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The Cisco Data Center solutions portfolio offers industry's most integrated, policy-based platform for computing, networking, security, and storage.


Application and data drive positive business outcomes in your data center – and IT is at the forefront of enabling these outcomes. The Cisco Data Center solutions portfolio offers industry’s most integrated, policy-based platform for computing, networking, security, and storage. Learn how to simplify and accelerate your journey to more efficient, agile, cost effective and operationally simplified IT.



Products and Solutions


Connect Multiple Data Centers Effortlessly

Data Center Interconnect with VxLAN-BGP, OTV, and LISP

This demo presents use cases and features for interconnecting of multiple data centers and the state of applicable technologies such as LISP, OTV, MPLS, and VXLAN in providing adequate connectivity across multiple data centers and the WAN.

Network Traffic Isolation with Ease

Evolving VXLAN Multitenant Fabric Control Plane

This demo shows the capabilities of VXLAN based Data Center Fabric and the BGP-EVPN control plane on Cisco Nexus 9000, 7000, and 5600 products.

Evolution of Network Programmability & Automation

Programmability-Enabled Network Automation and Management

Learn about the evolution of NXOS to enable powerful new use cases from installing your own software on the NXOS to using one of the many open API options to automate various workflows.

Container Services

Cisco Virtual Application Containers

Incorporating security and visibility for virtualized data centers is time consuming, manually driven and utilizes traditional security measures. Cisco’s Virtual Application Containers Services delivers traffic isolation to multitier applications through automation and shrinks deployment times from weeks to less than an hour. See how it’s done in a live demonstration.

Enterprise Class Networking for OpenStack

Cisco Nexus 1000V on OpenStack Cloud Environments

This demo shows how OpenStack network administrators can easily create network profiles for OpenStack without interfering with the roles of server or compute administrators, and OpenStack administrators can easily apply those virtual network services to single or multiple tenants using port profiles with the OpenStack horizon dashboard.

Scalable Network Traffic Monitoring

Cisco Nexus Data Broker Provides Cost-Effective Aggregation

Learn about new capabilities on the Cisco Nexus switch that can make it serve as a powerful 1/10/40/100G Tap/SPAN aggregation device for traffic monitoring.

Cisco Virtual Topology System

BGP EVPN-Based VXLAN Overlay Management and Provisioning

This demo for data center administrators highlights how Cisco Virtual Topology System provisions VXLAN overlays with a BGP EVPN based control plane and NX API based communication on Cisco Nexus switches, and how to extend the overlay to the server using the Virtual Topology Forwarder.

Extend Conversion Beyond the Access Layer

Multiprotocol Storage Networking with Cisco MDS

Learn more about Cisco’s End to-End FCoE and Unified Fabric solutions in a demo showing how to achieve LAN/SAN convergence using Cisco MDS and Nexus. Featured technologies include End-to-End FCoE, Multi-Hop FCoE, Unified Ports, VDC, and DCNM to manage both LANs and SANs from a single screen.

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure Solutions Automation


Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure Solutions is the culmination of Cisco data center hardware and software technology into a real-world cloud solution. This private cloud, dubbed CloudCity, uses Cisco UCS Director with no other custom software to focus on IaaS to showcase solutions running on UCS.

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure Solutions Automation


This demo of Cisco UCS integrated Infrastructure Solutions Automation (Easybutton) showcases one-touch provisioning of Cisco Integrated Infrastructure, featuring deployment of the Cisco UCS Mini, Cisco Nexus 9000, and storage via the Cisco One Compute Appliance.

Cisco UCS Big Data Solutions


See how to customize different Hadoop Workloads on Cisco UCS servers such as MapReduce and Impala (distributed SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop) and querying easy-to-use XML APIs of the UCS Manager and CPU and IO numbers for the entire cluster from the Hadoop manager API.

Cisco UCS Big Data Solutions


Cisco Intercloud Fabric simplifies Layer 2 network extension for Big Data clusters from private to public clouds while maintaining network and security policies, thus expanding Big Data applications to meet additional compute/storage demand or separate hot and cold data queries between on-premise and cloud resources.

Unified Computing Solutions

Cisco UCS Solutions for SAP

This demo of IOT with SAP features the use case of a crane. Its sensors enable automated proximity detection and shutdown when it gets too close to a building, another crane, or person. It also monitors its maintenance schedule and finds the nearest substitute crane in case of a shutdown.

Unified Computing Solutions

Cisco UCS Solutions for Microsoft

This Microsoft StorageSpace demo showcases an overview of Storage Spaces, and applications of Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces and Windows Server vNext Storage Spaces on the C3260.

This demo shows the integration of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with Microsoft System Center. Cisco UCS Manager provides embedded management of all software and hardware components. Cisco UCS Central extends management to servers across multiple domains. Cisco UCS Director unifies management across computing, networking, and storage components.

Unified Computing Solutions

Cisco UCS Solutions for Oracle

This demo showcases the Nimble Storage SmartSuite solution for JD Edwards (JDE) integrated on the Cisco UCS Mini, with presentations from each partner. Cisco shows the use of service profiles to reallocate system resources, Nimble shows its data management tools, and JDE shows new aspects of its user interface.

Unified Computing Solutions

Cisco UCS M-Series for Scale-Out Applications

This demo showcases a use case of the Cisco UCS M-Series and walks through scenarios that highlight its new architecture and new storage profiles capability.

Get More from Your Data Centers

Data Center Healthchecks and Optimization

How healthy is your data center? Learn how Cisco UCS, Nexus, MDS, and ACI healthchecks employ best practices for configuration and management, deliver inventory reports, create design topologies for better scalability and availability, and deploy optimization services to deliver continuous improvements.

Agility Through a Unified View of Business Data

Data Virtualization for Digital Business

Access and query all types of data as if it is in a single place. Data Virtualization delivers insight with greater agility for the business, superior flexibility for IT, and significant cost savings. It enables organizations to adapt more quickly to change and make better decisions without physically moving data.

Deploy Hybrid-Ready Private Cloud

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite

This demo introduces Cisco’s private cloud solution, featuring a self-service portal for customers to consume and track services on demand, embedded tools for designing and developing application stacks for provisioning into private or hybrid environments, secure workload migration in hybrid clouds, and consistent delivery of infrastructure via fenced containers.

Cisco ONE Software for Data Center and Cloud

Cisco ONE Foundation for Compute

This demo shows how to automate provisioning and troubleshooting processes with Cisco ONE Foundation for Compute, a solution enabling you to build and manage a multivendor automated compute infrastructure. It allows IT professionals or application developers to consume compute resources for their projects on-demand with delivery within minutes.

Cisco ONE Software for Data Center and Cloud

Cisco UCS Interoperability

This demo showcases the interoperability of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager with UCS PowerTool (PowerShell Library for UCSM) and UCS IMC Supervisor, as well as Microsoft Systems Center and VMware integrations for UCS Manager.

Cisco ONE Software for Data Center and Cloud

Cisco UCS for OpenStack

Cisco’s approach for OpenStack helps enable the rapid delivery of cloud infrastructure and applications.

Solution Design Center

Ask the Expert

Cisco solution architects and engineers will personally address your unique data center, cloud, and ACI strategy and design questions to help you accelerate your return on investment and reduce your total cost of ownership while deploying faster and with less risk.

Theater Sessions

Power Your Applications at Every Scale with Cisco UCS

Speaker: Girish Kulkarni, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Date and Time: TBD

As applications continue to evolve and change, IT is looking for solutions that can support core data center applications, edge-scale applications, and new sets of applications to support data analytics and the Internet of Everything. Cisco Unified Computing System is the industry’s first and leading implementation of fabric computing that integrates compute, network, virtualization, storage access, and management into a cohesive system. This session will explore how Cisco UCS and Cisco UCS integrated infrastructures can deliver comprehensive solutions for a wide range of infrastructure and application use cases. Learn how Cisco continues to evolve unified computing solutions with new capabilities, performance, and scale.

Meeting the Next-Generation Data Center’s Needs with MDS Fabric Switches

Speaker: Saptarshi Sengupta, Product Manager, Cisco
Date and Time: TBD

The new Cisco MDS 9396S Multilayer Fabric Switch is a 16G fixed SAN switch for next-generation data centers. For small and medium-sized businesses it serves as a standalone SAN switch, and for large enterprises it complements the top-of-rack Cisco MDS 9148S Switch as a middle-of-row switch. The MDS 9396S is easy to manage with plug-and-play quick configuration capability, along with some Director Class features such as very high B2B credits for long distance communication and VSAN/IVR support. Attend this webinar to learn more about this and other Cisco MDS Fabric Switches and how to deploy them in your storage environment.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite: Let Your Business Soar

Speaker: Joann Starke, Marketing Manager
Date and Time: TBD

How quickly can your organization stand up a new application or deploy new services? The most frequent response to that question is “not fast enough.” In an increasingly mobile-connected world, customers expect delivery of services, products, or resources at the moment of need. Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers hybrid-ready private cloud with embedded tools that increase the efficiency of IT and accelerate design and delivery of applications in a self-service manner at the time of need. This session will explore the capabilities of this solution and the benefits to your bottom line and contain a live demo for application stack design.


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