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BRKCOL-2026 - Deploying Cisco WebEx in Enterprise Networks (2016 Berlin) - 2 Hours

Session Description

In today's global economy, truly global companies are deploying collaboration solutions to better communicate not only with the company network but also with the partners and customers. While we can't move the time zones, we can deliver a solution to improve efficiency, productivity and save some money. There are several solutions available today, some are hosted in the cloud and some new solutions allow for use of both cloud and on-premise, i.e.hybrid solutions. This session is focused on the technical aspects of the deployment and design considerations for integrating the Cisco WebEx cloud and WebEx collaboration tools into your network. We will talk about the cloud-based Cisco WebEx service, how is the WebEx cloud designed and how the service works. This session will cover security design considerations, audio options, deploying and enabling the high quality (HQ) and high definition (HD) WebEx webcam video feature for WebEx sessions, the bandwidth requirements, how the traffic is crossing the Internet, what the media paths are from the client to the cloud service. Session will demystify the secrets of the Cisco WebEx cloud and some of the integration points between WebEx and other Cisco collaboration tools and components. This session is essential for WebEx system integrators and administrators and it will also provide WebEx insides for the basic WebEx users wondering about the data traveling in the cloud and the SaaS based collaboration tool.

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