Through social impact and sustainability activities at Cisco Live, we’re amplifying Cisco’s purpose to power an inclusive future for all. Our activities align with Cisco’s priorities to forge programs and partnerships that increase access to opportunities, and to take action to advance environmental sustainability, wherever possible.

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Sustainability at Cisco Live

An inclusive future is one that considers everyone, including future generations. Learn more about Cisco's sustainability efforts in keynotes and sessions, as well as meaningful activations and Showcase experiences.

Cisco Global Events has a proven history of driving change in the events industry. We strive to create more environmentally conscious events through replicable processes that we can improve year after year. Cisco Live partners with MeetGreen, an independent, third-party organization that provides an annual audit of sustainability efforts at Cisco Live. Cisco Live 2023 Las Vegas is proud to have achieved their highest-tier rating of Visionary for proven dedication to event practices designed with sustainability in mind.

Social impact activities in the Social Hub

Join our partner, Give To Get, in the Social Hub to give back to the community at large. Take part in hands-on activities that demonstrate our sustainability efforts and help create farmers market stands, honeybee houses, water filters, and herb garden kits. Projects from the Social Hub will benefit the greater community. Go Beyond with us to learn, act, and lead.

At Cisco, we are striving to move away from a linear economy, where products are used and then thrown away, to a circular one where products can be repaired, remanufactured, and responsibly recycled. Be sure to explore our industry solutions and energy management platforms in the Cisco Showcase to help you optimize energy consumption, lower costs, minimize carbon footprint, and monitor energy use.

Wellness starts with you

Stop by the Zen Oasis, Healing Hounds, and Fit Hub wellness spaces in the World of Solutions to charge your devices, snuggle with therapy dogs, and unwind in relaxing massage chairs. Enjoy energizing refreshments while you immerse yourself in guided VR meditation and drive social impact assembling herb garden kits for donation to local school communities. Explore all three Wellness locations to discover how technology and tranquility converge.

Step back from the hustle and bustle of the event and visit the Reflection Room. This thoughtfully designed space provides attendees with the perfect environment for introspection or meditation.

Explore the Sustainability Learning Map

Discover educational content available to you, centered on Cisco sustainable innovations and solutions.

Environmentally conscious ways to travel to Cisco Live

Small choices can make a difference when it comes to traveling more sustainably to Cisco Live. The list below offers some ideas that can help reduce your environmental footprint as an attendee. While not required, these best practices are a great place to start and to build from wherever possible.

Find flights with lower carbon emissions.

If possible, replace short flights with rail trips, which can reduce your emissions up to 90%.

Search for hotels near the venue with sustainability programs in place.

Stay at accommodations that are within walking distance of the venue to reduce carbon emissions from vehicle travel.

Opt for direct routes, which can save emissions associated with additional take-offs and landings.

Voluntarily lower your flight class, which can reduce emissions when compared to higher-footprint business class trips.

Use public transit or share rides for local trips.

*Learn more about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator