Cisco Live Green Plan

A Greener Conference. At Cisco, our solutions help businesses and people connect and share information in new ways – ways that make smarter use of fiscal and natural resources. In other words, sustainability is just second nature to the way we do business. But our commitment to being good stewards of the environment extends beyond our solutions.

We also work hard on minimizing our environmental impact in all facets of our business, including the way we plan and run conferences such as Cisco Live. That’s why you’ll see recycling bins positioned throughout the conference venue, less paper and more online conference materials, and when possible, shuttle busses that use cleaner technology. We’ve learned that you don’t need to make a big impact on your environment to make a big impact on your world. To learn more about how Cisco uses the power of the network to multiply the impact of our technologies across our customer base, as well as to our suppliers and business partners, visit

What you can do

Join us in making Cisco Live a more environmentally friendly event, here’s a list of suggestions for your time at the conference.
  • Participate in your hotel’s linen reuse program.
  • Set your hotel room thermostat to a comfortable setting (68°F — 73°F) and turn off the air conditioning, lights, TV, and radio when you leave your room.
  • Take advantage of the shuttle buses provided by Cisco between the convention center and the CAE. If you need to take a taxi, try sharing one with a friend.
  • When traveling, use your hotel’s electronic billing service to cut down on paper usage.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Return your unwanted giveaways to our recycle/donation station starting Wednesday afternoon in the registration area.
  • Return your badge and badge holder on your way out the final day.
  • Unplug your phone charger when not in use.
  • Be sure to turn off your bathroom light overnight.
  • Review your session materials on your provided USB memory stick, instead of printing them out.
  • Use the biodegradable water cups at the many water stations location in the convention center.
  • Dispose of your cans and newspapers in the provided recycling bins.
  • Pick up at least one piece of litter every day.

What Cisco is doing

  • In the meals area, water will be self-service rather than preset with filled glasses.
  • Biodegradable containers and utensils will be used whenever possible.
  • Cardboard is being recycled through the buildings dumpsters.
  • Trash is being sorted by an outside vendor to reclaim aluminum and any other recyclable products.
  • The Cisco booth will not hand out printed collateral, everything will be available to download through Cisco Live Virtual.
  • Unused food to be donated to a local food bank.
  • Recycle units will be used in hotel high traffic areas.
  • No disposable water bottles will be available. Water coolers will be available on-site to refill your own bio-degradable cups or bottles available for purchase in the Cisco Store.
  • Participating Hotel rooms will have low-flow toilets and showers.
  • All session materials will be available on your provided USB memory sticks while on site and via Cisco Live Virtual before and after the conference.
  • In the registration area starting on Wednesday afternoon, we will offer an item return station for any unwanted giveaways to be recycled or donated to local organizations.
  • Much of the signage will be printed using soy based inks and attached to reusable, recycled core materials.
  • The carpet in the public areas of the World of Solutions will be ecologically friendly and reusable.
  • All conference computers are Energy Star compliant.
  • We’ve made efforts to conduct most of our marketing campaigns online again this year.

Green Mary

Cisco Live is watching out for our earth, we are rethinking events from the Earth on up!  Green Mary is helping us! At special events, we have the unique capacity to both reduce waste in public venues and to send participants away with valuable lessons on how to live lighter on the planet all the time. California has zero waste goals AND we have supremely engaged planetary citizens!  Our cities and counties are focused on waste diversion and resource management, and it’s easy to make soil rather than trash with all our organic waste.  Attendees relish being able to send their “waste” to a higher place than the landfill and tell us so all the time. Our inimitable Green Team   thrives on making sure we made as little trash as possible. We set up systems for composting and recycling, do the hauling and sort every bag to get to diversion rates of over 90%.

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