Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert provides opportunities to meet with Cisco executives or engineers in a 1:1 session.

Get access to experts with the Cisco Live Meet the Expert sessions.

Open to all attendees, Meet the Expert sessions give you the opportunity to engage with a Cisco engineer or executive in a 1:1 conversation focused on your unique questions and challenges. More than 500 Cisco engineers and experts will be available to meet during your time in Las Vegas. The Meet the Expert sessions are a great way to complement your on-site training with a personalized discussion with a Cisco executive, engineer, Cisco Fellow, or senior development engineer. You set the agenda for the conversation.

Topics can include:

  • Product and project validation: Are we using the right solutions and technologies to meet our goals, and are we using the best approach?
  • Solution design and deployment: What is the best way to capitalize on available technologies?
  • Strategy: How does my vision align with what others are doing in the industry?
  • Troubleshooting: What solutions or tactics can I use to address a specific problem?

Booking Your Meet the Expert Session

The Meet the Expert program ranks as one of Cisco Live’s highest rated programs. There’s no better way to connect with the Cisco expertise that you need to fill in the gaps and put the knowledge you gain onsite into a more personal and relevant context.

Meet the Engineer scheduling will open in Spring 2016.

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