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As more businesses rely on networks to help them reach new markets, enable collaboration, and make smarter use of resources, service providers play an increasingly important role and are chartered to power the Internet of Everything. At the same time, service providers still face the fundamental challenges of gaining new revenue streams as well as reducing the ever-mounting operational expenses. Cisco is focusing on delivering new technologies for global service providers to transform their business and capitalize on the Internet of Everything. We, as Cisco, are constantly looking for ways to help service providers thrive by enhancing agility, increasing revenue, and decreasing operating expenses. The Service Provider program includes new technical and business sessions focused on a wide range of topics and Recommended Learning Paths. These sessions will introduce you to the latest technologies including Programmable Networks, Services Orchestration, and Autonomous Operations in the Access Networks. Expert engineers from the network, mobility, video, and cloud will be presenting these technical sessions designed to help you gain the knowledge you need to be competitive and simplify the way your end users buy and deploy services. Interested in learning more prior to the event? Check out the Cisco Live Online webpage with the latest videos and white papers.

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Who Should Attend

Cisco Live’s Service Provider program is designed to help technical engineers to product and marketing management.  It offers a unique mix of business and technical sessions in a forum that can help you find answers to the biggest questions facing today’s Service Providers. The program is suited for:
  • Service Provider Engineers and Business Managers
  • Service Provider Technical Individual Contributors
  • Service Provider Technical Decision Makers
  • Service Provider IT Managers
  • Service Provider Marketing and Product Management

Technical and Business Education

Cisco helps service providers build flexible, scalable, and secure networks that deliver profitable services for sustainable success. The Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) architecture supports medianet, mobile internet transformation, data center, and cloud computing solutions. The tremendous IP traffic growth is fueled by new media applications and customer demand for more interactivity, personalization, mobility, and video. Cisco Network Infrastructure solutions let you deliver personalized, next-generation services and media experiences anywhere, anytime. Key engineers from data center, mobility, video, cloud and other Service Provider areas will be presenting technical sessions designed to help you gain the knowledge you need to remain competitive and to bring support the latest services demanded by consumer.

Service Provider Evolved Programmable Network (EPN)

The Cisco Evolved Programmable Network  (EPN) architecture supports mobile internet transformation, data center, and cloud computing solutions. The Evolved Services Platform (ESP) complements the EPN as it represents a fundamental shift in the way service provider networks will be built.   This year service provider educational sessions will allow you to examine how EPN and ESP work in concert to deliver a unified solution—Cisco ONE (Open Network Environment).  You will have an opportunity to learn about Network Convergence System (NCS) ,  Cisco ASR 9000 and ASR 903 Series routers.  Additional seminars will help you understand how new advances in network programmability and virtualization help simplify the operations for a network operator. Topics will also include SDN, NfV, WAN orchestration,  innovations in the Carrier Ethernet Access, and services architectures.

Service Provider Data Center and Cloud

For both your internal applications and external solutions, virtualization allows you to unify network and computing assets while addressing security and application performance. This approach realizes the power of virtualization to help fulfill the promise and create greater application openness and opportunity for you and your customers. Cloud topics at Cisco Live will address Cloud solutions and services, software architecture and orchestration, open standards such as SDN , and cloud security.

Service Provider Mobility

The way we work, live, play, and learn continues to change dramatically, with mobility delivering a rich communications experience anytime, anywhere. Cisco VNI numbers show that mobile data is continuing its massive growth across the globe. Service Providers are increasingly turning to Cisco as a trusted source for both fixed and mobile networks for offering their customers a seamless Internet experience. Cisco Live 2014 sessions are completely redesigned and have been structured to include representatives from Engineering, Technical Sales, and Services. Topics will examine how to deliver personalized services, optimization, and monetization. Experts will share experience from recent deployments, innovations, and advances for LTE, EPC, Small Cell, SP Wi-Fi design, and more. Attend these sessions to learn how Cisco can help you not only manage the rapid growth in mobile data, but profit from it as well.

Service Provider Video

Videoscape is the industry’s leading experience platform. It allows you to power amazing subscriber experiences and deliver business results from a modular and open platform. Learn how Videoscape’s cloud-based capabilities enhance agility and accelerate your time to market for delivering new revenue-generating experiences to consumers. The sessions below will help you to evolve your architecture for the next generation of IP video, take advantage of cloud-based infrastructure and cloud services delivery, and prepare for industry enhancements such as 4K video production, contribution, distribution, and consumption.

Business Sessions

Learn how Cisco Live extends the education for business leaders. Service providers are adopting innovations like SDN, NfV and automation across mobile, video, cloud and networking environments can increase profitability.  SP leaders are rethinking how they deliver technology across their business, and in particular, SDN cloud services and network function virtualization (NfV)  are emerging as  primary components in their strategy.  Attend these session to explore real-world solutions which help generate new revenue streams, reduce operating expenses and enhance agility through Cisco’s Evolved Programmable Network and Evolved Services Platform.

Sample Sessions

To get a glimpse into the 2014 Service Provider program, click on any of the links below. You will be taken to the session in the Cisco Live on-demand library where you can click on the “View Session” link. You will need to login or register to view the videos. For a listing of all Service Provider on-demand sessions, view Cisco Live Online.
Session ID Session Title
BRKSPM-2001 GiLAN and Service Chaining Go Now
BRKSPM-2010 Cisco Quantum Self Optimizing Network Go Now
BRKSPG-2904 ASR-9000/IOS-XR Understanding forwarding, troubleshooting the system and XR operations Go Now
BRKSPM-2006 Virtualized SP WiFi Core Go Now
BRKSPG-2000 Getting the most out of your IOS-XE router before and after deployment Go Now
BRKSPM-2011 Cisco Quantum Policy Suite Go Now
BRKSPV-2951 Lessons learned from the first deployment of an IPv6 IPTV system Go Now
BRKSPV-2106 Media Data Centers for SPs and Broadcasters – Evolution to a Media Cloud Go Now
BRKSPG-2333 Securing Cisco ASR 9000 Routers Go Now

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