Cisco Campus

Deep dive into Cisco’s products, solutions, and services in the Cisco Campus and the IoT and Industry District


Enhance your time at Cisco Live with a visit to the Cisco Campus and IoT and Industry District. In both areas, you can:


  • Explore how Cisco empowers you to take on your biggest challenges and lead your organization’s digital transformation.
  • Take a deep dive into Cisco’s latest products, solutions, and services through interactive demos and impactful theater sessions.
  • Experience the unbridled power of the NOC – the true heartbeat of Cisco Live.
  • Engage with Cisco partners.

Campus Zones

Visit the Cisco Campus Zones to experience and interact with Cisco’s products, solutions, and services through demonstrations presented by Cisco experts.


With AppDynamics, now a Cisco company, enterprises have real-time insights into application performance, user performance and business performance so they can move faster in a software-driven world.

Cisco Answer Bar

Visit the Answer Bar for demos and discussions to learn more about what Cisco Capital® and Cisco on Cisco offers.

Cisco Capital

Cisco Capital® helps customers and partners transform their businesses through our in-depth knowledge of global financing and Cisco technology to provide innovative financing solutions.

Cisco on Cisco

Cisco’s Internal IT Organization – Cisco on Cisco shares leading practices and real world experience on how we design, deploy and manage our own solutions internally.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed edge, branch, and enterprise-class campus solutions allow IT administrators to simply monitor and control networking, security, communications, and mobility management for any size organization, all from the cloud.

Cisco Services

Cisco Services innovation, expertise, and commitment to quality helps organizations worldwide accelerate technology adoption and transformation; enables efficient, scalable operations; and enhances business continuity and security. @CiscoServices

Cisco Software

Discover how Cisco Software makes it easy to buy, manage, and refresh with Cisco ONE Software, Enterprise Agreement, Smart Accounts, and Smart Software Licensing.


The Cisco Collaboration booth will showcase how innovative collaboration and teamwork can be achieved easily and cost-effectively in a cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment.

Data Center and Cloud

This architecture ties analytics, simplicity, automation, and protection (ASAP) with a consistent policy across this hybrid-cloud build with industry-leading data center networking, security, converged infrastructures, and software-defined solutions.

Digital Business Transformation

Your digital business needs a foundation that can help you innovate at speed, help you keep up with change, and prepare you for whatever comes next. That’s what makes Cisco your foundation for digital transformation.

Enterprise Networks and Mobility

Accelerate your digital transformation with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). Cisco DNA delivers an open and extensible, software-driven platform that drives faster innovation, simplifies IT and reduces risk.

IT Insights

Cisco IT Insights enables a new level of intelligence and automation for the digital era by bringing together solutions across infrastructure, security, and application domains to help improve the end-user experience, enhance security, and optimize business performance.


Cisco’s simple, open, and automated threat-centric solutions provide visibility everywhere and more automation, yielding ultimate responsiveness. Organizations benefit from effective security to grasp digital opportunities.

Service Provider

Learn how Service Providers can reduce costs, speed time to market, secure networks, and sustain profitable growth by using simplified, automated, and virtualized network platforms of the future.

IoT and Industry District

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises economic effects of trillions of dollars by using data from sensors embedded in devices, machines, and people. Cisco’s IoT solves the connectivity problem by securely and reliably connecting sensors and delivering data to applications. Cisco’s IoT is a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions delivered across multiple industry verticals.

Digital Communities

There’s never been a better time to make communities smarter, safer, and healthier and to change the world in the digital era. The Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) provides the foundation for our solutions to connect, protect, and secure your communities and roads for improved social, economic, and environmental outcomes. See how you can transform public services and engagement, make roads and mass transit smarter, and keep people safer, all while running more efficiently and cutting costs.

Digital Education

Technology continues to redefine education. Digital-native students bring new expectations and challenge educators to further enhance learning. Connected facilities reshape school operations. Cyberthreats make the safety and security of students and teachers a paramount concern. Cisco is helping schools of all types empower every student to learn without limits.

Digital Financial Services

The future of financial services is increasingly mobile and personalized. Digital puts customers in control, and you need to take advantage of digital technologies to provide an engaging experience for your customers. Cisco and our partners can help you unlock new opportunities, create differentiation, and grow your business.

Digital Healthcare

Digital technology continues to expand the possibilities for healthcare, and Cisco is leading the way. Cisco delivers solutions that reduce silos, connecting once-isolated networks and applications to improve access to care, personalize patient experiences, optimize workflows, and facilitate security and compliance.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital transformation enables amazing opportunities for manufacturers by optimizing assets, workflows, and operations on the factory floor with secure remote access to real-time information delivered in the right format at the right time from anywhere. Cisco’s Digital Manufacturing solutions and services are using IoT to improve business operations.

Digital Retail

Retailers are turning to digital technologies to deepen customer relationships, differentiate, and outperform competitors. Cisco’s Digital Retail network architecture and solutions provide the capabilities retailers need to deliver more engaging and effective experiences at key touchpoints on the shopping journey, driving to new levels of business growth and insight.

Digital Utilities

Cisco Digital Utilities solutions and services are building the bridge to IoT value. Together with our partners, we have solutions to lower costs, simplify operations, and deliver more services on a single, intelligent, secure platform.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating the digital transformation and providing businesses the data and insights that are imperative as they evolve in the digital era. Visit the IoT zone and take a virtual reality tour of actual IoT project implementations in the transportation, manufacturing, and utility industries. See the IoT product portfolio wall and learn about security, automation, control, and more.


The Solutions Theater and IoT Theater provide opportunities to hear from Cisco subject matter experts and partners during scheduled, focused presentations that complement what you’ll see and do in the Cisco Campus, the IoT and Industry District, and the World of Solutions.

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