Cisco Investments Pavilion

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Come meet twenty of Cisco’s top portfolio companies in the Cisco Investments Pavilion, booth #929.

Who We Are

Our portfolio companies are supported by a talented team of 40 investment professionals located in major geographies, including US, China, India, Israel, and Europe. This deep market and technology expertise is applied to an active portfolio of $2B in over 80  direct investments around the world.  Cisco Investments also holds Limited Partner positions in over 35 funds globally.

Where We Invest

The foundation of Cisco Investment’s $2B portfolio is built on investments in disruptive ideas that align with Cisco’s business today, including cloud, data center, storage, routing and switching.  We extend this perspective by also looking for opportunities to support those companies who have ideas that will help shape the overall, global networking ecosystem in the future. In order to maximize the impact of the latter, we have committed to invest in businesses that are focused on disruptive opportunities in the following areas:

  • Big Data / Analytics
  • Connected Mobility
  • Internet of Things
  • Storage
  • Silicon
  • India Innovations
  • Content Technology Ecosystem

Twenty of Cisco’s top portfolio companies are present at this year’s Cisco Investments Pavilion.  We hope you will come to our pavilion and meet each of them.

Atlantis atlantisComputing

Founded: 2006
Headquarters:  Mountain View, CA, USA

Atlantis Computing is a software company that optimizes how storage is consumed in virtualized datacenters. These solutions enable customers to cut the amount of storage used by virtual machines while boosting application performance and delivering increased storage flexibility in the datacenter.

The solutions are 100% software-based and support any enterprise storage, any server, and any hypervisor helping build virtual storage environments that are simpler, faster, less expensive, and easier to manage. The delivered technologies provide comprehensive optimization services for virtual workloads such as databases, Microsoft Exchange, Big Data, test & development, line-of-business applications, virtual Citrix XenApp implementations, and virtual desktop deployments.

Value Proposition to Cisco:

  • Atlantis In-Memory storage amplifies Cisco UCS Extended Memory architecture.
  • Simplifies storage management and provides flexibility by abstracting all storage hardware across the datacenter.
  • Optimized performance and capacity utilization for virtual server and desktop workloads (Citrix/VMware) on FlexPod and Vblock.
  • Accelerate desktop and server deployment through automation and fast provisioning.


  • Virtual desktop user experience
  • Fast desktop and server deployment
  • Storage management across different storage types

Ayla aylaNetworks

Founded: 2010
Headquarters:  Sunnyvale, CA USA

Ayla Networks provides the industry’s first Agile IoT Platform, accelerating development, support, and ongoing enhancements of connected products for the Internet of Things. Ayla’s software fabric runs across devices, cloud, and apps to create secure connectivity, data analytics, and feature-rich customer experiences. Offered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Ayla’s flexibility and modularly enables rapid changes to practically any type of device, cloud, and app environment.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
Cisco customers can accelerate the development and scale the support of connected products using the Ayla Agile IoT platform. The Ayla cloud-centric solution collects and analyzes customer usage data for IoT products so Cisco customers can make use of near real-time customer feedback loops and enhance products faster as requirements for the Internet of Things products evolve, driving greater customer value and competitive advantage. The Ayla Agile IoT platform accelerates development time for device hardware by embedding its software into leading communications chipsets and for mobile applications with advanced software libraries across major app OSes. Cisco customers will appreciate the comprehensive operational toolsets provides in the Ayla Platform portals to support and scale IoT products deployed in the field.


  • Ayla’s Design Kit for rapid prototyping
  • Example IoT products with mobile apps using the Ayla Agile IoT Platform
  • Ayla’s platform portals for operational support and management of field deployments

Bit bitstewStew Systems

Founded: 2005
Headquarters:  Vancouver, BC

Bit Stew Systems Inc. is a world-leading provider of integrated, real-time network operations solutions for the utility industry.

Bit Stew’s flagship product, Grid Director™, is revolutionizing the way the utility industry deploys, operates, secures and optimizes smart grids globally. Grid Director’s game-changing approach offers customers an in-depth, interactive and real-time view of their smart grids enabling them to make more agile and informed decisions that elevate their business operations.

Value Proposition to Cisco:

  • Elevate your conversations with Business and IT Leaders – Supporting both IP-based and proprietary networks, Grid Director is ideal for delivering an enterprise view into large disparate device based networks, while offering predictive analytics, pattern recognition, and complex event correlation.
  • Demonstrate the potential of IoT – The Grid Director platform is built to concurrently manage a network of connected devices and has proven scalability to over one billion end devices – making it an ideal platform for managing the Internet of Things (IoT). Bit Stew is actively prototyping embedding key elements of the application in IOx and developing use cases for intelligence at the edge.
  • Grid Director Appliance on Cisco UCS® – Bit Stew recommends customers purchase the Grid Director Appliance, powered by Cisco UCS® hardware platform.

Bit Stew will be demonstrating how Grid Director is used to manage millions of connected, edge devices in the smart grid space.

Cohda cohdaWireless

Founded:  2004
Headquarters:  South Australia

Cohda Wireless is an equipment vendor in the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) market. The company manufactures hardware products with acknowledged best-in-world performance and has developed complete software solutions (from network layer to applications layer) for this market. Cohda’s hardware and software products are being used in Car-to-Car field trials worldwide today. Cohda’s customers include a large number of Car Makers, Tier One Suppliers, Automotive Chip Makers, Road Authorities, as well as New Market Entrants. Cohda’s products are already in use in the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
Cohda Wireless enables Cisco to achieve the declared goal to help the automotive and transportation systems industries to deliver new functionality, enhanced safety and driver experience. By incorporating an intelligent network, OEMs, suppliers, enterprises and consumers can benefit from intelligent transportation systems, connected commercial fleets and smart connected vehicles.

Cohda Wireless will demonstrate a Roadside Unit (RSU), a new evolving communication infrastructure, which is repetitive mounted at fixed locations along roads. They are connected which each other and connected to the Internet or other networks via access router, and are communicating with vehicles On Board Units (OBU). Examples are toll-portals, bridges or existing traffic information signs. The automobile will be the next wave towards the Internet of Everything, and Cohda Wireless enables a robust broadband connection both between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure.

CTERA cteraNetworks

Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Petah Tikvah, Israel and New York, NY

CTERA Networks provides the industry’s first and only cloud storage services platform. Deployed by Global 1000 enterprises and leading cloud service providers, CTERA transforms private or public cloud infrastructure into scalable, secure, business-critical data services, addressing the remote office storage, end-point backup and file sync and share needs of enterprise and service provider customers.

CTERA Networks was founded in 2008, if headquartered in Israel and has a North American HQ in New York City, NY.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
The CTERA Cloud Gateway is offered as a Cloud Connector in the Cisco ISR G2 Router and immediately transforms the ISR G2 into a unified and cloud-connected backup, file serving and file sync edge device for modern branch offices and remote offices.  With CTERA, the Cisco worldwide salesforce has a comprehensive solution for today’s enterprises who are looking to take control of their end-point and BYOD corporate data initiatives.  The CTERA Cloud Connector provides Cisco’s customers with a complete cloud storage solution that they can deploy 100% purely in their own private cloud or in a virtual private cloud.


  • CTERA’s Unified Backup, File Server and File Sync Solution for the Branch Office
  • CTERA’s Cloud Storage Portal, A Unified Managed Services Tool To Deploy and Manage Large Storage Clouds and Distributed Enterprises


Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Santa Clara

Embrane is the leading provider of application-centric network services and virtual appliance lifecycle management for its own firewalls/VPNs and load balancers, as well as third-party network services. These solutions enable customers to create per-application network services and automate the delivery of these services for faster application deployment and significant savings.

In addition to being an ecosystem partner for Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture, Embrane also delivers a lifecycle management solution for the Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv) and the Sourcefire virtual appliances.

Value Proposition to Cisco:

  • With Embrane, customers can create virtual instances of the Cisco ASAv and Sourcefire virtual appliances in minutes, automatically insert them in the network, assign rules and policies to a specific application, enable self-healing high availability (HA), and automate licensing and usage monitoring.
  • Virtual appliance lifecycle management is a critical requirement when creating a virtual network infrastructure as it automates dozens of otherwise manual steps required to license, create, deploy and maintain these virtual appliances.
  • Cisco and Embrane deliver a network-centric solution to the Network Team that is more agile, less expensive and less disruptive to deploy and manage than VMware NSX.
  • Embrane’s integration with Nexus 9K Series enables enterprises and service providers to immediately begin the migration to an ACI for physical and virtual environments. Both solutions can be deployed today and will integrate seamlessly with the Cisco APIC.
  • Embrane’s software runs on Cisco UCS as well as other x86 servers.


  • Virtual appliance lifecycle management, including the creation, licensing and deployment of the Cisco ASAv and Sourcefire virtual appliances
  • Virtual appliance lifecycle management, including the creation, and deployment of additional third-party network services
  • Application-centric load balancers and firewalls from Embrane


Founded: 2011
Headquarters:  London, UK

EVRYTHNG is a Web of Things™ software company, making products smart by connecting them to the Web with intelligent online identities.

Product manufacturers, retailers and service providers use EVRYTHNG’s Product Relationship Management™ Platform-as-a-Service to operate large-scale and personalized user engagement, tracking and integrity, analytics and automation applications for their products.

Products can be tagged & scanned or connected directly, and users can connect with a product using their social, network or enterprise identity to authenticate and ‘check-in’ to a product.  Product identities can be configured with automated responses based on real time and accumulated product, user and other information, driving applications, product automation and analytics.

Value Proposition to Cisco:

  • The EVRYTHNG ENGINE™ helps enterprise customers deliver applications using information from and about products and other objects connected to networks or scanned with mobile devices.
  • Cisco network solutions connecting products can be directly complimented with data management and application creation tools through the EVRYTHNG ENGINE™ to deliver on smart product, product tracking and user engagement applications.
  • The EVRYTHNG ENGINE™ enables Cisco and Cisco partners to add value to the data management and application delivery layers in ‘internet of things’ applications and gain access to associated revenue streams.


  • Online identities through the EVRYTHNG ENGINE™ for products connected with Cisco CMX.
  • Dynamic engagement experiences accessed from a scanned product, and real-time information captured from the product.
  • Product tracking & analytics.


Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

HyTrust is the Cloud Security Automation company. Its virtual appliances provide the essential foundation for cloud control, visibility, data security, management and compliance. HyTrust mitigates the risk of catastrophic failure— especially in light of the concentration of risk that occurs within virtualization and cloud environments. Organizations can now confidently take full advantage of the cloud, and even broaden deployment to mission-critical applications.

The Company is backed by top tier investors VMware, Cisco, Intel, In-Q-Tel, Fortinet, Granite Ventures, Trident Capital and Epic Ventures; its partners include VMware, VCE, Symantec, CA, McAfee, Splunk; HP Arcsight, Accuvant, RSA and Intel.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
HyTrust can help customers expand their deployment of virtualization by removing the security concerns that have traditionally prevented the virtualization of mission critical applications. These expanded data centers and private cloud initiatives offer new opportunities for equipment refresh and new deployment of Cisco technologies.

HyTrust will demonstrate a range of controls that can ensure security and compliance in virtualized infrastructure. Demonstrations will include the creation of multi-tenancy through the creation of administrative ‘swim lanes’ and data encryption, secondary approval or ‘two-person rule’ capabilities to prevent accidental or malicious administrative activity, logging and auditing for compliance, and encryption and key management for all cloud infrastructures.

MapR MapRTechnologies

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Jose, CA

MapR enables organizations to derive insights and business value from their ever-expanding volume and variety of data.

Apache Hadoop is considered a disruption to the relational database market and traditional data warehouses, and provides a powerful, efficient, and cost-effective platform to capture, store, analyze and share massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

MapR is an open, enterprise-grade distribution for Hadoop, and in the recent report, Forrester WaveTM: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014, “MapR Technologies scored highest for its current offering of all the vendors.”

MapR on the Cisco Unified Computing SystemTM (Cisco UCS®) delivers a fully optimized Hadoop solution for lights-out data center capabilities, ease of use, and superior performance for different classes of Hadoop applications.

Value Proposition to Cisco:

  • Hadoop is top of mind with clients facing big data challenges, and the MapR Distribution for Hadoop with UCS provides a disruptive technology to help clients solve these challenges.
  • MapR is the ONLY distribution for Hadoop that gives you both real-time and batch processing capabilities.
  • 80% of MapR customers have Hadoop in production, and consistently grow and expand resources to support additional use cases every 6 months.
  • Cisco with MapR drives densely packed Rack Mount Servers, driving 2X revenue and wallet share to Cisco.
  • MapR on UCS reduces the cost of per terabyte of storage by 10x to 25x.
  • Cisco IT and Cisco SIO have standardized on MapR for Hadoop.


  • Streaming Writes for Real-Time Applications
  • Integrating Hadoop with Storm for Real-Time Processing
  • Show operational and analytical workloads, high-speed streams of incoming data, different user groups, and different data sets, which can all be consolidated and processed simultaneously in the same cluster with MapR.


Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Bangalore, India

CMXstac is a software platform enabling Wi-Fi-based, indoor location-aware mobile apps, with an easy-to-use interface for managing rules, messaging and analytics.

Value Proposition to Cisco: 

  • Makes a push for pervasive Wi-Fi. Location-based apps need good coverage and density to provide accurate location
  • Creates value for CMX customers by enabling increased sales, reduced customer-service costs, increased consumer insights
  • Offers insights to Cisco about its customers’ use of CMX and pervasive Wi-Fi.


  • The demo will simulate a retail/banking scenario with a customer device app, a relationship manager app and the CMXstac interfaces
  • The various components of CMXstac such as the receiver, the messaging console, the rule engine and the SDKs will be shown in action
  • The demo will detect a consumer’s presence inside a store/ bank, and trigger an appropriate message to the customer app as well as notify the manager about the customer’s presence


Founded: 2006
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

OpenDNS is a cloud-delivered network security service that blocks advanced attacks before they can cause damage as well as malware, botnets and phishing over any port, protocol or app. OpenDNS uses machine learning, to automate protection against both known and unknown threats. OpenDNS protects devices anywhere and stays up-to-date without admin intervention.

Value Proposition to Cisco: 

  • Risk mitigation like no other: OpenDNS detects advanced attacks and blocks malware, botnets and phishing over any port, protocol or app.
  • Worldwide coverage in minutes: OpenDNS protects devices, users and sites anywhere on the Internet with no hardware to install and no software to maintain.
  • Predictive intelligence: OpenDNS predictive intelligence uses big-data analytics to protect against unknown threats before they do damage and helps incident responders reduce incident response time.
  • No added latency: With OpenDNS there is no need to reroute every connection through proxy or VPN gateways to secure mobile users or remote offices.
  • Proven reliability: OpenDNS Global Network handles more than 50M+ users and 2% of the world’s DNS requests daily with 100% uptime.  Combined with our cloud proxies to intelligently route traffic for deeper inspection, OpenDNS offers the winning combination of performance and efficacy.


  • Protects any device, anywhere, against advanced attacks
  • Predicts unknown threats & blocks in real-time
  • Identifies targeted attacks by comparing your traffic to the world’s traffic


Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Renton, WA

Parallels makes it easier for service providers to grow and Profit from the Cloud™ with innovative service delivery software, expertise, and its partner ecosystem. More than 10,000 service providers rely on Parallels to deliver thousands of applications and cloud services to more than 10 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) in more than 130 countries. The company’s customers and partners include traditional Web hosters, communication service providers, value added resellers (VARs), distributors, and website designers.

The company’s flagship hosting and cloud services integration mechanism, Application Packaging Standard (APS), is a free and open industry standard that creates a simple and quick way for services providers to offer new applications and cloud services, including aggregated third-party applications and services. The APS ecosystem includes hundreds of independent software vendors (ISVs) who rely on Parallels service provider partners as additional channels to reach millions of SMBs.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
Parallels service provider customers are channels for Cisco to sell more its products to end customers including:

  • Cisco UCS and Nexus line of products for Parallels service provider customers to use as infrastructure to build their cloud data centers
  • Cisco software platforms such as Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud
  • Cisco SaaS services such as WebEx which are integrated with Parallels through Application Packaging Standard


  • Parallels Automation used by service provider to deliver WebEx services bundled with (i) IaaS based on Cisco UCS (ii) web hosting (iii) email and collaboration (iv) email and end point security (iv)online back up

Pentaho Pentaho

Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Orlando, FL

Pentaho provides a fully featured, tightly coupled end-to-end business analytics and data Integration platform that solves both business and technical problems in three core markets:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics – Pentaho delivers  full set of capabilities for data access, visualization and analysis, including predictive analysis, that is generally 85% more cost effective than other solutions. Business users gain new insights from data and IT gains a high performance, scalable and easy to manage architecture.
  • Big Data Analytics –Pentaho removes technical barriers and significantly reduces the time to gain business insight from large volumes of diverse data. Pentaho’s big data analytics solution addresses the full lifecycle of big data – from data access and preparation, visualization and analysis to predictive analytics. A visual design environment and the newly introduced Instaview, a big data discovery application, Pentaho reduces the time to big data results by 15X.
  • Embedded Analytics –ISVs and SaaS providers gain competitive advantage by seamlessly embedding and reporting, dashboards, and analysis into their applications. With Pentaho, ISV’s and SaaS providers maximize revenue and reduce risk with low upfront costs and the ability to scale with flexible licensing and pricing. Pentaho clients are operational in as little as 8 weeks.

Value Proposition to Cisco:

  • Enterprises are realizing the value of big data to reduce costs and gain deep business insights. Cisco UCS is an ideal infrastructure for Big Data deployments.
  • Big Data, particularly Hadoop, can be difficult to learn and integrate with legacy systems. Pentaho makes this much easier, accelerating the time value of big data for Cisco customers and clients.
  • Pentaho’s visual drag and drop integration tools eliminate coding to maximize developer resources and minimize complexity.
  • Pentaho’s data integration engine’s unique ability to run directly in-cluster, Pentaho makes time to big data value 15X faster.
  • Cisco Smart Service Organization embeds Pentaho to deliver a richer, and greater value added set of services using the power of analytics
  • Other product groups in Cisco use Pentaho as an embedded value-add in their product offerings to provide customers richer and better visualization and advanced anlaytics

Pentaho will have a set of demo’s available depending on the audience and their particular area of interest. Depending on the specific situation,  we will be able to demo one of the following :

  • Pentaho is actively working with Cisco for a variety of products, solutions, offerings that are already in GA or will soon be launched.  We will reference these products and demonstrate the advanced analytic features such as customer 360 degree views and operational dashboards.
  • Blending Machine and Production Data - real-time blending of production data from a corporate data warehouse with Hadoop-based HVAC machine data can enable better operational decision-making.


Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Many businesses today need to stay connected to customers on their mobile devices. But developing an immersive, high quality, location-aware application for iOS and Android can start at over $350K. Building a mobile website is less expensive and doesn’t require IT. But engagement is low: U.S. consumers spend 86% of their smartphone time in mobile applications vs. 14% on mobile websites (Flurry, April 2014).

Phunware’s fully-integrated, native and mobile-first solutions make it easy for any brand to leverage multiscreen functionality such as content management, location based services, advertising, push notifications and analytics.  All of this is available through the use of a single login on a single platform with a single partner. This unique and comprehensive solutions-based approach reduces both the cost and complexity that brands have been forced to tolerate historically with an ecosystem filled with fragmented, incomplete and non-integrated point products.

Everything You Need to Succeed on Mobile:
Whether you are just getting started or ready for the next stage of your digital strategy, we can help you create powerful multiscreen solutions that are right for your brand or organization.

Phunware’s Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS), the first fully integrated services platform that enables brands to engage, manage and monetize their anytime anywhere users worldwide.

Our turn-key, location-based services (LBS) solution offers a fully configurable, immersive mobile experience for iOS and Android devices with pre-packaged versions for shoppers, travelers, fans, hospitals, museums and more. Phunware’s multiscreen platform utilizes location technology such as Cisco’s CMX platform, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, and GPS to enable marketers to delight their users with highly interactive location-based experiences that until now were out of reach to most.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
Phunware delivers out-of-the-box location-based services (LBS) and provides end-to-end integration with the Cisco CMX platform to provide next-generation indoor location and WiFi-based presence zone triggers. The solution complements and leverages Cisco CMX technologies for customers in healthcare, retail, sports/entertainment, higher education and other verticals.

The Phunware CMX and BLE support stack enables customers to build critical location-based services into their branded apps (See comment.  Or they just take turnkey apps). As Cisco customers continue to feel the demands of their engaged consumers and the need to provide advanced interactive indoor location-based experiences, demand for high-density WiFi networks with more and more access points will only increase. Phunware’s explosive growth—17,824% in just four years—can help further drive demand for Cisco CMX, as CMX is key to many important Phunware features:

  • Cisco CMX provides precise indoor locations relative to points of interest (POI) or specific venue attractions.
  • Cisco CMX offers key location information to enable zone triggers and proximity-based notifications for end users as the walk through or approach a certain indoor area.
  • Cisco MSE and Phunware’s MaaS work hand in hand to offer compelling solutions for IT specialists as well as marketers.

Phunware is an enterprise-class multiscreen platform adopted by some of the world’s largest and most respected brands, providing Cisco CMX with a competitive advantage over Aruba Networks/Meridian.

See a live demo of Phunware that taps the power and interactivity of location based services. Learn how your customers can get up and running quickly, engage their users, manage their content and monetize the experience.

Piston pistonCloud Computing

Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Piston OpenStack™ is a software product that uses advanced systems intelligence to orchestrate an entire private cloud environment using commodity hardware. Combining an extremely lightweight custom Linux OS, and using an advanced high-availability system called Moxie Runtime Environment, and curated choices for compute, storage and networking, Piston keeps your private cloud running no matter what – through hardware failure, operator error, upgrades, and power outages. Piston OpenStack makes it possible for a single system administrator to manage an entire datacenter, and can be scaled, seamlessly, up or down, to global scale.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
With the need for rapid app development and testing, datacenter management solutions that are flexible, easy, and secure have never been more important. Piston OpenStack™ with Cisco Nexus Switches delivers a complete private cloud solution that enables rapid application development and testing for DevOps teams.

With the drive towards convergence of storage and computing, a robust and flexible network are key. Piston OpenStack’s focus on providing easy scale out of private and public cloud environments lean on the networking fabric – an area where Cisco’s Nexus switches have demonstrated excellence.

Piston OpenStack provides live migration, no downtime, hot-upgrades and easy scale-out for private cloud environments. Piston OpenStack with Nexus is the easiest, fastest, and best way to run OpenStack, at less than a third of the cost of public cloud, even before accounting for the return-on-agility advantages.

Piston will demonstrate the features of Piston OpenStack, a turn-key OpenStack private cloud solution, including live migration, easy scale out, and a multi-region dashboard for users to manage projects and instances on multiple clusters.


Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Mateo, CA

Platfora puts an end to the gut decision by giving enterprises blazing fast factual insights across all of their data sets for outsized competitive advantage. Delivered as subscription software on premises or in the cloud, Platfora Big Data Analytics is a platform that anyone can use.

Platfora Big Data Analytics technology mixes customer interaction, machine data, and transactional data in an easy to use, iterative manner. Business users can ask deeper questions, correlate behavior and actions across multiple domains of data in order to make fact-based decisions, faster. Citi, Comcast, DirecTV, Disney,, Opower, Riot Games, Vivint and The Washington Post use Platfora as their permanent path to success with big data.

Value Proposition to Cisco:

  • Platfora enables Cisco to talk with customers about the full stack of a Big Data Analytics solution.
  • Customers who use Platfora need to have Hadoop, installed on UCS. Platfora software runs on separate UCS servers

Platfora will demonstrate Platfora Big Data Analytics featuring use cases across solutions in customer analytics, Internet of Things, media analytics, and network security.

Puppet PuppetlabsLabs

Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Portland, OR

Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software that helps system and network administrators manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to patch management and compliance for NX-OS and enterprise operating systems. Using Puppet Enterprise, system and network administrators can easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage change.

Unlike custom scripts, golden images, and CLI interfaces, Puppet Enterprise’s declarative, model-based approach enables administrators to define up-front the desired state of the infrastructure.  Puppet Enterprise then automatically builds and continually enforces this desired state, freeing system administrators from repetitive tasks and allowing them to deploy applications faster while maintaining quality of service.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
Puppet Labs is the leading infrastructure automation tool for configuration management and Cisco is an investor in Puppet Labs. Puppet integrates across Cisco’s product lines. At the demo you’ll see Puppet’s integration with the Nexus 3k, 7k, and 9k but Puppet also has integrations through CIAC and UCS Manager. Puppet Enterprise ties a number of Cisco’s and its partners products together. For example, Puppet Enterprise also manages Netapp storage, F5 BIG-IPs, and offers management of thousands of applications through the Puppet Forge.

Puppet Enterprise is currently undergoing a number of IVT tests and will be SIP eligible. For direct resellers, Puppet Labs offers a generous margin and Puppet Enterprise drives an 80%+ services pull through that can be attached to UCS, Nexus, FlexPod and Cisco IAC sales.

Utilizing Puppet Enterprise to patch NX-OS and automate the configuration of Cisco Nexus switches.


Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Redwood City, CA

Qwilt solves the problem of rapidly increasing demand for online video with a solution to manage and monetize video delivery in service provider networks.  Qwilt’s solution combines transparent caching, video delivery, and video analytics in a unified, purpose-built platform. Qwilt’s solution optimizes delivery of streaming video content, both video-on-demand and live event streaming, to relieve network congestion for operators and deliver a higher quality viewing experience for their customers. A growing number of the world’s leading cable, telecom and mobile service providers rely on Qwilt to optimize their networks to support consumer demand for online video. Founded in 2010 by industry veterans from Cisco and Juniper, Qwilt is backed by Accel Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Cisco, Marker and Redpoint Ventures.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
Qwilt’s video delivery platform will drive Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) sales, increase Cisco’s position within Service Provider accounts as a strategic partner and enhance Cisco’s product offering with a comprehensive online video optimization solution.

Demonstrations of Qwilt’s solution will showcase three capabilities

  1. Transparent caching of video on demand, including Netflix and YouTube, both managed and unmanaged content
  2. Caching of live event streams, including YouTube Live and ESPN
  3. Web-based UI showing video classification and delivery analytics, including cache performance and trends

Rivermeadow rivermeadowSoftware

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Jose, CA

RiverMeadow SaaS solves the challenge of migrating complex, large workloads into and between Cloud environments.  Purpose built for the Cloud, RiverMeadow SaaS is a secure migration tool that leverages APIs to mirror current server environments and move them into the cloud as-is, without interrupting current workload activities.  Any source environment can be securely and rapidly moved into the Cloud (Public, Private or Hybrid) via the automated workload migration tool.  There is no need to install agents or quiesce servers until final cut over.  RiverMeadow SaaS enables Cisco, Cisco Powered Carriers and Cloud Service Providers, and Cisco channel partners to effectively deliver the benefits of cloud computing to customers worldwide.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
As an OEM partner to Cisco, RiverMeadow adds value across the board to Cisco business units and product lines, including Cisco Advanced Services, the Cisco Powered Channel, Cisco UCS and more. RiverMeadow provides an API driven platform that enables Cisco Cloud Service Providers to quickly and securely ramp up cloud service offerings and help end user customers accelerate cloud adoption. The RiverMeadow-Cisco partnership supports the rapidly growing appetite for Cisco services and compute resources, fueling current and future demand for Cisco cloud services.

RiverMeadow will showcase migration demos across the Cisco Live venue, including the Cisco Live Solutions Expo, the Cisco Powered Cloud Pavilion and the Cisco Investment Pavilion. Come by one of our three points of presence to view demos and see firsthand the speed and ease of migrating workloads to any–cloud environment. RiverMeadow will show a host of migration demos ranging from physical-to cloud, -virtual-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud migrations. We’ll also demonstrate end-to-end discovery, plan and migrate projects through a RiverMeadow SaaS, RISC Networks solution.


Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Edison, NJ

SecurView is a Cyber Security Solutions company. It specializes in delivering security solutions to protect organizations against security threats in new world of cloud and mobility. SecurView’s solutions cover the following areas:

  • Cloud and Datacenter Security
  • BYOD and ISE
  • Malware Analysis and Protection
  • iSOC (Intelligent Security Operation Center) for Managed Security Services

SecurView provides clients with complete outsourced security management .  The result is improved IT Security, more effective incident response, complete transparency for audit purposes and accelerated compliance reporting cycles at affordable cost.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
SecurView has three solutions to accelerate Cisco’s security product sales and customer adoption.  The solutions are:

  • Firewall Migration Portal
  • ISE Life Cycle Solution
  • Managed Security Services (for ASA and IPS)
  • Firewall Migration Portal

The Firewall Migration Portal is a web-based self-service tool that enables users to migrate legacy ASA 5500 & third-party firewall configurations to Cisco ASA 5500-X mid-range portfolio. The tool currently supports the following conversions:

ASA 5500 to ASA 5500-X Migration: There is an immediate opportunity to convert older 5500 systems to the newer 5500-X devices. We have a >$2bn opportunity to churn the base here. This tool greatly simplifies the conversion.

Juniper to ASA5500-X Migration:  This conversion feature allows customers to convert Juniper FW rules over to Cisco rules with ease.

Checkpoint to ASA5500-X Migration: Some of our top competitively held Cisco accounts are using Checkpoint. This function provides ease of migration from Checkpoint to ASA

  • ISE Life Cycle Solution

SecurView has developed a unique methodology to address the life cycle of a mobile policy management solution based on Cisco ISE.  The methodology covers customer requirements analysis, architecture of ISE for use cases, deployment and managed ISE solution.  The methodology provides a consistent and proven process for successful ISE deployments.

  • Managed Security Services

SecurView offers white label managed security services for Cisco ASA, IPS, NAC and ISE.  The service covers availability, configuration management, event and threat monitoring.  The service delivered using SecurView’s managed services platform called CASPER.  SecurView’s managed services are delivered through its iSOC (intelligent SOC)


The demonstration of portal covers conversion of configurations from Checkpoint, Juniper and old ASA to ASA-X platform.

  • CASPER portal

The demo provides view of CASPER dashboards, knowledge base, workflows and reports

Teradici Teradici

Founded: 2004
Headquarters: British Columbia

Teradici PCoIP technology is the fabric of the virtual workspace. We power the spectrum of local, remote, mobile and collaborative workstyles, fundamentally simplifying how computing is provisioned, managed and used.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator ensure successful VMware Horizon View deployments on Cisco UCS servers

  • Ensure high-performance user experience without over-provisioning VDI server, even in peak workloads
  • Increases server consolidation ratios by up to 2X
  • Teradici PCoIP traffic optimization enabled through Cisco AVC with NBAR2
  • Cisco SIP Approved Solution – Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator


  • Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator improves VDI satisfaction by ensuring user’s get consistent delivery of a high quality virtualized experience.
  • Hardware Accelerator (APEX 2800) offloading PCoIP image encoding in VMware Horizon View with GPU/vGPU environment
  • 2 side-by-side virtual desktops (VMs with 2 vCPUs each) showing vCPU utilization and frame per second improvements with Hardware Accelerator
  • iPad to control (enable/disable) Hardware Accelerator demonstrating the proof-of-concept monitoring tool (Dashboard) Please find attached Solution Summary


Founded:  2007
Headquarters:  Caesarea, Israel and Sunnyvale, CA

Wilocity is delivering the world’s first multi-gigabit wireless chipsets based on the new WiGig 60GHz and IEEE802.11ad standards for super high-speed downloads, docking, networking, and high definition video at over 10x today’s typical Wi-Fi speeds.

Value Proposition to Cisco:
The Wi-Fi industry has been wildly successful and fundamentally changed the way we work and play – by enabling us to always be connected anytime, anywhere – since it hit the scene a bit more than a decade ago.  While the 2.4 GHz band is largely saturated today, it is projected that the 5 GHz band, will become more saturated that it within 2-3 years due to the roll out of 802.11ac.  With the internet of things in its infancy, and ready to explode, the number of network node is poised to experience exponential growth.  With all of these omni-directional, “whole home” transmitters shouting at each other, the potential exists for the collapse in individual performance.  The characteristics of 60 GHz being “in room or open space”, highly directional in nature, multi-gigabit speed and largely untapped make 802.11ad a perfect complement to existing .11ac infrastructure enabling orders of magnitude increases in network performance and capacity.  The resulting tri-band APs will ensure all clients connected to these Cisco Tri-Band APs will always be “best connected”.


  1. Tri-Band AP with Fast Session Transfer
  2. Bake-off: 802.11ad vs. legacy Wi-Fi
  3. Wireless Docking – as part of the network infrastructure

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