Learning Maps

Navigate the breadth of the Cisco Live On-Demand Library with our new Learning Maps. Find a recommended series of sessions to advance your knowledge in technical focus areas.

Learning Maps by Technology Track

Find the topic area that best fits your learning objectives and follow the curated list of sessions, designed by our engineering experts who help shape our education program. Download the map PDF to step through the sequence on your own time.

How To Use the Learning Maps

Step 1:
Select the Learning Map that interests you. Download the PDF to get your own copy.

Step 2:
Start your learning journey at the top left. Click on the session title to go to the full session description, play the session video and download the presentation slides.

Step 3:
Continue to follow the session sequence from top to bottom, left to right to maximize your learning.

Tip! In the session catalog, favorite the sessions from your Learning Map to quickly find the next in your sequence.