DevNet Zone

DevNet provides developers with the tools, resources and code needed to build innovative, network-enabled solutions.

Check back in early Spring 2016 for more information regarding the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live 2016 Las Vegas!


The DevNet Zone was back for its second year at Cisco Live 2015 in San Diego. The zone featured theatre sessions, mini workshops, learning labs, demos, a hackathon, newcomer training for Openstack and an Innovation Talk. To catch up on all the action, view the sessions and Innovation Talk. You’ll learn about new innovations that will improve your applications and processes.

DevNet Zone is Cisco Live for Developers

For Network Engineers

You’re a networking ninja – very comfortable with SDN and Networking products and configuration.

For IT Managers

You’re involved in the operationalization and standardization of IT resources and processes.

For Solution Developers

You’re developing, integrating and customizing enterprise and newly-build “born for cloud” applications and architecting software to ensure application availability.

What can you do in the DevNet Zone?

In the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live, you will have 1-on-1 access to technical experts who will help you get hands-on with Cisco and open source SDKs and APIs. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and connections you need to move ahead in your area of interest.

  • LEARN about working with Cisco’s APIs in over 50 sessions and workshops
  • DISCOVER how Cisco and partners have developed using Cisco APIs
  • DEVELOP in the Hackathon, Learning Labs and workshops (no experience needed)
  • MARKET your cloud-based solutions and get them in the hands of Cisco customers

Sessions and Activities

There will be an assortment of interactive activities and tutorials taking place in the DevNet Zone. This interactive space allows you to dive straight in and play with the SDKs, along with the help of Cisco experts.

The DevNet Zone will be open Sunday through Thursday. Activities include:

Theatre Sessions

Overviews, API Deep Dives, discussion panels and coding tutorials.

Mini Workshops

A free, social and informal way to learn a new skill or try a new technology in groups of 5 or 6, before, after or instead of getting involved in a larger Classroom hands-on session.  The DevNet team will lead you through building your first container, learning coding skills, and trying new Cisco APIs.  These workshops will be short, friendly and hands-on with the technology.

Learning Labs

Get hands-on and start coding. No experience required. The labs are self-paced tutorials covering five technology areas. Do it yourself and call out if you get stuck – a DevNet team member is only a hand wave away.


See the Cisco teams demonstrating the toolkits and development environments and take a look at integrated solutions developed by partners. It’s all good food for thought.


The Hackathon at Cisco Live 2015 San Diego focused on IoT and Cloud technologies. Seven teams competed for over 36 hours.  Learn more about the winning solutions on the DevNet Hackathon site.

Newcomer Training for OpenStack

For Cisco Live 2015 we teamed up with a group of OpenStack experts inside and outside of Cisco to offer a training session to teach you how to navigate the intricacies of the OpenStack project’s technical tools and social interactions. The session sold out within days of announcement.  To learn more and download the event materials visit Newcomer Training for OpenStack.


Take a look at the technology areas below and then click through to the relevant page on the DevNet site where you’ll find the drill-down of exactly what’s on offer in the DevNet Zone for that technology area.

You’ll get to understand how to develop using Cisco controllers and virtual networks using continuous development, to create a professional developer experience. You’ll learn what the controllers are about, how do you really use them. How you can build using different tools, and where to get them.

Find out the detail of what’s in the DevNet Zone for SDN

We’ll highlight how Cisco is embracing DevOps principles and providing tools to help you to automate. Specifically, we’ll educate you about DevOps generally – through using some industry gurus, and provide you with examples of how Cisco used DevOps principles when developing Jabber, WebEx, Squared, ScanSafe. We’ll be ‘dog-fooding’, showing how we’ve integrated these principles into our own work. Plus, you’ll find out about the DevOps tools you’ll soon be able to use when developing using Cisco SDN technologies, enabling you to automate the way in which you use Cisco: automated build and test capabilities that then become building blocks for automation.

Find out the detail of what’s in the DevNet Zone for DevOps

We’ll introduce you to our OpenSource DevCenter (incl OpenDaylight, OpenStack, SNORT and OPNFV)), clarify the tie-up between OpenSource and Open Standards, show how and where are we using and contributing to OpenSource, give examples of OpenStack developers talking about what they’re doing within Cisco, showcase top contributors who have used Snort, and also hold a developer contest using the OpenStack platform (at the same time a the Hackathon)

Find out the detail of what’s in the DevNet Zone for Open Source

We’ll show you how to build composable, cloud-native applications, whether you’re transforming existing applications to Microservices, or creating new Microservices style applications. We’ll also look at automating the operations of these applications, using container orchestration services. Plus you’ll see live demos of Microservices applications being deployed and operated on the Cisco Intercloud using Docker and Nirmata.

Find out the detail of what’s in the DevNet Zone for Cloud

You’ll be able to use the Enterprise Internet of Things toolkit to accelerate the number of sensor and control endpoints onto the network, find out how you can enable and manage the hyper-distribution of apps through the Application Foundation. Plus use Data In Motion (DMo)and play with the CMX Mobility Services APIs.

Find out the detail of what’s in the DevNet Zone for IoT

We’ll teach you how to integrate voice, voice mail, IM and conferencing capabilities into your web-enabled application, be able to incorporate a full Jabber Guest experience into your web or mobile app and get to grips with unified communications within Cisco.

Find out the detail of what’s in the DevNet Zone for Collaboration

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