Enterprise Networks

Cisco Enterprise Networks help customers transform their network and power their digital business with Fast IT.

Enterprise Networks

The digital era is creating unprecedented opportunities for organizations. Cisco Enterprise Networks help customers transform their network and power their digital business with Fast IT. Visit the Enterprise Networks area to learn how you can promote business innovation, reduce IT complexity, and enhance security and compliance in the campus and branch. Then, showcase your network expertise at the Network Experience Zone.



Products and Solutions


Simple Incident and Inventory Management

Smart Net Total Care Proactive Support

Network service coverage that includes analytics, automated installed base and contract management, and device diagnostics. Demonstrates how Smart Net Total Care can save time, trouble, and expense for network managers. Features covered are automated installed base inventory, contract management, device diagnostics, and alerts.

Simplify Configuration and Compliance

Compliance Management and Configuration Service

The Compliance Management and Configuration Service automates and simplifies network configuration and compliance management. Demonstrates how the solution helps network managers achieve and stay compliant with internal best practices and industry and regulatory requirements. Visualizes use of software tools to automate deployment of configuration changes, making sure of continued compliance, alerting to changes that lead to noncompliance.

Prepare for Complex Business Services

Connected Analytics for Network Deployment

Self-service, subscription-based analytic software that analyzes service calls, device features and software, and configurations to enhance network readiness for complex services.

Deliver Business Models, Services, and Applications

Network Modeling and Intelligent WAN Services

Visualize the network architecture using actual network data analytics to understand how to optimize network performance, perform capacity planning, and create WAN designs that move traffic in the most cost-efficient route.

Simplified Lifecycle Management

Cisco Prime Infrastructure for Converged Wired/Wireless Network

Cisco Prime Infrastructure delivers a single, unified platform for converged wired and wireless management. Come take a look at the new Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0, which showcases a new look and feel, integration with the APIC-EM for ZTD, PfR monitoring and troubleshooting workflows, and the much-awaited Configuration Baseline Audit Compliance feature.

Automated Network Inventory and Analysis

Cisco Active Advisor

Organize your network and improve it with Cisco Active Advisor. See how network inventory is automatically collected, network health is improved, and your network stays risk free.

Consolidating Branch Appliances

Hosting Applications on Cisco UCS E-Series

The Cisco Connected Branch Office-in-a-Box provides access to the WAN and the Internet, enabling LAN connectivity between local devices, and hosting applications at the lean branch office.

Extend Your Network to the Cloud

Flexible Workforce Mobility with VxLAN

Enterprises can harness the power and flexibility of the cloud by using a cloud-based routing platform.

Cisco Smart Licensing

Simplifying Customer Licensing Experience

Smart Licensing enables customers to intelligently manage product licenses, providing near real-time visibility of Cisco licenses they purchase and consume. Smart Licensing eliminates PAKs and simplifies the RMA process with license self-activation and pooling across the entire customer portfolio.

Zero-Touch Branch Deployment

Intelligent WAN: Management and Provisioning

IT can now easily and quickly- align network resources with business priorities and deliver a great user experience with an intuitive IWAN application.

Optimal End-User Experience

Intelligent WAN: Optimization with Visibility

Quickly roll out bandwidth-intensive applications locally on the router, while optimizing the WAN with granular visibility and control and more efficiently delivering content through WAN optimization.

Optimized and Secure Multitransport

Intelligent WAN: Path Control Security

Whether using MPLS, the Internet, cellular, or a hybrid WAN access model, learn how to create intelligent WAN deployments that free up resources for new, innovative business services.

Providing High Availability for Branch WANs

Meraki IWAN Delivers Mission- Critical Data Over the WAN

The purpose of this demo is to help highlight Meraki’s solutions for WAN resilience and show how easily these features can be managed from the cloud. In addition, we demonstrate compatibility with the Cisco ISR branch solution by generating live traffic between branches and utilizing the Meraki dashboard to show the integrated deep packet inspection capabilities.

NBASE-T Technology for 802.11ac Wave2

Cisco Catalyst Multigigabit Switching

This demo shows how Cisco multigigabit switching can help customers deliver high-bandwidth 802.11ac wave 2 wireless over existing category 5e cabling infrastructure.

New and Enhanced Workspace Experiences

Cisco Instant Access and VSS with New Compact Switches

This demo shows how Instant Access and Virtual Switching System dramatically simplify campus network deployments and operations with simplicity, IPv4/v6 feature consistency, AVC support, and new compact switch capabilities.

Converged Access with Security Services

Wired and Wireless Convergence

This demo highlights Cisco Unified Access with converged wired and wireless access, enabled by a single Cisco Catalyst access switch to deliver simplified, secure access and enhanced user experience.

Protection Through Enterprise Network

Network as a Sensor and an Enforcer

This demo showcases how Cisco enterprise networks can serve as a security sensor and enforcer to provide deep visibility, network segmentation, and secure access to reduce attacks and data breaches.

Theater Sessions

Intelligent WAN: Aligning WAN Infrastructure, Services, and Management to Deliver Business Outcomes

Speaker: Vivek Kesaree, Product Solutions Marketing
Date and Time

This session shows real-world examples of how companies can enable new business models, improve IT agility, and deliver cost savings by harnessing the power of Intelligent WAN. We will provide an overview to Intelligent WAN (IWAN), technology trends, and solution architecture.   The session also highlights Cisco’s strategy with APIC-EM which enables unprecedented control and automation of enterprise branch offices giving customers the ability to greatly simplify large scale deployments.

IT Operations Management Transformation with SDN – APIC-EM and Prime Infrastructure

Speaker: TBD
Date and Time

Learn how the Cisco APIC-EM can help you build a network that can immediately respond to new business requirements. As a programmable platform for centralized automation of policy based application profiles, APIC-EM delivers on the promise of SDN here and now, on your existing Cisco access and wide-area network.

Network as a Sensor

Speaker: Brian Korn, Sr. Marketing Manager
Date and Time

Organizations are fast recognizing that mobility is a critical business enabler in this increasingly digital world. To get ahead of the mobility wave, you need a strategic game plan that allows you to delight your business stakeholders, workforce, and customers while protecting your organization. Join us to learn how you can build a robust and agile mobility platform that delivers dynamic customer engagement and complete mobile work environments on any device, anywhere with Cisco’s comprehensive enterprise mobility solutions.


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