Labs and Seminars

Explore the in-depth learning opportunities available to you while onsite at Cisco Live. Labs and Technical Seminars offer a prime opportunity to learn more about the core technologies driving the digital transformation of business.

Labs (4 and 8 Hours)

Installing and troubleshooting network technologies, performing “what-if” scenarios, and practicing risky network operations in a simulated environment moderated by Cisco experts are the best ways to get critical hands-on experience.

Technical Seminars (4 and 8 Hours)

Cisco Live’s comprehensive half-day and full-day seminars address a wide variety of technology areas, design principles, and best practices. These Technical Seminars complement their corresponding technology breakout sessions. Technical Seminars are priced in addition to your conference fee.


Invaluable Insight

"This session was worth the trip to Cisco Live. It provided invaluable insight into the different testing areas for the Collab CCIE Lab."
– Cisco Live Attendee

Excellent Session

"It was an excellent session. It will help me improve the QoS setup in my organization. It was worth every single penny."
– Cisco Live Attendee

Best Conference

"It was the best Cisco Live Conference I've attended to date. It has the most integrated and interesting content with the most relevancy in my direct focus today."
– Cisco Live NetVet 2016

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