• DevNet Zone

    Dive into the DevNet Zone where anyone developing using Cisco technology can get hands-on with every element of the DevNet developer program plus get face-to-face support from the developer teams.

    What is the DevNet Zone?


    It’s the Cisco DevNet developer program brought straight to your door. It’s the place to learn, code and get inspired, using the tools, resources and code you need to build innovative, network-enabled solutions.


    Dive into the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live to learn, discover and get hands-on with Cisco and open source SDKs and APIs.

    Who is it for?


    The DevNet Zone is for existing and potential Cisco customers and partners who want to:

    Produce communication-enabled collaboration solutions

    Create network-management solutions, or run their Cisco networks more efficiently

    Develop, manage and deploy microservices applications in the cloud

    Connect, manage or build Internet of Things applications

    Enhance their coding skills, or consult with experts on their existing code

    DevNet Zone Activities

    There will be an assortment of interactive activities and tutorials taking place in the DevNet Zone. This interactive space allows you to dive straight in and play with the SDKs, along with the help of Cisco experts.


    View the full Activity Matrix now


    DevNet Zone activities include:


    Theatre and Classroom Sessions


    Overviews, API Deep Dives, discussion panels and coding tutorials. All free to attend by anyone and taking place in the DevNet Zone Theater and Classroom.


    See what you want to go to, and then just turn up.


    View Theater and Classroom Sessions




    For small groups of 8, in an intimate setting, you’ll be provided with pre-configured laptops and will be expected to code along with the instructor, asking questions along the way. We’ll state whether the Hands-on Workshop is ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’.

    Learning Labs


    Get hands-on and start coding. No experience required. The labs are self-paced tutorials covering five technology areas. Do it yourself and call out if you get stuck – a DevNet team member is only a hand wave away.




    See the Cisco teams demonstrating the toolkits and development environments and take a look at integrated solutions developed by partners. It’s all good food-for-thought.


    DevNet Innovations


    We’ll be featuring key innovations – state-of-the-art concepts and ideas – from Cisco, and would love your input and feedback. The aim is to inspire you, and for you to inspire us too! So come see the DevNet innovations, and meet the innovators in the DevNet Zone.


    Hackathon and Network Programability Springboard


    We’re also running two other activities the weekend before Cisco Live, in the DevNet Zone (yes – before it opens!)


    DevNet Hackathon: July 9 – 10

    A traditional Hackathon, focusing on Cloud Collaboration technologies, for anyone interested in developing collaboration solutions incorporating Cisco technology and some 3rd party technologies too.


    Register for the DevNet Hackathon


    DevNet Springboard Event: July 9 – 10

    SOLD OUT! – Wait List Available  A concentrated two day event, focusing on Network Programmability, for anyone wanting to understand the programming interfaces needed to manage your network controllers and devices.


    Register for the Wait List for the DevNet Springboard Event


    Please note: Registration for the Springboard event and the Hackathon are separate to Cisco Live registration, and it’s free


    API Code Consults in the DevNet Zone


    If you’re developing using any of the following APIs or tools, then why not book a 30 minute DevNet API Consult with a Cisco technology expert to talk about any areas you’re stuck on, or just need a second set of eyes? ACI APIs, APIC EM, The DevNet Sandbox, Spark APIs, Tropo APIs.  We’re offering these 30 minute 1-on-1 consultations on a first-come-first served basis.  They’ll take place from Monday through Thursday in the DevNet Zone, and we’ve made them available to anyone attending Cisco Live!


    To request your slot: Go to the Cisco Live Session Catalog and login, click on Schedule a 1:1 Meeting, and follow the steps.

    Please note, when selecting your options, the Type of Meeting is DevNet API Consults. Once you’ve selected your preferred date and time slot, you’ll receive an email confirmation.


    Schedule a DevNet API 1:1 Consult now


    Women in Tech Sessions


    Come and meet some pioneering women in the DevNet Zone throughout Cisco Live!


    DevNet Women in Tech Coffee Reception

    Day/Time: Tuesday, July 12: 7:30 am

    Session ID: DEVNET-1213

    Coffee Reception at 7:30 am on Tuesday with our very own Susie Wee (CTO of Cisco DevNet) and Adrianna Gascoinge (CEO and Founder of Girls in Tech).  Susie and Adrianna will meet you at the Coffee Reception for a casual ‘meet and greet’ with a short talk about DevNet and the tech skills of the future. Tours of the DevNet Zone will follow. Coffee and morning snacks are provided.


    DevNet Women in Tech Do-ers Workshop 1

    Day/Time: Sunday, July 10: 9:00 am

    Session ID: DEVNET-1193

    Speaker: Amanda Whaley, Director of Developer Evangelism & Experience – Cisco DevNet, Cisco


    DevNet Women in Tech Do-ers Workshop 2

    Day/Time: Sunday, July 10: 9:00 am

    Session ID: DEVNET-1194

    Speaker: Amanda Whaley, Director of Developer Evangelism & Experience – Cisco DevNet, Cisco


    From Vision to Prototype: Practical Strategies to Drive Innovation

    Day/Time: Monday, July 11: 3:00 pm

    Session ID: DEVNET-1100

    Speaker: Adriana Gascoigne, Founder and CEO of Girls in Tech


    Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work

    Day/Time: Tuesday, July 12: 11:00 am

    Session ID: DEVNET-1219

    Speaker: Whitney Johnson, Author, Disrupt Yourself


    Unleash Your Geek with DevNet – Everyone is a Developer in Today’s Innovation-Driven Economy

    Day/Time: Wednesday, July 11: 12:00pm

    Session ID: DevNet-1225

    Speaker: Susie Wee, CTO of Cisco DevNet

    DevNet Sessions

    Take a look below at the sessions and workshops taking place in the DevNet Zone.




    The DevNet Zone activities you get involved in will be determined by the technologies you’re interested in developing on.


    Once we’ve finalized the activities for the areas below, we’ll publish our full Activity Matrix right here!


    We’ll have sessions, workshops, learning labs and demos on all of the technologies below, and here’s a taster of what you’re learn:


    • Develop and integrate value-added applications for Finesse – an agent and supervisor desktop that integrates traditional contact center functions into a thin-client desktop.
    • Create custom applications for MediaSense: a platform that provides recording, playback, live streaming, and storage of media, including audio and video, with rich metadata to facilitate easy use.
    • Integrate real time voice/video communications and collaboration capabilities such as co-browse, file share and annotation features natively into iOS, Android and industry leading browsers with Tropo.
    • Integrate Spark persistent chat rooms and messaging features into your application.
    • Enhance your application with cloud-based API-driven interactive voice, SMS text messaging, recording, conferencing, text-to-speech, speech recognition and more.


    Network Programmability

    • Administrate the network. Create, implement and show network configurations.
    • Develop your own custom controller and adding dynamic SDN functionality directly into your own applications.
    • Host applications on a virtual machine hosting environment directly into the branch router.
    • Orchestrate network analytics tasks across the network to allow users to interact with the network as a whole instead of individual devices one at a time.
    • Accelerate the evolution of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
    • Program network devices. Collect, analyze and optimize network traffic. Predict network traffic patterns and schedule application activities on the WAN.


    Internet of Things (IoT)

    • Capture and translate data and control flows within the network.
    • Prototype and design an IoT application in a client-side environment which features fixed and mobile sensors, various Cisco platforms, and cloud connector plug-ins.
    • Enable users to discover and interact with things in an environment.
    • Manage IoT data based on policy using Cisco Fog Data Services APIs.



    • Analyse data, developer cloud applications and enable FAST IT.
    • Create and manage a hybrid cloud that combine the benefits of both public and private clouds.
    • Use a cloud solution enabling you to manage your network, which also has APIs for things like Location Services for my custom applications.
    • Use OpenStack software for creating private and public clouds.
    • Define and enforce policies to provide security, monitoring, and performance for network, storage and computing.
    • Develop, manage and deploy cloud native applications using the Shipped or Mantl platforms.


    Data & Analytics

    • Identify, track, control, monitor, and secure IT and non-IT assets across buildings, remote sites, retail locations, manufacturing facilities, and more.
    • Define, develop, publish, support and retire your APIs with an enterprise-class ecosystem for API Management and Apps.
    • Analyse, capture, curate, search, share, store, transfer, visualize, protect your IoT data.
    • Create mobile solutions that enable Push-To-Talk on-premises communications.
    • Provide indoor location-based services within your mobile applications.
    • Visualize the trends in your data or create a data intensive application using Cisco data developer tools.
    • Accelerate context-aware app development, integrate mobile and business apps and slash development time.
    • Develop solutions that bring together interactive applications, rich media, and real-time collaboration.



    • Share data with SIEM, MDM, EDM, IR, Vulnerability Management and many other critical security technologies found in the enterprise.
    • Prepare for and adapt to changing conditions, and withstand and recover rapidly from an attack.
    • Integrate your application into the pxGrid – a multivendor, cross-platform network system that pulls together different parts of an IT infrastructure.


    Valuable for Network Engineers

    “DevNet is one of the most valuable, but often under-appreciated, parts of Cisco Live. I encourage all the network engineers I know to take advantage of it.”

    Self-Paced Labs a Huge Value

    “The self paced labs were a huge value because I was able to experience the required future skills of a network engineer first hand. I clearly understand where my knowledge gap is and what I need to do to further my career in the network space.”

    Ability to Interact was Exciting

    “DevNet Zone was awesome. If only i had known, i would have spent much more time here. The ability to interact with Cisco’s internal Dev teams and learn what they are developing was super exciting. I plan to spend more time here next year.”

    Great Experience

    “Loved the sessions with DevOps outsiders Adrian Cockroft, Gene Kim, and others. Loved the SDN sessions, especially the session with representatives from all Cisco’s SDN controllers on the same stage. The quality of content and learning was fantastic: The workshops, great, the conversations with DevNet Zone workers, great, the learning labs, great, the demo pods, great. (That’s all I tried!) Keep up the fantastic work!”

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