Internet of Everything

Immerse yourself in IoE through five true-to-life connected experiences.


Innovation on the Internet of Everything

Today’s organizations are innovating on the Internet of Everything (IoE) in order to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunity to create new revenue streams, challenge disruptive competitors, deliver better experiences, and new operating models that drive both efficiency and value.

Immerse yourself in IoE through five true-to-life connected experiences. Learn about Cisco solutions, products, services and technologies combined with our partner eco-system that help your business thrive and grow through the Internet of Everything.

Connected Factory

The Internet of Everything is happening here and now on the factory floor. You will experience how a plant manager optimizes assets and has secure remote connection to access real-time information in the right format at the right time and to adjust operational controls and parameters from anywhere. The outcome is amazing innovation and efficiency gains to be realized in any manufacturing environment. Featured solutions: Connected Factory Automation, Connected Factory Wireless, and Connected Factory Security.

Connected Health

Make it all better. More secure and compliant, too. Discover how the Internet of Everything makes better care and wellness a reality today, for patients, caregivers, and IT. Featured solutions: Cisco Patient Connect, and Cisco Extended Care.

Connected Learning

Discover how the Internet of Everything can strengthen education and give more people access to learning. See how schools can save costs. Improve efficiency. And keep the learning environment safe. Students, educators, and IT can go to the head of the class. Featured solutions: Distance Learning, Cisco Spark, and Cisco WebEx Cloud.

Connected Banking

Experience the new digital bank, where you can deliver personalized sales and services, innovate with agility, secure the enterprise, and meet customers’ financial needs at their point of buying intent. The digital bank, enabled by Cisco and its partners, brings the Internet of Everything to life by taking maximum advantage of the networked connection of people, process, data, and things to deliver optimal customer experiences and paths to building wallet share. Featured solutions: Cisco Remote Expert, Cisco Mobile Experience, and Cisco Cybersecurity.

Connected Community

Discover how the Internet of Everything connects citizens and communities. Here, people can feel safer and more secure. Travel is transparent from mode to mode. Operations are simplified. And the power is on. Featured solutions: City Infrastructure Management, Connected Mass Transit, and Connected Field Area Networks.


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