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Meet the Engineer is open for scheduling!
Book your 1:1 meetings with a Cisco expert in Connect today.

The Meet the Expert program provides you the opportunity to connect with Cisco executives and engineers for informal one-on-one discussions on the topics that matter most to you. Depending on your interests and questions, you can choose a Meet the Executive or Meet the Engineer meeting. You can also stop by the Meet the Expert area to request a meeting space onsite for ad-hoc meetings with your colleagues.

Date: Monday, May 19 – Thursday, May 22
Location: Meet the Expert area, Moscone Center North Hall E

Meet the Executive:

Cisco Live’s Meet the Executive meetings allow you to pose your questions directly to key members of Cisco’s leadership team. These free-ranging discussions can focus on practical topics such as how your organization works with Cisco to more strategic subjects such as the Internet of Everything or industry best practices. You set the agenda. Contact your Cisco Account Manager to request a Meet the Executive session or send your email request.

Meet the Engineer:

Still have questions after a session? Want to talk to some of Cisco’s top design engineers and learn from patent holders of key industry protocols? With the Meet-the-Engineer sessions, you can schedule some one-on-one time with a Cisco engineer, Cisco Fellow, or senior Cisco development engineer to explore solutions to your specific challenges. Conversations can range from detailed analyses of product technology, to comparisons of Cisco solutions with other industry technologies, to difficult TAC cases. You can request a speaker by name or specialization for any time that fits your schedule. Book your 1:1 meetings with a Cisco expert in Connect today.

Cisco Live expert speakers from each technology track will also be in the Meet the Expert area for ad-hoc, one-on-one meetings. You don’t have to schedule these meetings. Just drop by when your schedule allows.

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John Chambers Invite

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO invites you to join us at Cisco Live US 2014, San Francisco, California, May 18-22, 2014.