel Business Analyst, Cisco
Jason Guy Technical Lead Engineer, Cisco
Walter Sulym Security Engineer, Cisco
gerald tonies Healthcare Architect, Cisco
James French Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco
Aaron Soto Instructor, TCS
Gregory Johnson CSE, Cisco Systems Inc.
Joe Dallatore Manager, Cisco
Kelly Fleshner Communications Architect, Cisco
Bruce McDougall Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Krishnan Thirukonda Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Larry Mainers President, SubZero Engineering
Jay Romero Sr. Director, IT Operations, Erickson Living
Robert Novak Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Mark Scanlan Business Architect for Consumer Industries, Cisco
Gordon Thomson Director, Borderless Networks EMEAR, Cisco
Louis Watta Technical Lead, Cisco Services, Cisco
Sean McGee DSE, Cisco
Harbrinder Kang VP.CORPORATE AFFAIRS, Cisco
David Brockman Accessibility Technical Lead, Cisco
Max Alvarado Systems Engineer, Cisco
Kirin Sinha Founder and Executive Director, Shine for Girls
Matt Lewis Sr. Manager, Cisco
Mel Robbins A Motivational Experience, Social Pass
Mike Chen SW Engineer, Cisco
Mike Burgard Bank Easy
Brian Brown Solutions Integration Architect, Cisco
Michael OBrien Technical Leader, Cisco
Marc Duvoisin VP Software, DiData
George Rubio Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing, Cisco
Mukhtiar Shaikh Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco
Ed Kim Manager, Technical Services, Cisco
Syed Mir VP Corporate Services & CIO, London Hydro
Nitin Bhasin Mgr. Advanced Services, Cisco
Panos Kampanakis TME, Cisco
Patrick Viscosi Network Design Engineer / Cisco IT, Cisco
Selim Budakoglu Solutions Architect, Cisco
Adam Hogan Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Paul Stryer ACE, Cisco
PLAMEN NEDELTCHEV Distinguished IT Engineer, Cisco
Raghu Karinthi Software Engineer, Cisco
Ray O'Hanlon Data Center Solution Architect, Cisco
Roland Saville Technical Leader Engineering, Cisco Systems
Richard Lovelace BDM, Cisco
Jeremy Oakey Sr Dir, CloudCenter Technical Marketing and Integration, Cisco
Santiago Alvarez Distinguished Engineer, Technical Marketing, Cisco
Sheikh Rehan Technical Leader Services, Cisco
Lucy Belloni CSE, Cisco systems
Siva Sivakumar Senior Director, UCS Solutions, Cisco
Shannon Fuller IT Manager, Cisco
Tejas Shah Product Manager, CVG, Cisco
Aaron Kerr Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Thuy Bui Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Michael Mercier CSE Security, Cisco Systems
Tom Kunath Solutions Architect, Cisco
Eugene Korneychuk Customer Support Engineer, Cisco Systems
Heather Yurko Senior Manager, GSLO-IT, Cisco
Vincent Ng Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Waris Sagheer Senior Manager Technical Marketing, Cisco Systems Inc.
Niall McAndrew Technical Consultant, CommScope
Melissa Gallinelli Director, HR, Cisco
Bobbie Martin Technical Marketing Engineer Manager, Cisco
Eruch Kapadia Technical Leader, Cisco
Dana Blair Principal Engineer, Cisco
Jeremy Moschner High Touch Engineer, Cisco
Michael Auger solutions architect, Cisco
Chris Botting General Manager, Cisco
Jim Robshaw Americas IT Leader, Cisco
Kent Boucher Accessibility Technial Leader, Cisco
Alexander Bakharevskiy Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Andrew Myles Manager, Standards, Cisco
Rajendra Kumar Thirumurthi Technical Leader, Cisco
Rashmi Sinha Head, SlideShare, LINKEDIN LTD
Cameron Dry Systems Engineer, Cisco
Gerardo Santiago SE, Cisco
Gary Reynolds Manager Network Engineering, DLA Piper US LLP
Gavin Reid CyberCzar, Cisco
Tom Mulvey Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco
Peter Milligan Sr. Manager, Solutions Marketing, Cisco
Navinjai Mittal Sr. Manager, Products and Solutions Marketing, Cisco
Juan Losa Head of Engineering. Innovation 4 Risk, Fraud & Security, BBVA
Tyler Creek Communications Architect, Cisco Systems
Charlie Thorpe Collaboration SE, Cisco
Diane Gongaware Sr Director, CISCO SYSTEMS
Nina Westvold Director of Contact Center Operations, AMERICAN CENTURY INVESTMENTS
Roy Boos Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco
Amir Hartman Founder & Managing Director, Mainstay Salire
Adrian Wang Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Rabih Masri Technical Leader, Cisco
Matt Johnson Technical Leader, Office of the CTO - Cloud, Cisco
Andrea Verri Technology Solutions Architect, Cisco
Matt Healy Senior Information Security Investigator, Cisco
Monica Balastik Solutions Readiness Engineer, Cisco
Teru Sato Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco
Rodrigo Nascimento Database Performance Engineer, NetApp
Serhii Kucherenko Engineer Customer Support, Cisco
Deb Berberian Sr. Manager, Technology Supplier Management, Cisco
Vibov Bhan Sr Technical Lead, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Joseph Muniz Technical Solutions Architect -, Cisco
Marc Blackmer Product Marketing Manager, Industry Solutions, Cisco
Bing Khouw NCE, Cisco
Melissa Smith Application Consultant, Cisco
Peter Lamar Cisco, Cisco
Shyam Srinivasan Product Manager - Data Center Group, Cisco
Jeya Govindaraju Engineer, Cisco
Christian Calixto Customer Solutions Architect, Cisco Campus
Ronald Chandler CIO, LAUSD
Arup Chakravarty Principal Arhcitect, Cisco
An Do Nguyen Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco
Mark Doering Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Story Tweedie-Yates Product Marketing Manager, Cisco
Jim Spain TME, Cisco
Pankaj Gupta Sr. Director, Enterprise Portfolio Marketing, Cisco
Manny Garcia Member of Technical Staff, Software Engineering, Cisco Systems
Dedi Shindler Director, Product Management, Cisco
Paul Mankiewich VP/CTO/Mobility Business Group, Cisco
Rohan Grover Manager, Technical Marketing, Cisco
Tripp Sills Vertical Solution Architect, Cisco
Nicky Kearns Collaboration CSE, Cisco
Faraz Rehman Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Rod Hoffman Sr. Manager, Strategic Alliances, Citrix
Said Syed Manager, Product Engineering, Custom Engineering, Platform Engineering and Architecture, Verizon Terremark
Lauren Cooney Sr. Director, Open Source Strategy, Cisco
Carlos Torales Director Sales Business Development, Cisco
Farshad (Tony) Shakib VP IoE Vertical Solutions, Cisco
Sherri Liebo VP Marketing, Cisco
Gerard Chami Customer Support Engineer, CISCO
Nabil Fares Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp
Chloe Ng Product Management, Cisco
Christophe Pinard Sales Management, APC by Schneider Electric, APC Schneider Electric
Alex Lee Architect, Microsoft
Kevin Jackson Consulting Director, Cisco
June Cong Product Marketing Manager, Cisco
John Garrett Solutions Architect, Cisco
Ali Sajassi Distinghuished Engineer, Cisco
Allen Greenwalt Consulting System Engineer, Cisco
Markus Sontheimer CIO/CDO, DB Schenker
Tom Taggart Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Syam Appala Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems
Anil Verma Product Manager, Cisco System, Inc
Andre Rodrigues Consulting Systems Engineering, Cisco
Aldo Solchaga Systems Engineer, Cisco
Suresh Kumar Customer Sol Mgr, Cisco
Gilbert Bollinger Solutions Architect, Cisco
Adarsh Viswanathan Senior Manager, Product Management, Cisco Systems
Laurent Montini Technical Solution Architect, Cisco
Dennis Holmes Director Mobility and Infrastructure Solutions, Internetwork Engineering
Subhash Ramanathan Network Engineer, Cisco
Russell Fishman Product Manager, Cisco
Ishaan Sanji TAC Escalation Engineer, Cisco
Matt Fullard NCE, Cisco
Fabio L Rodrigues Cloud and Network Services Delivery Manager, Cisco
KYUHWAN KIM Technical Leader, Service, Cisco Systems
Yousuf Hasan Manager, Cloud Systems Management, Cisco
James Macaulay Director - Office of the CDO, Cisco
Prashanth Krishnappa Technical Leader, Cisco
Dennis Pai Product Manager, Cisco
Saurabh Shrivastava Sr. Manager, Engineering, Panduit
Steve Corry NCE, Cisco
Ric Lamb Group CIO, Crown Casino
Brandon Lynch Network Engineer, Cisco Systems
Rajesh Shroff Technical Leader, Cisco
Michael Koons Vice President, WW Systems Engineering, Cisco Systems
Sameer Khanna Sr. Sales Engineer, NetScout Systems, Inc.
Russell Rice Senior Director, Product Management, Cisco
Jay Chokshi Manager, Product Management, Cisco
Paul Tindall Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Nikolaus Wiel CEO, Mindx, Executive Director, SingularityU
tom redman Solutions Architect, Cisco
Krishna Chengavalli Technical Marketing Engineer, CISCO SYSTEMS
Roney Daniel Technical Leader, Cisco
Eric Knipp Systems Engineering Director, Cisco
Madhu Venugopal Technical Leader, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Daniel Poole Cloud Security Architect, Vodafone
Jonathan Morgan Director Product Marketing, Cisco
Jason Mortensen Healthcare Managing Architect, Cisco
Soni Soni Cisco
Aleksandar Vidakovic Technical Leader, Cisco
John Rohde Customer Experience Director, Cisco
Vin Mendoza Video Solutions Architect, Cisco
Sudarshan Pathalam Technical Marketing Engineer, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC
Henrique Molina Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Zorawar Biri Singh CTO/SVP, Cloud Services & Platforms, Cisco
Bruno Vermeiren Technical Leader, Cisco Systems
Patrick Andersson Dir, IT, Cisco Systems
Emiliano Nesti Systems Engineer, Cisco
Fung Lim Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Glen Wilson Systems Engineer, Cisco
Hugo Steiner Solutions Architect, Cisco
Jay Joiner Vice President, Cisco
Jeff Apcar Distinguished Services Engineer, Cisco
Justin Cooke Architect, Cisco
Judy Priest Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
Matt Carling Solutions Architect, Cisco
Nicolas Meessen Customer Support Engineer - Technical Expert, Cisco
Prapanch Ramamoorthy Technical Leader, Services, Cisco Systems
Rob Horner Product Manager, Cisco Cloud Services, Cisco
Sarva Chakravarthi APJ Partner Business Manager, Cisco
Aaron Lam TAC, Cisco
Chuck Stickney Business Development Architect, Cisco
Shaun Coulter Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
Alvaro Garcia Borderless SE, CISCO
Andy Barrow Technical Director, ANS Group
Bill Horan Technical Account Manager, Intel
Tim Anderson CSE, Cisco
Christian Bock Systems Engineer, Cisco
Dario Simovic AM, Cisco
David Palmer Stevens SI Manager EMEA, Panduit
Josh Hammonds Technical Leader, Cisco
Iqbal Syed Senior Product Manager, Cisco
Jon Noel Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems
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