Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE)

True-to-Life Connected Scenarios

Learn how the Internet of Everything (IoE), the intelligent networked connections between people, process, data, and things, is creating more valuable insights, experiences, and capabilities than ever before. Experience IoE in action and hear more about how you can harness technology trends such as cloud, mobility, big data, and security to capture unprecedented opportunities.

Experience the Internet of Everything through five true-to-life connected scenarios. Then be sure to include each of the accompanying Technology Trend towers which provide a deeper look into the technology trends that make the Internet of Everything possible.

In the Store
Shopping reimagined. Explore how the Internet of Everything transforms the entire retail experience by connecting previously unconnected operations, enhancing customer experiences and increasing loyalty and sales.  

At the Doctor
Breathe in, breathe out, and experience how the Internet of Everything helps to improve relationships between doctors, patients and healthcare administrators. Privacy, security and immediate access to data are things everyone can feel good about.

In the Vineyard
From the soil to the glass, amazing things happen when you connect the unconnected. Dig in and discover how the Internet of Everything creates value and efficiencies in supply chain and manufacturing environments. Then join us for a taste of California red. Cheers!

In the Classroom
Drop-in and see for yourself how the Internet of Everything is making everyone and everything smarter. This connected university allows students and professors to learn and interact anytime and anywhere.

In the Home
There’s no place like it. Once you kick off your shoes here, you’ll know from smart utilities and more that this home is where innovation lives. By simplifying and connecting everyday activities, we’ll demonstrate how the Internet of Everything lets your home to work for you.

Technology Trend Towers

Technology trends including cloud, security, mobility and big data/analytics help to make the Internet of Everything possible in any environment. Make sure you visit each Technology Trend tower as you tour the experiential scenarios. You will discover how Cisco’s breadth of products and solutions contribute to cloud, security, mobility and big data/analytics, and where you can at get a closer look these products and solutions elsewhere at Cisco Live.

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