IT Management Program

Cisco Live’s IT Management Program is designed to give IT managers, directors, VPs and CIOs the knowledge and skills to transform their IT organizations and drive positive change in their careers.

The IT Management Program was held at Cisco Live US 2015 in San Diego. For the 5th year in a row the program sold out! The event featured keynotes, executive Q&A, panel discussions and breakout sessions led by thought leaders in IT. View all of the IT Management Program sessions on-demand and be inspired by cutting-edge insights on leadership, innovation, and success!

Who Should Attend

The IT Management Program at Cisco Live is designed for people with their feet in both the IT and business worlds. It offers a mix of business and technical sessions in an interactive forum that can help you find answers to the biggest questions facing today’s IT leaders. The program is suited for:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Vice Presidents of IT
  • IT Directors
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • IT architects
  • Middle and senior level IT leaders

Benefits of Attending

Information is the essential commodity in helping you build and sustain a competitive advantage. The IT Management Program delivers the kind of information you need in a variety of ways. At Cisco Live, you can:

  • Attend exclusive IT Management sessions presented by Cisco and industry executives.
  • Learn how Cisco prioritizes its own IT objectives.
  • Understand how to use cutting-edge technology to support your business objectives.
  • Hear about Cisco’s strategic vision for the next 12 to 18 months.
  • Join a year-round community of IT leaders through Cisco Live Online.
  • Network with peers from around the world who share your interests.
  • Speak directly with key executives at Cisco.

Your Hosts

Your Hosts for the Cisco Live IT Management Program
Cisco executives John Manville and Lance Perry will host the IT Management Program. As experienced leaders of large IT organizations, they understand the challenges today’s IT managers face. John and Lance will help keep the focus on the topics that matter most to you.


John Manville

Senior Vice President, IT – Global Infrastructure Services, Cisco

John Manville is Senior Vice President of Cisco IT Global Infrastructure Services. In this role, Manville leads the strategy and operations for Cisco networks, data centers, middleware, and databases. These systems provide the technology infrastructure services for Cisco’s global workforce of more than 75,000 people.

His primary focus is on addressing critical business requirements while maintaining a balance of operational excellence and innovation. Among other achievements, Manville successfully led the transformation of Cisco’s data center strategy, implementing Cisco’s internal cloud data center services while significantly improving Cisco’s resiliency posture, time to capability, and cost structure.

In keeping with the philosophy that “Cisco is its first and best customer,” Manville continues to showcase the real-world benefits of Cisco’s technology solutions throughout its own network and data centers. This practice has contributed to the reduction of Cisco’s carbon footprint through significant savings in power and increased asset utilization.

Since joining Cisco in 2007, Manville has played a key role in establishing Cisco IT as a trusted advisor to business partners, both internal and external to Cisco. He drives collaboration with external partners to integrate their technologies with Cisco’s, demonstrating the value both provide as one integrated solution.

Lance Perry

Vice President, IT Customer Strategy and Success, Cisco

Lance Perry leads Cisco’s IT Customer Strategy and Success (CS&S) group, which forges partnerships with Cisco sales teams and customers by sharing IT architecture, system, and application best practices. Under his direction, IT CS&S aims to ensure success for the worldwide Sales and Marketing groups in all matters relating to IT, including sales applications, regional IT sales, IT marketing, IT events, Cisco’s digital presence, and the Cisco on Cisco program, which showcases the value of Cisco IT’s technology innovations.

Perry joined Cisco in 1995, bringing comprehensive experience in delivering technology resources while aligning IT with the business. Applying his expertise in IT and his strength as a communicator, Perry develops vital relationships with key stakeholders. Perry serves as a member of the IT senior leadership team at Cisco, shaping IT policy and processes.

Sample Agenda

The 2015 IT Management Program agenda is available here.

2015 Sample Sessions

Session ID Session Title View Session
ITMGEN-4205 The Business Value of the Internet of Everything (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4218 The Power of Connections – The Next Chapter (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4212 New Frontiers with Software (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4201 Fast IT (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4206 Demonstrating IoE Proof Points (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4239 How to Structure and Motivate a Fast IT Organization (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4213 How ACI Enables Infrastructure Fast IT (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4219 Services Transformation (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4204 Q&A with Cisco CEO (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4215 Leadership & Innovation: Leadership Styles (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4203 Business Relevancy Panel (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4209 Cloud Strategy/Marketplace (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4207 Securing the Cloud (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4202 Fast Innovation: Mystery or Mastery? (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4211 Big Data Insights (2015 San Diego) Go Now
ITMGEN-4217 You’ve Been Hacked….Now What? (2015 San Diego) Go Now

Customer Testimonials

The speakers and the vision of next 1-3 years was great. It is very inspiring . Each session had at least one take away from it. The SVP’s made it a relaxed atmosphere and were very approachable. This did give me great insight into becoming a better leader.
– Cisco Live IT Management Attendee

This was a wonderful program for individuals who have made the move from strictly technical to architecture, supervision and management. The perspectives shared, tools noted and case studies have been extremely helpful in understanding the process of bringing innovation to the forefront of IT and making a strong case for what is reasonable and proper in today’s environment.
– Corby Schmitz, Network Engineer, Argonne National Lab

I really enjoyed gaining the appreciation of how Cisco’s internal activities were performed – particularly as they worked through the processes in deploying their IT services.
– Timothy Shortall, Manager, Engineering, University of Maryland

…the biggest benefit as I’m attending the IT management program is just getting exposed to the insights inside Cisco’s organization.
– Cisco Live IT Management Attendee

I’ve been at and attended Networkers in the past, and I know that I really appreciated coming to this conference as an engineer. It was innovative. It was encouraging and exciting, but it was very difficult for me to justify coming as a manager when not all my engineers could come, so when I saw the IT Management track, it was really encouraging to me.
– Cisco Live IT Management Attendee

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