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Register early to hold your spot for the 2015 IT Management Program in San Diego.

Businesses increasingly rely on their IT departments as the wellspring of innovation and value. This fundamental shift requires a leader equally at ease with changing business strategies and evolving technologies. Cisco Live’s IT Management Program is designed to cultivate the special mix of business savvy and technological expertise you need to help your organization innovate and thrive.

Join us in San Diego, at the Hilton Bayfront for the 2015 IT Management Program, designed to focus on leadership: personal, business and technology. We will explore the most important technology shifts affecting IT, from cloud to software-defined to the impact of the Internet of Everything. The IT Management Program has sold out the past four years, so register early to secure your place.

If you have specific questions regarding the IT Management program offering, please email us.

Who Should Attend

The IT Management Program at Cisco Live is designed for people with their feet in both the IT and business worlds. It offers a mix of business and technical sessions in an interactive forum that can help you find answers to the biggest questions facing today’s IT leaders. The program is suited for:

  • IT Managers
  • IT Directors
  • Vice Presidents of IT
  • Project managers
  • IT architects
  • Middle and senior level IT leaders

Your Hosts

Your Hosts for the Cisco Live IT Management Program
Cisco executives Guillermo Diaz and Lance Perry will share the hosting duties for the IT Management Program. As experienced leaders of large IT organizations, they understand the challenges today’s IT managers face. They’ll help keep the focus on the topics that matter most to you.

Guillermo Diaz, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Cisco

Guillermo Diaz, Jr. oversees a global team responsible for enterprise IT architecture, accelerating new services and software business models for Cisco, its customers, and partners. He is also the IT leader for the Cisco Services $9 billion business and the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Services Group.

Since joining the company in 2000, Diaz has led significant initiatives including the Enterprise (Network) Management Systems, Database Foundation, Web architecture,, and Cisco’s intranet. In addition, he has led IT architecture and delivery and management of key business functions such as Quote to Invoice, Issue to Resolution, Forecast to Delivery, and Professional and Technical services.

Lance Perry

Vice President, IT Customer Strategy and Success, Cisco

Lance Perry creates trusted partnerships with Cisco customers by sharing IT architecture, system, and application best practices. His team collaborates with development groups inside Cisco in promoting innovation and integration of product and systems that enhance customer success. His team also includes the IT Acquisitions Integration team, which integrates the IT of acquired companies into Cisco.

Perry joined Cisco in 1995 and has extensive experience in the global delivery of technology resources and services while building strong alignment between IT and the business. As a trusted advisor for infrastructure, executive liaison to multiple business units, and the IT representative on cross-functional Cisco business councils, Perry shapes IT policy and process and serves as a member of the IT senior leadership team at Cisco.


The full IT Management Program agenda is available here.

Benefits of Attending

Information is the essential commodity in helping you build and sustain a competitive advantage. The IT Management Program delivers the kind of information you need in a variety of ways. At Cisco Live, you can:

  • Attend exclusive IT Management sessions presented by Cisco and industry executives.
  • Learn how Cisco prioritizes its own IT objectives.
  • Understand how to use cutting-edge technology to support your business objectives.
  • Hear about Cisco’s strategic vision for the next 12 to 18 months.
  • Join a year-round community of IT leaders through Cisco Live 365.
  • Network with peers from around the world who share your interests.
  • Speak directly with key executives at Cisco.

Sample Sessions

Session ID Session Title View Session
ITMGEN-4121 Solving Network Challenges Using SDN (2014 San Francisco) Go Now
ITMGEN-4115 Intelligent Cybersecurity for the Real World (2014 San Francisco) Go Now
ITMGEN-4117 Solving Infrastructure Challenges with Application Centric Infrastructure (2014 San Francisco) Go Now
ITMGEN-4649 The Value Paradigm of Big Data (2014 San Francisco) Go Now
ITMGEN-4125 Human Face of Big Data (2014 San Francisco) Go Now
ITMGEN-4108 Bridging the Business to IT Architecture Gap (2014 San Francisco) Go Now
ITMGEN-4101 Becoming a Breakthrough Communicator (2014 San Francisco) Go Now
ITMGEN-4126 Building Your Leadership Brand (2014 San Francisco) Go Now
ITMGEN-4105 Driving Business Value (2014 San Francisco) Go Now

Customer Testimonials

Excellent, dynamic speakers giving good presentations on the future. Particularly it was valuable to hear from Cisco IT as they are the same as ‘us’.
- Cisco Live 2013 IT Management Attendee

I thought the IT Management perspective was really unique. I liked seeing the challenges I face everyday were not unique to my company and some solutions to those issues being offered.
- Cisco Live 2013 IT Management Attendee

The presentations helped open my mind to the planning I need to do at my company
- Cisco Live 2013 IT Management Attendee

The speakers and the vision of next 1-3 years was great. It is very inspiring . Each session had at least 1 take away from it. the SVP’s made it a relaxed atmosphere and were very approachable. This did give me great insight into becoming a better leader.
- Cisco Live 2013 IT Management Attendee

This year I chose the IT management program because I got into management within my own organization just this past year, and I saw the opportunity to maybe learn from people who are already doing the management-type position. Very impressed with the program so far.
- Cisco Live IT Management Attendee

This was a wonderful program for individuals who have made the move from strictly technical to architecture, supervision and management. The perspectives shared, tools noted and case studies have been extremely helpful in understanding the process of bringing innovation to the forefront of IT and making a strong case for what is reasonable and proper in today’s environment.
- Corby Schmitz, Network Engineer, Argonne National Lab

I really enjoyed gaining the appreciation of how Cisco’s internal activities were performed – particularly as they worked through the processes in deploying their IT services.
- Timothy Shortall, Manager, Engineering, University of Maryland

Excellent job in making a program with the management team where we were able to share our challenges together since we were all at the same level.
- Bonnie Kriewald, IT SD Networking & Desktop Mgr, General Dynamics

I head up IT for my organization, so it’s the one that kinda helps cover broadly what Cisco does and helping me even from a career-development standpoint of how to manage the IT within our organization and leverage Cisco in the best possible way.
- Cisco Live IT Management Attendee

…the biggest benefit as I’m attending the IT management program is just getting exposed to the insights inside Cisco’s organization.
- Cisco Live IT Management Attendee

I’ve been at and attended Networkers in the past, and I know that I really appreciated coming to this conference as an engineer. It was innovative. It was encouraging and exciting, but it was very difficult for me to justify coming as a manager when not all my engineers could come, so when I saw the IT management track, it was really encouraging to me.
- Cisco Live IT Management Attendee

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