Cisco delivers intelligent cybersecurity for the real world, providing one of the industry’s most comprehensive threat protection portfolios.


Threat-Centric Security – Before, During, and After an Attack

Cisco delivers intelligent cybersecurity for the real world, providing one of the industry’s most comprehensive threat protection portfolios of solutions across the broadest set of attack vectors. Cisco’s threat-centric and operationalized approach reduces complexity while providing unmatched visibility, consistent control, and advanced threat protection before, during, and after an attack.


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Products and Solutions


Analytics-Powered Threat Defense

Managed Threat Defense: High-Fidelity Incident Detection

Cisco Managed Threat Defense Service is a fully outsourced, managed security service that rapidly detects and responds to known intrusions, zero-day attacks, and advanced persistent threats by using big data analytics, expert staff, and global threat intelligence 24 hours a day.

Securing the Internet of Everything

Hosted Identity Services
Security and Risk Services

Cisco Hosted Identity Services is a fully hosted identity management access system, based on network access control that is integrated with Meraki’s MDM capabilities to manage user and device identities and their related network access permissions in an automated fashion.

Cisco Security and Risk Services provides a sophisticated, comprehensive approach to expose vulnerabilities across an organization’s entire attack surface. The team simulates attacks on your assets and infrastructure, without the risks of a real attack, and conducts physical and social engineering exercises targeting people, procedures, and physical assets.

Visibility for Virtualized Data Centers

Secure Data Center for Cisco ACI

See the Cisco Secure Data Center Solution for virtualized environments, which combines the Cisco virtualized ASA, FirePOWER NGIPS, and Identity Services Engine appliances with Cisco open APIs, including Cisco pxGrid, to provide new levels of visibility to next-generation virtualized data centers, including Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure.

Securing Next-Generation Data Centers

Cisco ASA and NGIPS for Cisco ACI and Amazon AWS

This session demonstrates insertion of security services into the ACI fabric to enable on-demand application-based security. See how application administration enables security templates for delivery of new applications in the data center and how the security policy is decommissioned with application retirement.

Threat-Centric Security for Service Providers

Security Services Architecture with Evolved Programmable Network
Carrier-Class Security Gateway

Learn about high-performance network-driven security services for service providers. This new release is a carrier-class security gateway designed to make security a business enabler. Cisco Security Services Architecture with Evolved Programmable Network advances agility and supports operating expense reductions in mobility, video, networking, cloud, and services.

Service Provider Security as a Service

Cloud VPN
Hosted Security as a Service 2.0

Cisco Service Provider Security as a Service offerings enable service providers to provide their customers cloud-based email security, web security, firewall, VPN, and other advanced security services.

Cisco Security Technical Alliances

CSTA Program
CSTA Partner Integration

Cisco Security Technical Alliances builds, maintains, and promotes partnerships with vendors that, through direct product integration, provide value to customers. Cisco offers integration points into solutions that span the full attack continuum, which improves security and shortens the time to solve critical security events.

Reduce Time to Discovery and Remediation

Quick Containment with Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution

Increase your resiliency against attack, block known threats, and reduce the time-to-discovery and time-to-containment for advanced threats that have penetrated your defenses with Cisco Cyber Threat Defense, a Cisco Validated Design.

Advanced Malware Protection

For Networks
For Endpoints

Protect your organization from cyberattacks. Cisco Advanced Malware Detection provides the threat intelligence, visibility, and control to not only prevent breaches, but quickly detect, contain, and remediate threats before they can do their damage.

Mitigate Blended Email Threats

Protect Data and Reputation with Cisco Email Security

Explore high-availability email protection against today’s dynamic, rapidly changing threats with Cisco Email Security. Its approach to email security can deliver protection hours or even days ahead of the competition. Its simple setup and automation means you’re protected within minutes with a cost-effective and up-to-date solution.

Advanced Web Threat Protection

Cloud Web Security
Cloud-Delivered Security

Cisco Cloud Web Security offers comprehensive web defense with superior deployment flexibility and lower costs than on-premises products. New features include Cisco Advanced Malware Protection and Cognitive Threat Analytics for detection and threat blocking, log extraction for granular reporting, and bandwidth-based consumption.

Threat Intelligence and Malware Analysis

Proactive Detection with Cisco AMP Threat Grid

Cisco AMP Threat Grid provides static and dynamic analysis with proactive threat intelligence, allowing security teams to quickly detect, track, respond to, and remediates advanced threats in their environments.

Dynamically Enforce Security Policy

Cisco TrustSec Software-Defined Segmentation for Networks

Learn to map business assets and functions directly to contextual access policies with Cisco TrustSec technology. These security policies can be used to segment the extended network, enforce resource usage, dynamically manage and simplify security configurations, and eliminate the need for complex network changes.

Control Access and Share Context

Cisco ISE for Secure Onboarding
Cisco ISE Ecosystem Integrations

Learn about simplified secure access for onboarding for Guest Access and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs with Cisco Identity Services Engine 1.4.

Secure Web Traffic, Protect Your Brand

Cisco Web Security: An Architectural Approach

Protect your organization from advanced threats in highly connected and mobile environments with an architectural approach to web security. Cisco Web Security delivers strong protection, flexible control, and continuous innovation in a wide range of deployment options to combat today’s emerging threats.

Malware Protection Across Endpoint VPN

Endpoint Security with Cisco AnyConnect and AMP

See how Cisco solutions perform malware inspection for off-premise and remote connections, including connections from mobile devices.

Network Threat Protection

Cisco FirePOWER Next-Generation IPS

This session covers network threat protection across the entire attack continuum: integrated visibility of your network before an attack, advanced threat protection during an attack, and scoping and remediation after an attack.

Threat-Focused Next-Generation Firewalls

SMB and Branch Office
Enterprise and Data Center

Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services, Cisco ASA with Cisco FirePOWER Next-Generation Firewalls. Learn about Cisco’s new threat-focused next-generation firewalls for small and medium businesses, branches, enterprises, and data centers. They deliver superior threat defense and can greatly reduce management and remediation costs. These firewalls can address the entire attack continuum: before, during, and after an attack.

Theater Sessions

Automated Real-time Threat Protection for Data Centers

Speaker:Dave Stuart, Director, Product Management
Date and Time: Tuesday, June 9, 2:15 p.m. | East Theater

Next-generation data center architectures that embrace SDN are challenged with dynamically scaling security along with application workload to provide both the protection and agility needed to meet today’s dynamic business requirements.  Cisco is now delivering full integration of Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) embedded security with the threat detection of FirePOWER Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), providing automated threat protection to combat emerging datacenter security threats.  You can now build a highly secure infrastructure with fine-grained control, visibility and centralized automation all the way from infrastructure to the application level, lowering operating costs and risks of security breaches.

Leveraging the Network for Improved Security

Speaker: Beth Baruch, Manager, Product Marketing
Date and Time: Tuesday, June 9, 4:15 p.m. | East Theater

In this session we will discuss how the network can be utilized to improve an organization’s security.  We will focus on granular segmentation, leveraging the network as a sensor, and automated containment. These techniques can improve an organization’s overall security posture, enable compliance to outside standards, and improve detection and containment of advanced threats.

Cisco Hosted Identity Services

Speaker:Harlan Parrott, Director, Customer Solutions
Date and Time: Tuesday, June 9, 4:15 p.m. | East Theater

This session demonstrates what an integrated threat defense and identity and access management (IAM) program can mean for your overall security posture, and how customers are uniting these solutions to achieve their objectives.  Learn about improvements in the speed to detect, confirm, and remediate threats and how IAM policy enforcement points can be made better with advanced threat data.  Also find out about Cisco’s approach to executing that vision – available as a service.

Prevent Breaches, Continuously Detect Threats, Rapidly Remediate

Speakers:  John Dominguez and Joe Malenfant, Product Marketing Managers
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 10,  1:30 p.m. | East Theater

In this session, we will discuss how to best combat the increasing onslaught of advanced cyberattacks. Breaches happen every day. While we try to prevent as many as we can, we also need to be ready to quickly detect, contain, and remediate cyberattacks if they penetrate our defenses. We’ll talk about how continuous detection and retrospective security technologies, coupled with threat intelligence and dynamic malware analysis, can help us achieve the deep visibility and control we need to stop advanced attacks before damage can be done.

Network as a Sensor

Speaker:  Brian Korn, Sr. Marketing Manager
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 10,  4:30 p.m. | East Theater

You can’t protect what you can’t see. But in a world where your data travels among tens of thousands of devices and people inside and outside your enterprise, how can you know what’s happening out there? Cisco provides the tools you need to detect suspicious traffic flows, policy violations, and compromised devices anywhere in your environment. Many of those tools are already in your network, ready to be activated.

A New Way Forward: Next Gen Firewalls for SMBs and the Distributed Enterprise

Speakers:  Bill Mabon and John Damon, Sr. Managers, Product Marketing
Date and Time: Thursday, June 11,  10:15 a.m. | East Theater

Learn about the network security threats facing SMBs, distributed enterprises, and industrial control systems, Cisco research, from our Annual Security Report, on how these organizations are responding. Additionally, you will discover how Cisco’s newest Next-Generation Firewalls are tailor-made for these organizations, offering a new way forward. Until now, practitioners may have thought that their only options were UTM solutions, which are less effective at threat defense, or multiple- point solutions, which are expensive to integrate and manage.

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